New MacBook Pro Coming Next Month at WWDC: Retina Display, Thinner, SSD

May 14, 2012 - 14 Comments

MacBook Pro

Apple will release a new thinner MacBook Pro next month at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), according to a report from Bloomberg.

With a thinner design, the new MacBook Pro is expected to feature “high-definition screens like those on the iPhone and iPad” commonly referred to as a Retina display, and also include SSD storage which will extend battery life and increase performance. The new laptops are said to run on Intels newest Ivy Bridge processors, though precise clock speeds are currently unknown, and there is no word on bundled graphics card capabilities.

Earlier today, 9to5mac had reported on some information they had received regarding the new MacBook Pro model, and the Bloomberg report seems to confirm much of it. 9to5mac suggested the new MacBook Pro won’t have a tapered enclosure like the MacBook Air, and instead would resemble a thinner version of the square unibody enclosure that already exists but without a SuperDrive.

Rumors of retina Macs have swirled for quite some time, and evidence has been piling up since early OS X Lion developer previews were released. HIDPI mode is currently buried in OS X and can be enabled manually, though there is no official Apple screen capable of utilizing the high resolution.

WWDC 2012 is scheduled to run from June 11 to June 15. Other than an all new MacBook Pro, the event is expected to reveal iOS 6 beta for the first time, in addition to providing a GM build of OS X Mountain Lion, the latter of which is set to be released this summer.


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  1. Chris says:

    Hopefully Apple will include a “Pro” level GPU like an ATi FirePro or Nvidia Quadro to support those new ultra-high resolutions! None of that GeForce crap! :)

  2. orinar says:

    I think theres no problem if the new macbook pro has no optical drive..but it is good to hear if there is ethernet port.. Maybe i will surely buy if it has that..

  3. haiha says:

    Damn… Damn.. Guys … how come no news for the New MacPro….:(

  4. vdiv says:

    Why not call it MacBook Air Pro and leave the more powerful and capable MacBook Pro alone?

  5. Mike Reinicke says:

    No dvd drive, no wired network interface, etc. so you’ll need thousand adapter cables and external devices. Normally this isn’t what a laptop user expects.

    • Anthony says:

      Few need an optical drive, even fewer need it all the time.
      As for copper ethernet, I’m skeptical of that speculation. The MBP needs distinction from the MBA

  6. I’d suggest wait a few months, like end of this year, before buying the new Retina-Macbook Pro. Effective use of Ivy-bridge in execution of the Retina display remains to be seen. Mind you a Retina 15″/17″ screen is a BIG deal….. and also frm past experience as I had bought a Mid 2010 McbkPro 15″ which have been rigged with Graphic-switching related Kernel Panics esp in Lion.
    So guys dont rush to buy it, wait for sometime, check your friends’ and see if it worth buying it….
    CAN’T WAIT ;)

  7. Jonny Roadley says:

    Agree – been holding off buying any laptop until retina displays.

    Very tempted by this if true.

  8. Now, I`m on my way to get first MacBook :)
    Hope that price won`t scares

  9. icebreaker says:

    I don’t mind that it doesn’t have an optical drive build in but they should ship it with an external drive since it’s a pro model. I work at a school and not having an optical drive is not going to work.

    • Anthony says:

      I don’t know why “school” implies “optical discs”, but suspect that your world would not crumble we’re you to drop $35 on a USB drive.

  10. Tom says:

    giddy laughing… can’t wait

  11. Peter says:

    Please be 15″ and under 3lbs, pleeeeaaase!

    • Sam says:

      Under 3lbs? Kind of wishful thinking but I like your enthusiasm.

      It will probably be 3.5lbs to 4.5lbs, at least a full pound heavier than the MacBook Air. A big screen with glass on it weighs quite a bit, as does a large battery and the aluminum shell.

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