5 Of The Worst Things About iPhone 6 Plus

Nov 5, 2014 - 117 Comments

iPhone Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus is easily the best smartphone I’ve had and I would highly recommend it to anyone for a variety of reasons, notably the wonderful screen and stellar battery life. While there is plenty to rave about, sometimes sharing what’s not to like can be helpful to others who are thinking about making a purchasing decision too. So after using the iPhone Plus for a few months, here are some of my unexpected findings and thoughts about the biggest iPhone ever made.

1: The Huge Screen Spoils You

When you first get an iPhone 6 Plus it feels huge, at least if you’re coming from a prior iPhone model. That feeling goes away in a few short days as you get accustomed to the wonderfully large display, but it has the unfortunate side effect of making every other iPhone (or other smartphone) without a comparable 5.5″ display seem unacceptably small if not outright puny. You’ll pick up your old iPhone 5S or iPhone 4 and laugh out loud, wondering how on earth you possibly used something so small. It quickly becomes hard to imagine going from an iPhone Plus to anything smaller in the future, the screen size is that great after you get accustomed to it. Is this really a problem or something not to like? Time will tell, but for now don’t expect to find another device with a smaller screen size adequate again.

Micro iPhone vs iPhone Plus

(That’s an iPhone 4S with a 3.5″ display next to an iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5″ display, it looks even more silly in person)

2: You’ll Stop Using an iPad

This is a very unexpected side effect of getting the big screen iPhone 6 Plus; I stopped using my iPad, completely. I suppose the iPhone Plus screen is easily big enough to replace whatever I was doing on the iPad, but the iPad now just feels heavy, clunky, slow, and… unnecessary. Granted, this is an iPad 4 which is basically an ancient technological relic at this point, so those with a brand new iPad Air 2 may not have the same experience. Regardless, it’s hard to imagine wanting an iPad again. If I need to do anything serious that the iPhone Plus can’t do, and there is plenty, I go to my Mac. This also means any games you were playing on the iPad (*cough* Clash of Clans *cough*) will be abandoned, which could be viewed as a good thing.

Lonely iPad, what to do with you

Is this a universal experience? Probably not, but I’ve heard similar sentiment from a notable amount of other iPhone Plus owners, where an iPad goes unused, while the iPhone and Mac gets a lot more use.

3: The Aluminum is so Smooth it’s Slippery

The rolled edges and polished aluminum on the iPhone 6 series are so incredibly refined and smooth that it winds up being slippery. This is kind of hard to explain unless you’ve felt one and used it for a while, and though it feels great in the hands, a side effect is that it easily slips from unsecured pockets and right off of fabric surfaces, like a couch or lap. The first time my iPhone 6 Plus was dropped, it had slithered out of my pants pocket while seated, dropping 2′ or so onto the concrete. It survived with a few scuffs, but nobody likes the feeling of a dropped phone. Don’t expect a banana peel or anything, but it is the most smooth and slippery iPhone I’ve felt.

As a result, you’ll almost certainly want to use a case with the iPhone 6 Plus (and maybe the iPhone 6 too), because not only does it protect the device from a drop but it also makes the device feel considerably less slippery. Now that leads to the next thing….

4: Where are the Good Cases for iPhone 6 Plus?

I have yet to find a case for the iPhone 6 Plus that is really great. This is probably due to the devices size, where a big bulky case is ridiculous and many of the slimmer cases don’t offer adequate protection which leave large portions of the phone unprotected. Many iPhone owners like the official Apple Leather cases which feel great to the touch, but the leather can scuff easily and for $49 it doesn’t seem to be as protective as a good silicone or plastic shell should be. For those wondering, I’m currently using a generic $10 plastic case found on Amazon, it does the job but it’s not going to win any awards.

This will undoubtedly change as more manufacturers create and refine slim cases for the iPhone 6 Plus, but in the meantime it’s a little frustrating.

5: iOS 8 & iOS 8.1 Are Really Buggy

Let’s just state the obvious; iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 are buggy. My iPhone 6 Plus completely crashes and reboots at random. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, it can be anything from making a phone call, being in the middle of a phone call and then trying to do something else on the phone, or, with some regularity, opening the multitasking app switcher (where you quit apps). Boom, a black screen with an  Apple logo. It’s kind of a regular thing, usually happening a few times a week, granted I use my iPhone a lot so the average person may not experience this.

A rebooting iPhone

An iPhone rebooting itself at random is practically unheard of in the world of typically very stable public iOS releases, which is probably why it feels so peculiar to have such a buggy crash prone phone that isn’t running an iOS beta version. Updates to iOS are anxiously awaited and will almost certainly resolve these problems.

For what it’s worth, a similar issue got some press on MacRumors recently but it was relating to the iPhone 6 in 128GB. Mine is a 64GB model though. Whatever devices are impacted, I’m confident it’ll be resolved with an upcoming iOS update.

