Move Dashboard To Another Space Location in Mission Control for OS X

Nov 27, 2013 - 1 Comment

Move Dashboard within Spaces in OS X

Dashboard is the largely under loved and unappreciated feature of Mac OS X that gives you quick access to a variety of widgets, providing things like weather info, quick unit conversion, a dictionary, world clocks, and whatever else you have setup in there. The newer versions of OS X have turned Dashboard into a dedicated Space, making it a unique virtual desktop of sorts and throwing it in with desktops and fullscreen apps, and up until OS X Mavericks it was stuck on the far left of Spaces within Mission Control. Now that has changed, and since OS X 10.9 the Dashboard can be moved to a new space location, just like any other Desktop Space or app in full screen mode:

  • Open Mission Control, typically this is done with a three-finger swipe up gesture on a trackpad or MagicMouse, or by hitting the F3 key
  • Click and hold on the “Dashboard” space, and drag and drop it to a new location

You can choose to place Dashboard between existing desktop spaces, full screen apps, or to the far right end or left side (the default).

Move Dashboard in OS X Mission Control with a drag and drop

Rearranging the placement of Dashboard will change where it shows up when skipping between desktop Spaces and Full Screen Apps, whether you’re using the swipe gestures or control key tricks to navigate around or jump between them. If you’re accustomed to a specific workflow with those, adjusting Dashboard position in Mission Control may not be the best idea.

Note this won’t have any effect if you choose to use Dashboard outside of Mission Control, meaning used alone and not as a Space. Personally, I prefer that latter option and to have Dashboard overlay atop the desktop screen and whatever is currently active on the display. This is obviously a matter of personal preference, but to me that provides for the quickest access to things like world clocks, weather, and the dictionary/thesaurus. Nonetheless, for those who prefer Dashboard as a dedicated Space, this can be a handy trick. Thanks to Pete R. for sending in the tip!


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  1. Todd C says:

    I’m one of those users that finds the Dashboard to be useless. If instead widgets it functioned as an extra, hidden desktop that you could drag application windows into, then in think it would be great. A one-button-accessible hidden desktop with 1Password, Activity Monitor, Disk Usage, etc. all up and running would be incredibly useful.

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