Pictures of “iPhone 5” Surface, Show Larger Display & Metallic Backplate

Jul 29, 2012 - 17 Comments

Alleged iPhone 5 picture, showing back of the device

Pictures claiming to be an assembled next-generation black iPhone have surfaced through Japanese mobile repair shop iLabFactory (their website is currently down, but 9to5mac has posted all images).

The device shown has similar styling to an iPhone 4/4S but with an elongated chasis to accomodate the larger 4″ screen, and what looks like a dark aluminum backplate rather than glass. The photos closely match the appearance of past images discovered a few months ago, and also demonstrate the rumored smaller Dock connector and the headphone port relocated to the bottom of the device.

photo of alleged iPhone 5 assembled

It’s unclear whether the next iPhone will be called iPhone 5 or simply “the new iPhone”, but whatever it’s called it is assumed to have a fall release schedule alongside iOS 6.

Alleged picture of iPhone 5

If you’re wondering what to expect, you can read the most likely rumors about iPhone 5 based on speculation and leaks.

claimed photo of next-generation iPhone 5


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  1. Lools very nice. Thank you for posting.

    K, bye

  2. Sufjan says:

    I’m calling fake.

    The first picture has iPhone on the back yet none of the other back pictures do. I guess the lucky person received two iPhone 5 phones? LOL right!

    Plus every two years the iPhone has a totally new design. The one above you might has well call the iPhone 4SS.

  3. James says:

    Apple would never us that many separate parts on something anymore. It’s looks terrible and very un-Apple-y. Most of these rumors are fake. Apple has no need to make a bigger screen: the new pixel count would drive developers mad. (It didn’t last time because everything was multiplied by a whole number.) Also, iPhone 5 with iOS 6? No! It will be one of these three names: iPhone 4GS, iPhone 6, 6th generation iPhone. However, relocation of the headphone jack is obviously believable, and I think that there is some chance of a smaller dock but by no means certain.

  4. Garvey says:

    tell me, what purpose is a longer but not wider screen?
    so you can have more app icons on the home screen? i dont think so.
    I really dont think Apple would go this route, and if they do I wont be buying one.
    so i continue to stick with my opinion that all the rumors are fake

    • Jim says:

      Two reasons:

      1) With the taller screen, you’ll be able to view HD video at the proper aspect ratio (when you turn the phone sideways, obviously).

      2) They’ve already stated why they don’t want to make the phone wider. When the average person holds the phone in one hand, the thumb can reach all the way across the phone to touch icons without fidgeting and adjusting their hold on the phone.

      And personally, I don’t want a wider phone, because it fits nicely into the pocket of most pants. You start making the iPhone the size of that ridiculous Android Note device and you might as well just carry a MacBook Air or iPad.

      • Garvey says:

        watching HD video isnt a good enough reason to make the screen taller only. and how many people watch HD video on their phone enough to warrant such a screen. the iphone could become slightly wider without becoming too big.

        as a developer it is driving us all mad having to reconfigure all our graphics. this screen just doesnt make sense to me from Apple who is usually very conscious about design.

        I wouldnt doubt this is something drummed by Samsung to start rumours in order to drop Apple iPhone sales by freaking out the public. I certainly wouldnt put it past Samsung to try something like this.

  5. Alberto I says:

    “iPhone have surfaced through Japanese mobile repair shop”
    It means that this new iPhone, that nobody has, already needs to be repaired? :D :D

  6. Bartek says:

    Looks just like another Samsung. If it’s real I can’t believe Apple would style the iPhone like this in 2012. No simple forms, cut of parts of back colored aluminum like Huawey or something. Really bad.

  7. bohn says:

    I hope they are not changing the connection. That port looks very similar to a micro usb yuck!

  8. Mike Verble says:

    Where is the home button? Bogus?

  9. Steve Jobs says:

    Looks exactly like the iphone4 and iphoneS….The original 5 will not look like the pic above…definitely some new classy look!

  10. Amir says:

    It looks so much like iPhone 4, hmm.

  11. nilesh says:

    Looks like an andriod phone, like a Samsung, oh dear. Having a new iPhone every year is boring…

    • Floris says:

      That’s why I waited until the iPhone4, until I got one. And I will patiently wait until there’s a significant bump again (or mine breaks) before I get my second one.

      As much of a fanboy that I am, it’s not worth my 250 to 600 ero every 12 months to get a handful of new ‘cool stuff’, on basically the same phone. I rather skip a proper generation.

      I won’t consider buying one until we actually get some real life specs, benchmarks, and reviews from experience. The rumors are piling up, sure, but it’s never a solid 100% until Tim shows it off at a keynote.

      (I am fighting my brain now, who is shouting : BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT)

  12. Rick says:

    If this is the new iPhone i will be buying it for sure with my upgrade. Even though it resembles the original in design just a little it still has some cool additional designs that make it one of a kind. Can’t wait to actually get a release date confirmation and see it on “Apple” website.

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