Hilarious Picture Captures the Exact Moment a Skydiver Loses iPhone in Middle of Free Fall

Aug 21, 2014 - 14 Comments

Skydiver losing iPhone in the middle of free fall

Don’t you hate it when you’re skydiving and lose your iPhone during a free fall? OK so probably none of us can say that has happened to them, but this hilarious picture captures the exact moment of such an event occurring at some-odd thousand feet above Earth. In the picture, a skydiver named Patrick has an enormous grin on their face, completely oblivious to their iPhone drifting out of his pocket… so long iPhone, it was so nice knowing you.

But fear not! The airborne iPhone was later found and recovered with the help of Find My iPhone, the iCloud tracking service. What is just as impressive is the implication that the iPhone must have survived the impact of a free fall from thousands of feet in the air, falling all the way to the ground and landing in who knows what. And here I was thinking I was cool for recovering my iPhone from a drop in a pool

The original picture is posted above, and we flipped it for the proper orientation (earth being on the bottom) and highlighted the iPhone flying away from the skydivers pocket in the picture below:


This image was posted to Twitter by @lloyddobbler, with the accompanying text: “My friend Patrick lost his phone this weekend. (& found it using the “Find my iPhone” app.) #skydiving”

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time an iPhone has survived a drop while skydiving… though the last one suffered a lot of broken glass, and didn’t have such a great picture to go along with the story.

Yet another reason to set up Find My iPhone if you haven’t done so yet, particularly if you’re planning a skydiving trip.

Thanks to @mikko for the discovery and putting this onto our radar, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun


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  1. THE SKY GOD says:

    And “Safty” guy Ian king, we jump over a empty field… But when Patrick got to his phone he found it had killed a perrie dog. Don’t worry we gave it a proper burial.

  2. THE SKY GOD says:

    Haha Patrick I love how you got online to give rich credit!!! Esp since we all know how private you are:)

  3. Patrick says:

    Photo credit to Rich Servantes.

  4. Fred M. says:

    I just had this horrible vision of some skydiver texting during free fall: “no, U R retar” SPLAT!

  5. John Robinson says:

    Wish I had a clue as to why this is funny and not idiotic?

    • Tainted John Robinson says:

      Because on Earth, people can laugh at silly things, like the look on the guys face while his phone launches out of his pocket. You know, cause it’s ok to take the stick out of your anus.

    • Gimli Gimmlecakes says:

      It’s funny because: the guy has a shoot sh*t eating grin on his face because he’s enjoying his sky dive, little does he know that his beloved iPhone is drifting out of his pocket at the same time. At the exact moment that event occurred, a photo captures the look of oblivious bliss on the skydivers face, as the iPhone heads off on a new course, separate from it’s owner.

      That’s the funny part.

      The interesting part is that the iPhone *survived* the skydive fall, and was found with the Find My iPhone service. Which is a testament to the build quality of the iPhone, as well as the usefulness of the Find My iPhone Service.


      Your Explainer, Gimmlecakes

  6. Dave says:

    Yeah. The phone’s fine. It imbedded itself in someone’s skull!

  7. Fnordmeister says:

    “a skydiver named Patrick has an enormous grin on their face”

    No, the proper word is *his*. Especially since you know it’s a guy.

    • DCJ001 says:

      Fnordmeister. Your sentence should have been punctuated as shown below:

      No. The proper word is “his.” Especially since you know it’s a guy.

      If you are going to correct someone, please know what you are doing before doing so.

  8. Ian King says:

    Please make sure everything is secured when doing something like this. I’d hate for someone to get killed because a person couldn’t stow their gear properly.

  9. It almost looks fake.

  10. Greg Walters says:


  11. Gabriel Sanchez says:

    LOL, looks like it was caseless too. Any word on how damaged it was?

    This happened a few years ago, phone didn’t look so good afterwards


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