The Non-Issues

When the iPhone Plus first debuted there were tons of questions about practicality and how it’d actually function in regular use. Some of those questions, and my answers are as follows:

  • Is it reasonable to carry around a big phone all day? Yes, you’ll quickly forget that it is a “big phone”
  • Is it too big? No, but for some people that could be a yes, personal preference
  • Can you use it one handed? Yes, though a bit differently, and you will hold it differently than you did with a mini iPhone. Reachability can help if you’re committed to one handed use
  • Is there going to be a giant bulge in your pocket? No, it’s really quite thin
  • Is it uncomfortable in pants or a jacket pocket? No, it fits fine in reasonably fitted pants, and you won’t notice it in a jacket packet or chest pocket. If you only wear very tight pants or have small pockets, the experience may be different
  • Does it bend if you don’t try to bend it? Probably not. My iPhone Plus has not bent, but I have not tried to bend it
  • Are you going to look like a big doofus with a big clown phone? No, not unless you’re a big doofus in a big clown suit

Seriously, this is a great phone. Get a case for it, and update iOS when new versions come out. You won’t find a better iPhone if you’re looking for a big screen and great battery life that actually lasts all day.

Did you get an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Kiim says:

    Just dint know apple products like iphone6 plus given their pricy nature had devastating tragedy like blacking out upon expiry of da one year warranty

    Iphone6 plus manufacturers follow up this issue otherwise I will do my best to expose yo failed products. Cant lose my cash and just seat back as u pple enjoy my money

  2. Kiim says:

    Am disappointed in iphone 6+. Am spending lots of ma hard earned cash on in its blacks out immediately its warranty is up. Surely 1 year warranty couldn’t help me recover my money. The originally brand new iphone 6+ blacked out in ma hands. Am disappointed that can’t seem to know which audience to seek to revamp ma money.
    Just wish something could be done.

  3. mariam says:

    Am disappointed in iphone 6+. Am spending lots of ma hard earned cash on in its blacks out immediately its warranty is up. Surely 1 year warranty couldn’t help me recover my money. The originally brand new iphone 6+ blacked out in ma hands. Am disappointed that can’t seem to know which audience to seek to revamp ma money

  4. Bobbysue Rednecker says:

    Worst phone on the planet. This is my 3rd in a row DEFECTIVE IPHONE. FACT – the 5 had screen problems, terrible mic, ridiculous audio, had to be on speaker to hear anything. I’ve had TWO in a row iPhone 6s Plus’ and they both both bite it big time.
    Pathetic. What is all this hype about? Are you people paid by Apple? Nothing but problems again- screen goes off n on like a short-circuit neon sign from the 80’s, microphone much worse than the 5- everybody says it sounds like I’m talking from a tin can hanging upside down in some God forsaken deep well in another galaxy, note app is worse than the 4, the ONLY way to hear ANY thing is on speaker, earphones, or external system. It’s already lost many new contacts, scrambles the info like bloody rotten eggs after “syncing” (what a joke) with an expensive state of the art Mac. Loses music, jacks it up and down, re-arranges playlists, albums, doesn’t transfer dates, times, important info with voice memos. Let’s see, anything else? Oh yeah, it’s not even a good paper weight. Apple’s laughing all the way to the bank…what does it cost them to make : “the most expensive phone in the world”? The new iPhone 6s Plus is not for professionals who are serious… about anything. It’s a “dumb” phone, a mere toy made for kids to play with. There now, have a great day.

  5. James Wardon says:

    The biggest disadvantage of iphone is that one cannot transfer any type of data from iphone to android or other mobiles

  6. Srinija says:

    Is it better to buy an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+

  7. NR Sharma says:

    I bought iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB with great expectations, but frankly I am completely dissatisfied. It is undoubtedly one of the worst phones you can buy! It thinks it is smarter than the user, so does gives little if any choice to the user to adjust the settings. Using HardtOp, is a pain with this phone. The phone decides off it will ring on an incoming WhatsApp call. Some times it does, some time it decides to go silent on its own. I have lost quite a few contacts who thought I was deliberately not picking up the call. Whether it is a software defect or hardware defect, you would be better off not buying such a third rate phone at such exorbitant price.
    Rating 2 out of 20
    Recommendation: Don’t buy, despite the hype created by the marking juggernaut of Apple!

  8. Michele says:

    I just recently switched from the iPhone 5s to the 6 Plus. I loved my 5s, prior to I owned a Razor (Android). Always have been a loyal Android user. So needless to say the switch was a change to get use to. Not having a SD card was one of the biggest things to me. I have lost so many pictures in my lifetime, than come to find “the cloud”! So it grew on me. When I went to purchase my 5s the 6’s were just being released. I was going to spring for the 6 Plus right away. But, wanted the experience first. Now, that I have the 6 Plus. I am kind of regretting it. The only thing that is, is the size. It is ginormous!!!!! I am a Momma of 2! Always on the go, needing to make calls. Have one in one arm needing to text while doing something with the other that I’m holding my 2 year old with. No way! Just trying to do this with my thumb, it has cramped up. I am now indexing it lol. So, I need some help. Should I exchange my 6 Plus for a 6? Or do you guys think I would ultimately regret it? I got it for the kids as well, larger screen, videos in car rides, store visits easier, but I do have 3 tablets. So what oh what do I do?! I am already an indecisive person. But, this one just took the cake. Thanks, so much! I hope to get some good feedback and help making a decision. I think I have 1-2 more days. 😕

  9. Linda says:

    Difficult to read many articles with tiny font and light blue print, even after adjusting font and contrast in settings. My iPhone 3 was much easier to read. Yes, IPhone 6 has a bigger screen, but there is just more of an article showing, which is not helpful. It gives me headaches. Not for anyone over 40 or with impaired vision.

