Place a Call on Hold with iPhone

Aug 25, 2012 - 9 Comments

Place a call on Hold using iPhone

Did you know you can put calls on hold on iPhone? This suspends the phone call without hanging it up, but it prevents you from being able to hear the individual on the other end and they can’t hear you either. It’s a slightly hidden feature that you won’t see at the normal phone options, but here’s how to use it:

  • While on a call, tap and hold on the “Mute” button until it turns to “Hold”
  • Tap it again to resume the call as usual

Apparently this is only available on GSM enabled iPhones (AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA), and the Verizon and Sprint iPhone doesn’t support the feature on their networks. Users on CDMA networks can always just use the Mute feature instead though.

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  1. vdiv says:

    Thanks for the tip. Now, are people finally convinced that AT&T’s GSM is better than Verizon/Sprint’s CDMA network?

  2. Pig says:

    You could add that by tapping the “Add Call” button, you can conference with up to FIVE callers by tapping the “Merge Call” button that appears when you add a call. This may be on AT&T only.
    It’s a fantastic feature.

  3. BethintheWest says:

    Geesh people! Not everyone is as up to speed as you are I guess! I didn’t know about the hold feature on iPhone and I appreciated the tip.

    Thanks OSXDaily for bringing me up to speed on something I obviously “should have known”. ;)

  4. Zacharia says:

    Didn’t know this, but at the same time, not sure why to use Hold instead of Mute?

    • KI says:

      I guess if a person didn’t want to hear a crying baby on the line they could use this feature. I was wondering the same.

  5. Triceratops says:

    Judging by the comments here you would think the world was ending. What a bunch of turds.

  6. Bob Dole or something says:

    Guys at OS X Daily,
    If you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, just don’t post. I don’t mean this in a mean way at all, but if it takes time for you to find something worthwhile, then just don’t post something most people know, and look around for articles or something instead.

    Still love this site, though.

  7. MariusAZ says:

    What????? What has this site turned into? This used to be one of the best tip sites out there. What’s next? How to breathe?

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