OS X Lion 10.7.5 Update Available, Includes Bug & Wi-Fi Fixes, Adds GateKeeper

Sep 19, 2012 - 30 Comments

OS X 10.7.5

OS X Lion 10.7.5 has been released alongside iOS 6 and OS X 10.8.2. For those still using OS X Lion, the update brings the Gatekeeper security feature to Lion, fixes a variety of common bugs, resolves a wifi issue with iMacs, and is said to generally improve the stability of OS X.

OS X 10.7.5 can be downloaded through Software Update via the  Apple menu.

The release notes as shown in Software Update are below:

The 10.7.5 update is recommended for all OS X Lion users and includes general operating system fixes that improve the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac. It also includes Gatekeeper, a new security feature that helps you keep your Mac safe from malicious software by giving you more control over what apps are installed on your Mac.

The 10.7.5 update also includes fixes that:
Resolve an issue where icons in Launchpad may get rearranged after a restart
Improve Wi-Fi reliability for iMac (Late 2009 and newer)
Resolve an issue using Spotlight to search an SMB server
Improve compatibility connecting to Active Directory servers

A little off topic here, but if you’re still on Lion you should really consider upgrading to Mountain Lion. 10.8 is heaps and bounds better, brings back much-loved features that Lion lost, and is certainly worth the easy $20 upgrade.


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  1. Brian says:

    Its weird, after the update my .mkv files are set to default to nothing, I set it before to use VLC for default, I dont get why it changed.

  2. jlz says:

    I updated to 10.7.5 on a mac book pro (13-inch,late2007) and have lost all audio (even the booting gong doesn’t sound). The audio icon in the menue has greyed out and the sound output slider is stuck on maximum and can’t be moved.

    Have fiddled with system preferences for audio,
    have now done several SMC reboots and PRAM reboot (gong occurs as SMC reboot gong only,afterwards no sound).

    To no avail. Anyone any idea what I could try next?

  3. MDR says:

    I updated this darn 10.7.5 and had issues with transferring from downloads to an external drive.

    Some items were said to unrecognized when its just a freaking JPEG

    any solutions ? Thanks

  4. steeve says:


    Look @ my 2nd link, some mac_users find an way to resolve that trouble come with the “Bugy_10.7.5”, it’s an temporary way in the wait of APPLE_DEV’S_WAKE UP !!!!

    THe guilty was “Spotlight” !!

  5. Ronni DC says:

    I’ve spend most of the weekend trying to figure out why my new 3TB drive wouldn’t work with Time Machine.

    Now I finally realize that it’s all about the Lion 10.7.5 update, and nothing to do with my new 3TB drive!

    Because it’s a new drive, I’m doing the first backup of 250GB, which Time Machine estimates to take approx 600 days!

    Apple Inc. – you owe me a weekend, and a fix very soon.

  6. steeve says:

    I confirm the Time capsule/time machine after the 10.7.5 Lion Updated.

    Before the update i make an backup on T.capsule = all ok, like usual

    After 10.7.5 update = impossible to backup, slow slow & finaly blocked

    Many mac Users seem have the same problem :



    Begin to be tired with Apple ! @ each update we never know what’s going to fall down on our head !!

  7. AJ says:

    Does anyone know where to specifically find Gatekeeper in Lion?

    I tried looking in the following..
    system preference, privacy.
    and searched my hard drive.


  8. John ISIGHT says:

    10.7.5 Combo updater has messed up up all 3 iMac 3.4GHZ i7 SSD 16GB Ram I upgraded from 10.7.4.

    -The worse nightmare of all:
    Spotlight has become DEAD slow to index main boot SSD with only 45gb used 203 free, it shows 3 days with 10.7.4 it was doing it in less than 10 minutes.
    I killed and relaunched spotlight, cleared old index, set only Boot drive marking all other drive including Timemachine with PRIVACY and tried most of the trick, same issue on the 3 computers I can’t fix it. (Reset PRAM,Repair Perm run Diskwarrior, Reapplied 1075 combo)

    Therefore Timemachine is also now veryslow when Spotlight is trying to index the main drive (even after excluding all drive and timemachine via Privacy)

    – In the dock all shortcuts for folders and file from my NAS are becoming faceless with a question mark after each restart. Clicking on them re-activate the icon until the next restart. (DiskStation DS212+ Synology connected via AFP), Synology might have to update their software, I guess.