    • Paul says:

      You should use the zoomed in mode and make the screen text bigger in Settings, both help tremendously for reading on the bigger screen.

  10. Artie says:

    Seriously? What a nerd!
    Really lame person wrote this post!
    iPhone 6+ is awesome and none of these posts are true except for yes it’s slippery. A good case solved that problem for me, I use the mophie juice pack case which doubles as a battery back up. No doodoo it’s bulky, they phone is huge! But it gives it a better grip and I use it one handed lying on my back, haven’t dropped it once! Only retards do that.

    Stop using my iPad? U crazy? Why would I? Or anyone unless they’re lazy. A 5.5″ screen doesn’t replace my iPad Air in the bedroom. I give all my iOS devices equal love.

    buggy iOS? Well that’s the price u pay for technology, ps everything has bugs therefore all the updates, windows and Mac products all have bugs, all software is prone to bade code.

    Stop being a baby! iPhone 6 plus is best phone I ever had and if your smart then u will find a walk around for any problem, quit crying like a baby, boo boo it’s big, boo boo it falls out of my hand, boo boo can’t find a case cus I’m lame, boo boo programmers made a bad code like everyone else….stop being lame and do something about it.Lame post and even lamer is the person who posted it! Pessimist if you ask me.

    It’s big
    It’s battery lasts long
    It’s fast
    It’s awesome.

    Can’t handle it? Switch back to a iPhone 3 and stop boring is with your girly boo hoo’s!

  11. Axl says:

    The best case for an iPhone 6 is the OTTER BOX!!!!!!! HANDS DOWN!!!!!

  12. John M says:

    Pretty much my experience using iPhone 6 plus

  13. Tyler says:

    How I miss the iPhone 6+..

    I bought the 6+ the day of release. Two nights ago I had the worst incident anyone could ever hope to have in regards to their apple products.

    I own(ed) a beautiful Ipad air 2 as well, which I use extensively for aerial photography with a drone I purchased in January. The other night I was loading my car and placed my iPad on the roof..

    Yep, I drove off with it. When I got to my destination I quickly noticed it was missing and my heart sunk when I realized what I had done. I loaded find my iPhone, the device was disabled, so I backtracked to see if by some chance it might still be alive.

    I found it, it was dead… Dead as a doornail as it had been run over several times. I leaped out of my car to pick it up and my 6+ fell off my lap, and down in between my car seat. As I was in the middle of the road with my hazards on I didn’t want to grab it right there and just picked up my much thinner iPad air 2 and drove around the corner. When I slid my car seat back to get my phone I heard a crunch…

    Rip both devices, in less than an hour…

    Anyway, I had to replace both devices today, as the insurance on my devices only covered the exact model of my phone for a hefty price tag and I would have to be without a phone for a few days I opted for the 6, with the assumption it might be a better fit since I have the iPad air 2 (again).

    The 6 is no where near as nice as the plus. It’s harder to text, (in fact I had gotten to lightning speed status with the plus which is far easier, especially two handed which is where the speed comes in), harder to see, feels really small, and just doesn’t give me the same overall experience as the plus.

    Unfortunately, after my 900 dollar mistake the other night I’m going to have to make it work because I do not have the money to drop another 100 on a plus, and the storage is more important than the size as I work in digital media and there’s always a ton of content on my phone at any given moment.

    The plus is the way to go, after a few weeks the disadvantage of its size becomes negligent in regards to its efficiency. Everything is easier to do, faster to execute, and more comfortable to complete.

    Sigh… We live we learn.

  14. mohamed omar says:

    My wife forgave me after years of begging her to forgive. Thanks to this apple from heavin!!!!!! I think this is the one that adam grabbed

  15. Greg says:

    I love my iPhone 6+ I use it as my office. I really don’t use my iMac much anymore. I don’t even use my iPad. I gave it to my wife. This is the best phone I have ever had and have been totally satisfied with. I even print and scan from my phone

  16. Jedn Bordón says:

    I love my iPhone 6 Plus—best purchase I have made since the iPad 2 (same year as the iPhone 4) and Macbook Pro (vintage 2008 or 2009)—those are now feeling ancient! I have had much the same experience as Paul Horowitz. I waited forever for the 6 plus to come out. I haven’t had any crash problems, thank goodness. I splurged and bought the 128 gb. I used to take my cumbersome iPad 2 with me whenever I went to a gathering where I thought I might want to look something up on the internet or if I might need a map. Now it rests mostly at home with occasional use only. I find the iPhone 6 plus great for reading books from my always growing collection of e-books. By the way, I bought a “pocket book” style case, but find I never use it as I really like my iPhone 6 Plus Case , [Scratch Resistant] i-Blason **Clear** [Halo Series] Apple iPhone 6 Plus Hybrid Bumper Case 5.5 inch Cover (Clear (Anti-Scratch)) purchased from i-Blason through Amazon for about $13. Now it’s time to decide if I will be an early adaptor of the Apple Watch or wait to see how it pans out.

  17. Ali says:

    If you’re looking for cases still I spent 60 bucks on apple’s leather case last month. Believe it or not, it’s actually a really good case and your phone won’t slip from your pockets or your hands! Other than that I love my phone. I am looking for a skin though if anyone wants to recommend a full body screen that covers the home button too that would be great.

