Apple “Stickers” Ad for MacBook Air is “The notebook people love” [Video]

Jul 21, 2014 - 13 Comments

MacBook Air Stickers & Decals

Apple has started to run a new commercial for the MacBook Air, titled “Stickers”. The ad features a look at the customizations which people make to the back enclosure of their MacBooks with a huge variety of stickers, ranging from various abstract designs, to a Snow White decal, a huge assortment of brand stickers, Space Invaders decals, to even an image of the Cookie Monster eating the Apple logo, and many others.

The “Stickers” video is 30 seconds long, and embedded below for easy viewing:

The commercial is set to an electronic song titled “Chimes” by the artist Hudson Mohawke, which is appropriately fits to the ads theme as it quickly flashes through the array of stickers accompanying the MacBook Air aluminum shell. The only text in the ad is at the very end, saying “The notebook people love.” Notably, and somewhat incredibly, the Apple logo  featured at the end flickers between the modern monochrome all-black version, to the multi-color rainbow sticker that adorned Apple products for the decades prior to the 2000’s.

This is probably going to be a fairly popular ad, since it’s relatable to many of us who have ever slapped a sticker (or 20) onto our MacBooks and Apple laptops. The only disappointment is that Apple doesn’t currently sell any the decals or stickers themselves. Fortunately, there are tons of MacBook decals for sale on Amazon, including many that are featured in the “Stickers” advertisement, so if you do want to customize your own MacBook Air a bit with some stickers or decals, you can try there or Etsy.





Stickers on MacBook


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  1. Isabel Nevil says:

    I love the decal ! My new sticker is snow white :D

  2. Fabouloes says:

    Found my own personal sticker

  3. Josh says:

    I have a retro coloured apple over top of the light up one, looks awesome!

  4. Shane says:

    Love it! The stickers I have on my white MacBook are:
    1) ALF stickers on the lid going diagonal, as well as on the right palm rest, battery and charger
    2) an Om sign in the middle of the Apple
    3) a sticker going across the bottom of the lid that reads “Ride to Live, Live to Ride” (I love to bike)
    4) my newest addition, a sticker on the left palm rest that reads “DO NOT USE DVD DRIVE!” (my DVD drive just broke the other day)

  5. MacTech says:

    Anyone know where I can find the Batwomen one shown at 0:15?

  6. iDoug says:

    Where is: i ♥︎  π

  7. Grubster says:

    The weird music aside, I really love this commercial, the retro Apple logo is a great touch too.

  8. Stefanek says:

    Perfect fit to #laptopstickers collection on Pinterest:

  9. someone from austria says:

    This is still the best looking design imo (although it’s not a sticker):

    • Grubster says:

      Laser etching and engraving looks great on the MacBook Pro and Air, some offices in the bay area have these that employees can provide SVG files to and edge into the aluminum. Works for the iPad too.

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