iWatch to Have 2.5″ Touch Display, Wireless Charging, Pulse Sensor

Jun 19, 2014 - 17 Comments

iWatch Concept from 9to5

Apple will release a feature packed smartwatch this October, according to a new report from Reuters. Citing sources, Reuters says the smart watch will have a 2.5″ touch screen that is “slightly rectangular” with a face that protrudes slightly from it’s band in an “arched shape”. Additionally, the watch will apparently have wireless charging capabilities, and include a sensor that can detect the user’s pulse rate.

These are the first meaningful specifics about the upcoming watch device from a major news organization, seeming to corroborate the fall release schedule that other recent rumors outlined about the so-called iWatch.

Earlier reports about the iWatch suggest the device will collect and monitor health specific data, ranging from calorie consumption to glucose levels and even sleep activity, perhaps tying into the HealthKit functionality that is built into iOS 8. Coincidentally or not, iOS 8 with the HealthKit feature set is also on track for a fall release, which is assumed to arrive with the new iPhone 6.

iPod nano with a 2.5" screen on someones wrist with a sock thing holding it on there looking real athletic janke status

The topmost concept image of an iWatch is from 9to5mac, who has been detailing Apple’s efforts on the product for quite some time, and is likely not representative of the final shipping devices appearance. MacRumors points out that the existing iPod Nano has a 2.5″ display as well, and is sometimes worn on the wrist through the usage of a third party accessory, though again that image is likely a poor representation of the devices actual appearance.


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  1. John B says:

    2.5 inches. How appalling. May as well just velcro my phone to my wrist.

  2. Jason says:

    If this is the watch… I don’t want it.

    I was enjoying the Nike Fuel Band like devices, something more svelte and less “iPad for your wrist”…

  3. Toby says:

    It looks pretty big — for monitoring sleep, I’d hoped it would be something smaller like a Jawbone or Fitbit.

  4. Leafsley says:

    I’m still holding out for the iPotty that will sync to my iPhone and let me know the daily usage stats.

  5. Bernard says:

    protrudes slightly from it’s band – its band, sigh.

    • Jay says:

      Yes Bernard but it’s not a music band or rock band, but a watch band, as in the strap which goes around ones wrist. Are you going to buy one?

      • Michael says:

        Bernard was doing the grammar police thing. The word “its” references the possessor. It should never be used as a contraction unless you can expand it to “it is” or “it has”.

  6. Adam says:

    It’s really hard to believe that they are going to supposedly announce this thing in October, but not a single spy shot or stray part in the wild? October is like only 4 months away…

    I would really like to see some updated macs though… Why can’t Apple put a finger print scanner in the Macbooks or on their keyboards for desktops? I would also love to see a 15-17inch Macbook Air, thinner updated displays. I hope Apple has some exciting hardware updates to go with those cool OS updates this fall.

    • James says:

      17″ MBP occupied less that 2% of Apple’s overall MBP sales. You’ll never see a 17″ MBP again, nor a 15″ Air, if you want that you’ll be needing to get a 15″ MBP, plus the is not a huge difference in weight anyway so what is the point?

      I’d be shocked to see a finger print scanner on MBP or Air, the phone cannot share finger print data due to the security on the device so you cannot use your phone for authenticating to your Mac unless you get a Bluetooth app that can do it.

      I read you might be able to with NFC but Apple don’t like that for some reason..

      Just my 2p.

      • Adam says:

        The more efficient processors, flash drives, would definitely make them lighter. Apple did pretty well even if the 17″ was <2% of sales because they didn't really push it at all. Apple could significantly enhance the 17" making it much thinner lighter and with a retina display.

        I think Apple should get the data for the finger print scanner from the iCloud keychain… Passwords are just as big of a problem on macs as they are on phones and tablets.

  7. Amanda says:

    Hmm. Seems fascinating and definitely rather useful. It appears to be more of a watch cum health-monitoring device than an all-around smart watch, though… In any case, it’s something I’ll be interested in and I’ll be greatly anticipating its release.

  8. Chris Cheng says:

    I think it will be a health oriented interface to iPhone and OS X with Continuity.

  9. John says:

    Yeah, I think I will find uses for this. It will be sweet and you will all be giving your money to Apple so mine won’t be lonely…

  10. Sean sSs says:

    Kind of confused on why but I would have said same thing about iPad so also kind of excited idk

  11. If this thing isn’t truly useful, I don’t want one. Also, I hope that they don’t ship with leather straps. I hate leather! I rarely wear a watch now, and I’m not obsessed with monitoring my heart rate, steps I’ve taken throughout the day, etc. I also don’t need to be able to see who’s calling without taking my iPhone out of my pocket. Something like this may appeal to a lot of customers, but not to me.

  12. Jason says:

    So the big question is still the same, how much does iWatch cost? And why is it a must-have thing?

    Apple obviously has huge expectations: “The source said Apple expects to ship 50 million units within the first year of the product’s release, although these types of initial estimates can be subject to change. “

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