  18. emmanuel says:

    my iphone6 show disable an for past three month now i dont think of unlocking it. will it affect it in future plz i want to knw

  19. Heather says:

    A lot of what is in this article confirm that I’m not crazy. I got my iPhone 6, the 6 plus would be just too big for toothe on January 1. I got 128GB because I own a business and I need to be able to do a lot with work using my phone now.
    Since then I have been back to the Apple store 3 times and told to reset to factory settings because I have a software issue.
    See, my text messages freeze where they will come in, I can see the notification but it’s not actually in the text message list and I can’t respond without restarting the phone…. Which will happen multiple times a day. I will get booted or of apps, it will say no Internet connection when I clearly have Internet because everyone other device in my house has the connection and it shows the WiFi bars on top. Swift key may be its own problem… It always changes my words. But the keyboard ask if a sudden got smaller and I can’t figure out how to make it bigger!
    Ally husband reminds me of when I have a problem is “you just HAD to have that phone…”
    My iPhone 5 had no more memory I couldn’t upgrade any software and I never updated to iOS 8 on it.
    This is really pushing me off!

  20. Katt says:

    I am looking into getting an iphone this my kids they have taken over my 4 iPads. If I get an iPhone that would solve the problem. My son has the 6 and told me to go with the 6+ 128 model. Thanks for the article great points.

  21. Deb says:

    I had to wait three months for my 6+ 128 to come in, I’m in awe. I had bought a Spigen tough armor case and Tech-armor protector, and put them on during setup at the phone company office. I wanted an Ottercase Defender but it was being massively ripped for how the screen protector didn’t transfer touch, so went with the strongly suggested alternatives. I dropped my old phone only a few times but was grateful for a good case. On my spouses’ iPod4 touch I’d put an Ottercase Defender and watched it survive the tough life with him… so I believe in good cases.

    My hands are small, my fingers are long and I find this is a handful of phone, but with the case on it a very comfortable grip. It also takes the phone into a more solid feel with the case on, comfortable. With not a single fingerprint on the screen and following the instructions the protector just floated into place and looks factory. My old phone WITH case (a Motorola, over 3 years old) had been the biggest screen out for quite a while so when I seen this, hadda have it. The old phone in case laid on the 6+ 16 demo model, the entire phone and case was smaller than the display area on this one!

    IOS takes getting used to. I’m very used to Android… that said I’m in love and since I’m married to this for two years, I’m glad I’m happy. My spouse has had a disposaphone flip for years and had to have one too, and he has low vision. With the ‘large view’ mode he can see things much better than his iPod4 touch; and he’s giving me IOS lessons… I’m still ouching over the price but it’ll be worth a month of ramen noodles. The 6+ is just so much easier to see stuff on. With a fat data plan I’ve spent most of the day just wandering about on it …

    I got it to be a data logger and a camera and be able to depend on it if I end up lost or at side of road, and it’s three times what the old Motorola and Samsung tablets are combined. Plus it makes phone calls.

    Only thing, I got space grey (black front) and spouses’ is gold (gold and silver have white front) and his looks a little strange in his Spigen case; mine with the black edge of the rubbery bit of the Spigen case looks very sleek.

    If you’re teetering about the 6 vs 6+, I think it was well worth going plus. Most will do fine with the 16; 64 is if you are going to need some storage space; I planned on doing stuff with this that will be storage eaters (as will my spouse) so the 128 is the only way to go. BTW, he is a big guy with big hands and he finds with the case on, his is very easy to hang onto and work with. He might be able to use his camera one handed, I doubt I will ever.

    In a day, you will be used to the acre of screen unless you live on a 7″ tablet in which case it seems a bit runty… but. I couldn’t think now of having settled on the 6. (no I don’t work for the company, but. Total fan and advocate of the size of the 6+)

  22. Riza says:

    I got an iphone 6 and I love it love it love! 64gb and very minimal bug. Love it!

  23. Kendee says:

    My Iphone 6 plus is awesome. HOWEVER, It keeps logging me out from all the sites where ai logged in such as: Facebook, emails, swagbucks, and any other websites that I am logging in. I already did the setting for autofill and save password but NOTHING change, it still keeps logging me out ALL THE TIME…so now i am starting to get pissed 😁. Anyone have any suggestion on how to fix this problem?

    • Kammoo says:

      Use the Facebook app for Facebook and use the Mail app for email, the iPhone 6 does not have enough RAM to keep everything open in memory. That’s the iPhone 6 biggest downfall, not enough RAM only 1GB.

  24. Carrie says:

    Great thoughts and comments about the 6+. When I purchase either the 6 or 6+ I want to do a back up restore hooked to my computer after purchasing. Are people using it more as a new phone than restoring all data from previous iPhone?

  25. Joseph says:

    Yesterday, received my 6Plus/128gb unlocked. Also, using a Body Glove slim case, which fits the phone perfectly. Yet, may switch to a Pong case.

    Impressed with the phone’s camera and the crispness of the larger screen. Immediately upgraded to 8.1.1. Haven’t had any crashes or other oddities. However, camera does not make shutter sound. For some, that’s a welcomed feature. By contrast, I prefer the sound.

