Get Detailed Weather Information with Siri: Temperature, Forecasts, Humidity, Dew Point, Barometer, & Wind Speed

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Just about everyone knows that you can get basic weather details, temperature, and forecasts through Siri just by summoning the virtual assistant and then asking one of a few basic questions:

  • “What is the temperature?” – provides current temperature and hourly forecast
  • “What is the forecast?” – provides a multi-day forecast
  • “What is the weather?” – sunny, rain, hot, cold, clouds, snow, etc

(On a quick side note, if you want to change the temperature format from Celsius or Fahrenheit provided by Siri, you can adjust that in the weather app preferences.)

Get Weather and forecast from Siri

Those basic inquiries are undoubtedly the most used, but there are a series of lesser known weather features that aren’t listed in the big commands list that will provide detailed climate information that are also easily accessible. These questions will have Siri provide you with information on humidity levels, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, and the dew point. Of course this type of weather info is quite specific and not necessarily useful to everyone, but if you’re a weatherman, a weather nerd, or a pilot, you’ll probably be pretty excited that you can get this type of information instantly from your iPhone or iPad.

See the Humidity Index

You know it feels dry, or it feels muggy, but how about some details? You can get that information about the current location or another destination:

  • “What is the humidity?” to get the humidity index of the current location
  • Or go location specific: “What is the humidity in Buford, Georgia”

Humidity index from Siri

Find the Wind Speed

Want to know if it’s windy or not before stepping outside, or before heading to another destination?

  • “What is the wind?”
  • Location specific: “What is the wind speed in Santa Cruz, California”

Get the wind speed from Siri

Find the Atmospheric Pressure (Barometer)

Want to figure out the barometric pressure here, or elsewhere?

  • “What is the atmospheric pressure”
  • By location: “What is the atmospheric pressure in Globe, Arizona”

Get the atmospheric pressure from Siri

Getting the Dew Point

Wondering what the dew point is at your current location, or a destination?

  • “What is the dew point?”
  • Location specific: “What is the dew point in Durango, Colorado”

Get the dew point from Siri

No Freezing Level =[

Sorry skiers, snowboarders, and snow sport lovers, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the freezing level from Siri, at least by asking any question directly like “what is the freezing level”. This seems like an odd oversight given that all the iOS codenames are named after ski resorts, clearly Apple employees enjoy the white room, but this will probably be added soon… maybe in time for next season if we’re lucky.

If you know any additional weather tips or interesting tricks with Siri, let us know through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or send us an email.


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