Turn Pixelmator Into a Vector Graphics App with an Amazing Easter Egg on Mac

May 15, 2013 - 1 Comment

Pixelmator turned into Vectormator for creating vector graphics

We already know that Pixelmator is the best Photoshop alternative out there at a tiny fraction of the price, but newer versions of Pixelmator at 2.2+ and beyond include an incredible easter egg that turns Pixelmator into a full-fledged vector art app, a la Illustrator. Seriously, an entire vector graphics application is hidden within Pixelmator on the Mac!

All you need to access the Vector Art mode in Pixelmator is know a secret keystroke, which transforms the app into vector drawing.

How to Draw Vector Graphics in Pixelmator on Mac with Vectormator Mode

Try this out yourself with a modern version of Pixelmator, open the app and then open any document, new or old.

Next you just have to hit the magic keystrokes: Command+Shift+V

You’ll instantly see all of the toolbars transform, and a little “Enter Vectormator Mode” message briefly hovers over the current image canvas.

Here’s Pixelmator as it’s usual pixel and image editing self, pay special attention to the toolbars:

Pixelmator as Pixelmator

And here’s Pixelmator turned Vectormator immediately after hitting the magic Command+Shift+V shortcut, with a complete toolbar transformation, offering new shape and vector drawing tools:

Pixelmator in vector mode as Vectormator

Best of all, you can switch back between Pixelmator and Vectormator just by toggling that keyboard shortcut again, letting you draw some vector shapes, then quickly jump back into pixel-mode, and back again. This is pretty incredible to be hidden away in an existing $30 app, and it’s powerful enough to easily be it’s own dedicated application.

To be able to access “Vectormator” you will need to upgrade to Pixelmator 2.2 or newer (free update) from the App Store. Any new purchase of Pixelmator ($30 at the Mac App Store) will obviously be the newest version and thus have access to the vector tools.

Exiting Vector Mode & Returning to Pixel Mode in Pixelmator on mac

To leave Vector drawing mode and return to normal pixel mode in Pixelmator, hit the magic Command+Shift+V shortcut again and all the toolbars will switch back over again from vector to regular mode. You can seamlessly transition between the two quickly this way.

If you’re looking for an amazing image editor for Mac OS X without shelling out hundreds of bucks for Photoshop, then there really is nothing better than Pixelmator. Now with the inclusion of Vectormator it’s really hammering that point home, making this a must-have app for artists, designers, photographers, or even just anyone who likes to make tweaks and adjustments to pictures every once a while.

(Artistic ability not included, as indicated by the truly awful vector art crafted by myself.)

Heads up to Pixelmator for revealing this awesome feature tucked away into a great app.


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  1. Bob says:

    I did not see any vector line tools ala ‘Illustrator’ … only pre-defined shapes. This is not a true vector drawing app YET…… nice tip though…….. thanks !

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