    Give phone an A+

  26. Mark says:

    I only use Rokform cases. They have them for all iPhone 6 models and 6 plus. Plus lots of cool accessories and attachments. Best cases

  27. Yeison says:

    Any advice in battery expectations and battery care would be massively appreciated Paul. Maybe in the last week I have being using it more and that’s why I noticed it? Maybe it’s normal for the start of a new battery that it goes through that. In battery usage how much usage and standby should I expect? I am now on 8 hours and 53 minutes of usage and 23 hours and 54 of standby. Since writing above and this message I have now gone done to 30%. IS that normal? It’s on 4G and I’m in Colombia so taking to an Apple Store and after sales service is non-existant. Many many thanks for any advice and insight, I have tried to read all I can on apple website for battery care. Just bummed that at the start it seemed to last longer. Yesterday I did a complete restore from back up, I think that may have helped and I updated to 8.1.1.
    Thank you!!!!!

  28. Yeison says:

    Is there any one else having issues with the 6+ battery. I have had mine just over 2 weeks and in The first week incluir use it like crazy and it al este lasted oler a day. I have had a couple of days that it gets to 5pm and battery is dead. Today it’s 8:20pm and back to 32% after charging it yesterday night. Any suggestions or ideas on this. I see that when I use it goes down in percentage s bit faster then before. Or should I be happy and accept this as normal. I have been waiting for it to run down to <5% before charging. And then disconnecting once 100% tricke charge is complete.

  29. Anthony Cersosimo says:

    I actually used the 6 plus as a cost saving device. I had the 5s and wanted an iPad mini or an iPad Air to go along with it. The 6 plus will take care of both a new phone and tablet feel!! I’m getting it tomorrow.. I’m so STOKED!

  30. Paul Thorne says:

    Actually I have not encountered any problems switching from my larger screen Ipad mini to my Iphone 4.I do this many times during the day and both sizes have a place in my life.

  31. T. Mc says:

    Finally got a 6 plus (64gb) about a week ago. So far I reaaly like it. I agree with everything said in the post, especially the frustration with available cases and the slippery feel of the phone. I actually forked over $50 for the Apple leather case and it still feels slippery. Despite the few annoyances, I’m completely satisfied so far.

  32. jinlsui says:

    I really like the iPhone6+, particularly its size. When I picked up my iPhone5 from the table with the 6+ right next to it, it felts pathetically small. that’s the word, ‘pathetically too small’. I wonder how much we have suffered and how happy the Samsung users have been till now. Enjoy!

  33. John B says:

    I am using an iPhone 6 + 128 gb and love it. The size took a day or so to get use to and at first I actually had a smidgen of buyers remorse. The good news was I got my 6+ within a few days of release and knew I could more than make my $$ back and get the 6 if I wanted. After a few days there’s no way I would switch back to anything smaller. I tried out my wife’s 6 and it just feels like a child’s toy. I’ve experienced some bugs, but most have been fixed with my recent update to iOS 8.1.1 (beta). Still some bugs in it, but hopefully most have been reported and will be fixed by Apple prior to release to the public.

    I also have stopp d using my iPad as much as before, but still use it for taking handwritten notes, working on MS Office files, or with my MacBook Pro as a second monitor or touchpad mouse.

    As for cases, try out the Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal. It is sleek and the alumnium bumper looks and feels really good. The rubber part of the case on the back adds a bit of texture which helps with gripping the phone. For a little more protection I use the Spigen Tough Armor or Slim Armor. Tough Armor is just a little thicker, but is much easier to grip than the Slim Armor. Both have a kickstand which is good for watching movies or sending emails when connected to a Bluetooth keyboard.

  34. l00 says:

    wow, a lot of people are compensating

  35. Sulfen says:

    I think some things take time to improve. Every case available today will be a low quality because it was rushed. As time goes by we will see better, more refined cases. The same thing goes for the iOS 8; over time it will get fixed and polished.

  36. Rebecca says:

    Nice article, but it omits the most glaring thing for me:

    Try walking outside in the summer sun, with polarised sunglasses on, and reading the screen in normal (you know, portrait) orientation.

    It’s nigh on impossible, because Apple stuffed up. They’ve cut the glass, or some glass filter wrong, and the screen’s polarising filter is in the wrong orientation.

    Rotate the phone so it is in landscape orientation, and the screen can be seen clearly through polarised glasses in bright sunlight.

    Sorry, but that’s not how I normally hold my phone, with it in landscape format…

  37. James says:

    This review could very well have been written by myself. I have the same exact phone with the same amount of storage. I also have an iPad 4.

    I actually grabbed my old iPhone 5 today and laughed at the size. It seems so small. And the 6 Plus seems normal sized now, not big.

    I do still use my iPad. Probably the only place where I divert from the review.

    I am on a never ending hunt for a decent iPhone 6 Plus case. I am a designer, so the way it looks and feels is very important. Nobody had come close to designing a case I feel is worthy of the 6 Plus. And believe me, I’ve seen them all.

    I currently have a Skinomi Tech Skin. This allows the device to look “naked” but still protect it. And that will suffice for now. And it also solves the slippery aluminum problem.

    All in all, this review is on point. Had I written it, it would have been very similar.

  38. George says:

    I’ll take a big phone without a case to a smaller phone with a case. I’m thinking of the Note 4 as easily resting in my front pocket. Too old to wear tight jeans anymore and my eyes need a big screen. Of course, I will compare the iPhone to the Note before deciding if I should dump my Samsung S3 for either.

  39. Bryan says:

    I love my iPhone 6 plus too, and I’ve noticed many of the same things you have, especially thinking other phones are just too small, and no longer using my iPad.

