Screen Sizes of Rumored iPad Mini, iPad, Nexus 7, & Kindle Fire Compared

Jul 10, 2012 - 9 Comments

iPad vs iPad Mini and other tablet screen sizes compared

With all the recent rumors, there is a lot of talk on the tech web about the theoretical iPad mini. If you’ve been assuming the mini’s speculated 7.85″ screen would be about the same as a Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 tablet, you’ve assumed wrong, and as the above graphic demonstrates it’s actually a lot closer to an 8″ screen than 7″, which provides a whopping 40% larger usable screen surface than the 7″ tablet competitors.

Click the image above to see the full sized version, and don’t forget to check out some of the mockups of what a 7.85″ iPad might actually feel like.

Is anyone else increasingly hopeful the smaller iPad comes to market? The idea of a smaller and cheaper iPad is becoming very appealing to me.

Good find by DaringFireball


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  1. If the rumored dimensions and overall size of the rumored upcoming iPad ‘Min’ are true, then I have three words to describe this poor choice by Apple.
    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.
    Functionality, usability and price-point aside, Apple would have missed a critical opportunity in gaining ground over Google’s Nexus-7 for one simple reason. The nearly 10″ diagonal OUTER dimension of the rumored iPad Mini will cause it to NOT fit in most coat pockets. That fact alone will cause a certain percentage of potential tablet customers, including myself, to NOT buy the iPad Mini, and to wait or flee to the Nexus-7 in October :)
    It would not be the first time that Apple has gotten the form- factor wrong– in deference to a technical features set alone.
    Certain end users need the appropriate form-factor for specific applications. Whereas the iphone is too small a screen for many, and the iPad proper, too large an outer dimension for others, the Google Nexus 7 and other similarly sized tablets FIT perfectly into many coat inner and outer pockets, not to mention tiny satchels and in play with other electronic devices, where the appropriate size/weight relationship matters.
    Which begs the question.
    What purpose would an iPad Mini that doesn’t fit into a coat pocket serve?
    The answer to that is that it will be the ideal iPad for children that will use them as training wheels for the iPad proper. They will of course be lovely for carrying in most satchels and other small shoulder luggage, but they will NOT be useful in any jacket other than special fit ones by companies such as ScottEvest®.
    The rumored iPad mini would not fit into my Burberry trench, nor would it fit in any of my six other Nexus-7 friendly outer coats not in any of my outer suit jackets.
    Too bad Apple! You know my e-mail, please contact me the next time you plan something like this.
    Mahmoud El-Darwish.

  2. kralnor says:

    I think apple should introduce an entire line of iPads, from 5″ to 14″, at 1.5″ intervals. I think a lot of people would find each one intriguing for different reasons and come up with justifications to buy them.

    • Wiggums says:

      I’d buy the 14 incher, if it connected to a keyboard base and converted to a laptop. Also it would have to have much more RAM, like 8 gigs.

  3. Rufus says:

    These comparisons mean nothing, because they don’t take into account the iPad Mini’s more substantial competitor, the Samsung Galaxy 7.7, which has an AMOLED display.


  4. vdiv says:

    Actually less weight could be an important selling point. I find the current iPad to be too heavy to hold for an extended period of time.

  5. Chris says:

    In the link, you should also give credit to the person that created this image: @trojankitten on Twitter.

  6. Brian says:

    The size appeals to me, but it comes down to price. I already have a 10″ iPad, so unless the 7.8″ iPad is very cheap I have no reason to buy it for myself. If it was $199 it would be a hot item for Christmas though!

    • kralnor says:

      Just curious, why would you buy one even if the price is right? You have an iPad, I assume you have an iPhone. Do you really need another ios- based touchscreen to fill that medium screen-sized void in your life? The fact that so many people seem to be so interested in this theoretical item that would essentially duplicate or triplicate functionality of devices they’ve already purchased is fascinating to me. Is it just that its been too long since you’ve spent a few hundred on an apple product and you’re getting the itch?

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