iWatch to Have Multiple Health & Fitness Sensors, According to WSJ

Jun 20, 2014 - 7 Comments

iWatch Apple’s upcoming smartwatch will include multiple health sensors and come in variety of screen sizes, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. Specifically, “The new wrist device from Apple will include more than 10 sensors including ones to track health and fitness” according to WSJ.

The new report comes hot off the heals of a Reuters piece which stated the so-called iWatch will include a pulse sensor and wireless charging capabilities. While Reuters mentioned the iWatch will have a 2.5″ touch screen display, the new Wall Street Journal report suggests otherwise, stating the “smartwatch will likely come in multiple screen sizes, said one person familiar with the matter”, though they also caution that “exact specifications” are still being finalized by Apple.

Separately, a new report from 9to5mac states that Apple is working with notable professional athletes to test the fitness capabilities of the iWatch, including several popular professional basketball and baseball players.

iWatch Concept from 9to5

(Concept images of an Apple themed smartwatch with Siri via 9to5mac, likely not representative of the actual device or hardware)

iWatch concept from 9to5mac

Rumors about upcoming Apple products tend to follow a fairly predictable course, with initial reports trickling out of various less reliable sources before being confirmed by major news organizations, and the iWatch appears to be following that same defined path.
Apple is expected to launch the iWatch device in October of this year.


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  1. Long Barnaric says:

    I loveit.What.thats cool as hell

  2. Leafsley says:

    Looking around at all the tubbies and grossly obese people in the USA, it is quite obvious the words “health and fitness” don’t mean anything. I can’t see this having any useful purpose for them. Unless it can be reprogrammed to show the closest all you can eat restaurants and remind them to strap on their feedbags every hour, I predict a failure in the US.

    • Murrkuh says:

      I kind of agree, the USA is not exactly a culture enthusiastic on health and fitness. But the iWatch concept is niche, and the USA is not a healthy or active place. Actual physical activity is something that perhaps 5% of the population regularly partakes in. How many of the 5% of active Americans are actually going to buy an iWatch? The market could be very small and quite niche, look at the Nike Fuelband and Fitbit things for example… I’ve seen one or two very active runners out of many actually have one. The iWatch could be a big letdown for Apple, maybe if they price it right and make it very very interesting, it could work.

      • Murrkuh says:

        I should say that I personally am very intrigued by the concept because as of now I’m sort of wondering why it’s going to be useful, so I would be very happy to be pleasantly surprised. Imagine if iWatch ended up being a meaningful part of lives, like the iPhone is now? That would be something, but I am reaching in the imagination to find anything other than iHungry.

  3. Steve says:

    Does it fit into “OS X Daily” somehow? I don’t think so!

    • Conrad says:

      Steve, you may be surprised to learn that a publication like “The New York Times” reports on things outside of New York. Oh, the humanity of straying from a name! You may have heard of a site called “MacRumors” and, oh, this is shocking, but they cover things outside of “Mac”! So now we’re on OSXDaily, and, holy cow, they’re covering broader Apple topics!

      Now for your specific question, yes this does fit into “OS X Daily”, a site which, by it’s own title, says that it covers Apple news, Apple tips, and some Apple rumors. Of course, that is also ignoring iWatch will almost certainly run iOS, and iOS is essentially a lighter version of OS X with the same underpinnings.

  4. db says:

    Anyone else reminded of the “Halo” bracelet in the TV show “Continuum”?

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