    Cases? I bought a Case-Mate leather wallet. Now I carry only one thing instead of two, and it takes less space in my pockets than when I had a smaller phone.

    The only real bugginess I’ve experienced on mine is with regards to syncing. Up to iOS 6, I never had any issues with making sure the content I wanted from my iTunes library was on my phone is the way I had set to be. Since iOS 7, all bets are off as to what will or will not show up. Podcast syncing is a particularly big mess. It does not ever sync all of the podcasts that I check to be synced, and it always includes several that I specifically did not.

  40. Mr. Luigi says:

    I have been a big fan of Spigen’s Tough Armor and Slim Armor cases. I’ve used both on a variety of iPhone models before the 6 series arrived. But, I had a Tech21 case for my MacBook Pro and it’s build quality greatly impressed me. IMO, a far better product than any on the market. So I read some reviews about Tech21’s iPhone cases. All very positive. I ended up getting a Tech21 case for my iPhone 6 Plus. Loooooovvveeee it! Simply put, this company from the UK makes high quality products that are engineered to impress.

    I am a teacher. Many cell phone companies, Verizon in my case (no pun intended!), not only offer educators a discount on their cell plan, but also discounts on accessories. I bought my Tech21 case from Verizon for $29 with the discount. Not only educators qualify for these discounts so check with your carrier to see if you qualify because of where you work.

    As far as the iPhone 6+ goes, I weep with joy every time I use it. :-) Still, I am looking forward to updates beyond iOS 8.1 as the perfection that is the iPhone 6+ is slightly compromised by the surprisingly buggy iOS directing the show.

  41. PWS442 says:

    Good case: Incipio NPG. Good feel, survives falls, not very bulky. Transparent frost is what my wife got for her 6. I got the blackish one for my 6P. Incipio makes great cases

  42. MacDude says:

    I love my 6+. It’s been great. I haven’t had any crashes. I’m surprised you didn’t get the Apple leather case. I got tired of waiting for third party companies to come out with decent iphone 6 plus cases that weren’t ugly so I splurged on the Apple leather case. It’s great. Lets you grip the slippery phone a lot easier.

  43. John Benerba says:

    There’s nothing to dislike about the 6+ – it’s a great device. However it’s massive. Even if you think it fits in your pocket, to everyone around, you can clearly see a huge rectangular device in someone’s pocket. I think it looks dumb but that’s subjective.

  44. TK says:

    I have a six+ as well and love it. It doesn’t replace my iPad Air, but definitely my Mini, which I’m probably going to sell. I went with the plus for the camera and stability because as a teacher, I’m flipping my classroom this year. I needed the stability feature of the video because my first video looked like it was being taken during an earthquake.

    The battery life on this thing is amazing. Using it as a phone? I hear some people do that. When I must, I normally am running and using Bluetooth or driving and using Bluetooth. I used it once holding it and it was actually easier to use than my smaller phone since I was on tech support and could prop it on my shoulder much like the phones we used in the olden days.

    Before it came out I have to admit I was starting to have screen size envy from some of the other phablets on the market, but wanted to keep everything working neatly with my Apple infrastructure I have at home (mainly, I teach IT so I have two PCs as well and virtualized Windows on my macs). So when the six plus came out it was no question–size mattered to this girl.

  45. Rob Rigby says:

    Spot on with all points. I also bought a Cygnett Aerogrip as I was worried about how slippery it was. Brilliant phone, especially the battery life. How on earth did I see anything on my 3S?

  46. Adw says:

    My head said I should go for the iPhone 6 as more pocketable but my heart said if I didn’t go for the big screen I would always regret it.
    Although I used my old iPhone 4 one handed the 6 was already too large to use easily that way.
    Very glad I went for the 6+, although some of my pockets won’t take it.
    Love the camera improvements.
    Hardly ever use the iPad 3 now: too big heavy and sluggish. I’m hoping the Guardian iPad app will be modified to run on the 6+.
    Several apps are unusable because they crash consistently, but I’m assuming that’s a bug in the app not iOS 8.1.
    It may not be the optimal shape for making calls, but it’s ideal as an internet device that can occasionally be used as a phone.

  47. Marcus harrington says:

    The author has missed the best case ever made for the slippery iPhone 6 and 6+. It’s also the best phone case I’ve EVER had: the Apple Silicon case. its BEAUTIFULLY made, super grippy (unlike the slippery leather version) and no-one mentions it because it’s the ‘cheaper version’! It’s 100% perfect and engineered beautifully to compliment the phone. Try it!!!

    • Brooklyn Bob says:

      Actually I got the leather case with my 6+. The silicon was too grippy and would not slide easily into the breast pocket of my suit.

  48. Noli says:

    I’ve got the 6 plus, and it seems my iPad mini is getting less attention now. 6 plus is just beautiful and big enough to do most of the things I can do in my iPad mini.;Thinking of selling it.

  49. Jeff says:

    Really like my 6 Plus after 6 days. Something that is great and hasn’t been mentioned are the new landscape modes and enhanced keyboard. Mail in landscape is great. Messages, Calendar, Safari, Clock, Contacts, and even Stocks all work better that way. Cases I’m using and highly recommend: Power Support Air Jacket and Tech21 when I go rugged. Power Support crystal clear screen protector too. And, as an avid photographer with lots of pro gear, I’m really impressed by the camera, especially the low light quality, optical image stabilization, and HDR. Outstanding overall experience.