    – Fast User Switching is activated by default top right of menu bar, it can be cleared via User& Group, clicking on Login Option and deslecting Show fast user switching menu.

  9. thewebgal says:

    Upgraded my macPro to 10.7.5 earlier this evening. Tonight I wanted to download a file to my Downloads directory so I went there and right clicked my Logitech mouse – I now have no “NEW” option in the option choices! I want to create a new directory but I can’t get that dialog anywhere … Opened and close Finder numerous times … its not there!!

  10. Ezry says:

    I am still trying to sort out my mouse pointer issue..i’ve realised that the problem is just on the vertical side. It basically feels like the pointer think that the screen is lower than it really is..getting to me now especially when i need the pointer to be at an exact part of the screen..is anyone else having these issues..? it never was like this before i had the 10.7.5 update

  11. Nicko says:

    Mtn Lion has been great to me. Upgrade was fast and painless. under 10.8.2 I now have a 2-hour boost in battery life.

  12. Howard Brazee says:

    This is a big relief to my wife. Her computer is a year older than mine, and won’t take Mountain Lion. Lion 10.7.4 broke her computer, only allowing to extreme video resolutions.

    Apple has known about this problem for months, but wouldn’t give a fix (except for developers who already had 10.7.5).

    Now she has a usable computer again.

  13. Andrea says:

    I’ve updated to the latest Lion release (10.7.5). Now everytime a new track from iTunes starts, the Dock “kills itself”. It’s very annoying..someone else with the same issue?

  14. Ezry says:

    I’ve just updated my mac to this version (10.7.5) and now my mouse pointer wont go all the way up to the edge of the screen…sucks cos now i keep clicking on to wrong links/tabs espescially when trying to close windows…help?

  15. Tim says:

    I really love how Apple doesn’t reserve all their most innovative features; iChat, Gatekeeper etc purely for the latest OS. Whilst it’s appreciated that users of legacy versions of OS X often feel that they are getting shortchanged – all I can say is that folks are all overthis and keep your eyes peeled for future 10.7 updates.

  16. Andrew says:

    I installed the Mountain Lion GM on my iMac at work and it was a nightmare. I want Spaces back, which did not happen. What I got was software crashes and the entire machine slowing to a crawl when recording video. It’s true that software updates could’ve solved this but I really didn’t see the draw. If I hadn’t paid for Lion I would probably still be using Snow Leopard.

  17. Kyle says:

    “if you’re still on Lion you should really consider upgrading to Mountain Lion.”

    Um,yeah…gee, thanks for that. Like Misha said, that last comment came off a bit, what’s the word…sh***y. I think a lot of us would love to upgrade if only our machines were given half a chance to do so. My 5 year old Macbook Pro can’t go past 10.7 solely because its ATI Radeon 1600X graphics card (supposedly) can’t support Mountain Lion. It ran like a top with 10.6 and,for the most part, does fine with 10.7, save for a slight battery issue. I think, for many of us, Apple busting out 10.8 a year after Lion is just ridiculous, let alone limiting the backwards compatibility. Christ, there are still folks who swear by Snow Leopard for its stability and rightly so, having no desire/need to upgrade.

    Referencing Misha again, Apple feels that I should ditch my perfectly good MBP for a new one just so I can use -what – iMessage,Notification Center or Power Nap? And as we all know, Power Nap was hardly doing Mac users any favors with its hiccups the second 10.8 dropped. Regardless, you can’t tell me ANY of those “features” are worthwhile enough to require anyone to grab a new machine. Whatevas. This MBP will be my workhorse until it can’t anymore. I’ll take as many 10.7 updates as Apple delivers as that’s the only option left for us older Mac users.

  18. Misha says:

    That last remark is a kick in the groin… I’d love to upgrade, but Apple decided for me it’s time to spend money on a new Mac. And throw away a perfectly good and more than capable Macbook out the window. So don’t blame us “Lion users” that we are still hoping for updates to our last working OS.

  19. Mike says:

    stuck with lion because my early 2008 macbook doesn’t allow for mountain lion… so i’ll take all the updates they’ll throw my way

  20. Guy says:

    What about fixing the sticky mouse issue in Lion. Those suffering are tired of having to deliberately put the computer to sleep to do a temp fix.

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