  50. PitBullCH says:

    I’ve not upgraded the hardware yet – still rocking a standard old iPhone 5.

    Whilst I would agree there are a few bugs with IOS 8 – some minor display and input issues, and a few random app crashes – I’ve not seen IOS 8 itself crash yet, and anecdotal evidence locally is similar that these IOS 8 crashes are specific to iPhone 6/6+ devices.

    Good article and nice to see some rational longer term feedback. Not sure myself yet whether to upgrade to a 6 or 6+ when my current contract is up for renewal – I always scoffed at colleagues’ big Galaxies in the past as they just felt so big in the hand and pocket, but I will try to get an extended test with a 6+ to see how it goes.

  51. Rose says:

    I have had the iPhone 6, 128g, for over two weeks now and haven’t had any problems (knock on wood) so far. The 6+ is a bit large to carry with my petite frame so I opted for the 6. I still use my iPad Air for other tasks. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase.

  52. José says:

    Right On everything except the crashes and reboot. 128GB does not reboot, but some apps do crash ocasionaly.

  53. Benilda Porretto says:

    I just got my iPhone 6 plus and I love !! I haven’t had any problem with it, this phone was made especially for me , I can’t get enough!!!!

  54. Robert Spangler says:

    I’m using the Griffin Survivor case on my iPhone 6 Plus and, while it does make the phone a little bulkier, it’s very protective and definitely worth it.

  55. Brian says:

    As others have said, I think your crashing issues are not an OS issue but something specific to your hardware or your scenario. I have been using my 6+ for about four weeks (very heavy use) without a single crash. My first suggestion would be to try restoring iOS and setting it up as a new phone instead of using a backup. Restoring from backup has been a common source of crashing and odd behavior for years with iOS. That doesn’t excuse the behavior, but worth a try.

  56. peligon1 says:

    Apple is a master at secrecy and creating demand that is what makes them so so successful, I have owned every iPhone since 2007 and the 6 Plus is clearly the best device ever built. It’s craftsmanship and technology is like no other. Yes there are ios and osx compatibility issues that needs to be addressed immediately and as far as protection goes there will be more 5″.5″ cases available towards the holidays according to the case manufacturers. It goes back to Apple trying to keep the lid close on leaks of their upcoming projects and devices, whatever rumors or leaks we had prior to Sept 16 launch, case makers had to go back to the drawing board with exact specifics especially on the 6 Plus to provide the protection and feel we all are looking for. I have ordered a case from Element and Rokform a month ago and I was told It would ship in December…This year 6 Plus cases will be on most Christmas gift giving and the demand will continue into the New Year!!

    • james braselton says:

      hi there your right people with iphone 6 and iphone 6 pluses be ordering there cases for christmax on apple pay

  57. Damian D. says:

    exactly how many days did it take you guys to get used to the 6 Plus? Because to be honest I’m ready to return it, it’s just too much phone for my taste. I got lucky and bought the only 6 Plus 64gb they had in the store. I’ve only had it for about four days and each day I hate the size of it more and more. I can’t see myself carrying such ridiculous white and gold mosntrosity for 2 years, not the way I use it.
    Everything about the phone is superb, love the quality of the screen, the amazing video and pictures and the speed. Everything else about it I love, but the size. Im happy that I finally got a phone that can last from 26-28 hours before I have to charge it, and it feels weird leaving my charger at home but I’m glad.
    That size though. I just don’t think I can live with something that big, and im afraid they still won’t have any iPhone 6 64gigs in stock before my return period is over.

    So honestly, about how long did it take everybody else to get used to the size?

    • james says:

      I think the amount of time it takes to get used to the larger size of iPhone Plus will vary, but for me it took about a week. I had a friend who got one who hated it for the first two weeks but after the second week they loved it, saw the normal sized iPhone (4.7″ screen) and laughed thinking it was way too small. So there does appear to be a varying adjustment period, but once you get accustomed to that big screen it’s impossible to go smaller. It’s very high resolution and it’s large, you can actually read articles on it, books on it, etc, no more squinting at the itty bitty 3.5″ and 4″ screens, the 5.5″ rocks!

      • Damian D. says:

        Thanks for the reply James. I sort of figure that it would take a while for me to get used to that phone. I’m one of those freaks that think the size of the iPone 5S is the perfect size for a phone because I do have an iPad, however now that I have the 6 Plus I’m not using the iPad as much, and I’m really loving that battery duration. it takes about an hour and 15 minutes of light use before the indicator goes dow to 99%. It’s amazing not having to charge it 3 times a day.
        So I figured it would take me longer than most to get used to it.

        Thanks again for responding.

  58. Brian says:

    Slim Armor Case is the best case hands down for the 6 plus. It’s on Amazon. i agree with the slippery statement. This helps it and provides excellent protection and not a lot of bulk. Plus it has a kick stand for eating shows.

  59. Chris Rogers says:

    I like everything but the location of the power button. It worked so much better on the top. Now I am always accidentally pressing it when taking photos or pressing a volume button when trying to black the screen.

    • Mike says:

      I am doing the same thing. This was a really bad idea. The power button has relatively low usage. This wasn’t thought out very well.

  60. David says:

    Spigen ultrA thin case! Get one and the slip and slide banana peal and nasty scuff problem is solved!

    Ona side note…get two cases as the thin material only holds up well for about 6 months of I have butter fingers!

  61. I was using a Samsung Note II (5.5″) before moving to the iPhone 5s. Broke my heart to go smaller, cause a 5.5″ screen is just the perfect size for me. But I was tired of Samsung’s unreliability, so I couldn’t wait until the ‘bigger’ iPhone which was touted to appear in less than a year.

    To me 5.5″ isn’t a big phone; it’s a very tiny laptop, which I stopped carrying completely. Never had much use for pads, though I have an iPad Mini – to me it’s neither here nor there. Love both my iMacs though, 25″ and 27″. Yeah I’m a total Apple freak again, now that there’s (finally!) a store and service center in Goa, India.

    Since my iPhone 5s is working perfectly, I’ll wait until Christmas to offer myself the 6+. The perfect OS and the perfect case should surface by then.

  62. james hershy says:

    The NFC is not compatible pairing with new cameras like the sony a7r and a6000. You can d.l. the remote apps from sony but the one touch pairing is much less time consuming and you don’t have to network the two then loose the connection.
    I bought the 6+, brought it home only to find it didn’t pair like
    all android devices. Being an iPhone devotee I was somewhat
    disappointed so I returned it. Sony just launched a waterproof
    compact with an amazing cam and and the one touch pairing
    that I hope will suffice for the camera remote and previewing
    pics without wifi.

  63. As a person with poor eyesight, I love the Zoom Mode on my 6+! I mostly used my iPad because everything is so small, but now, I just the phone as much as the iPad. If you have an Air 2, you will STILL use the iPad, because the screen is AMAZING!

    I find it interesting that no one has commented on sound quality. The sound from 6+ is much better, with wider frequency response. And the Air 2? Amazing! The screen (and back) vibrate, making them essentially part of the speaker. In previous iPad 2 and 3, I had to cup my hand below the speaker to hear some things. Now, the sound comes mostly from the screen. It is an amazing effect!

  64. Mike Sanders says:

    I agree with David, I have not had a single glitch with my 6+ but I would like a nice case, I am going out today to find one.
    brilliant phone I shall still keep my iPad though and my MBA and my 27in Mac and,and…… I’ll get my coat.

  65. Alex says:

    If it crashes often, I suspect a hardware issue (i’m a software engineer…;-)). I have iOS 8.1 on my iPhone 5s and never experienced a crash, same for my wife’s iPhone. Sure, it is possible the crashes happen in software specific for the iPhone 6 or 6+ (drivers, etc.) but the overall iOS 8 (8.1) is stable.


  66. Andrew says:

    PELICAN CASES FTW I have one for my 6 AND one for the 6+ THAT THEY DIDNT HAVE AND I WASNT PATIENT ENOUGH TO WAIT FOR. Yes, that’s right: I bought a 6 when I wanted a 6+ because my 5S REALLY WAS that terribly NOT an iPhone 6/6+

  67. Dah•veed says:

    I received my Spigen Slim Armor case 4 days before my iP 6+ arrived. This makes the 3rd or 4th product I’ve bought from these folks and I’ve been happy with them all. The phone went from the box to the case before I even turned it on.


    I use my phone all day, everyday, and it has never crashed once. Also, I’m overjoyed with the battery. My 50 year old eyes love the size and quality of the display.

    I also love my new iPad Air 2. You’ll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands. I use it everyday as well, in bed at night reading. No issues with iOS on it either.

    I’m trying to decide who will be gifted my mint condition iPad 4 for Xmas. Someone who won’t get their nose broken when it hits them in the face reading at night! :D

  68. PeeVee says:

    I love my 6+ !!! Coming from an iPhone 4, it seemed absolutely RIDICULOSLY big when I opened the box– but now it’s “completely normal” in my hands. My only problem with it is the placement of the sleep button. Being one of those homo-sapians blessed with an opposable thumb, I inevitably push on the volume buttons in order to get the leverage required to push the sleep button with my index finger. Alright, that sounded unessesarily complex to explain something so simple but…..

    • JTC says:

      I have the same problem with my 6. Keep adjusting the volume verses sleep.

    • Moish says:

      I agree the sleep button placement is one of Apples biggest design F&@7ups since forgetting that a $2600 laptop (macbook pro 2013) needs the ability to be locked to a table every now and then

  69. Bobby says:

    I got the iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB and I love it.

    There was never really any question in my mind that I would get the biggest one. Still, I was a little bit worried that it would be cumbersome and unwieldy. But I should’ve have worried. Like the article says you get used to the size in a couple of days and then you can’t imagine using a smaller phone ever again. And the lightness and thinness of it really makes it disappear easily into any pocket.

    Regarding iOS8(.1) being buggy: I’ve had it about 3 weeks, and it’s crashed once. That’s certainly not anything to get upset about, but one crash in three weeks is still a lot more than my previous iPhone. I don’t think that one even crashed once a year. Still, no biggie. I hear 8.1.1 is coming soon.

  70. Jason says:

    I decided to buy a 6 plus from the outset, not as a phone but as an iPad micro, albeit with a brilliant camera. It works quite well at this role, apart from some of the apps that are ipad specific (I’m looking at you iDraw and Discworld: Ankh-Morpork Map) and some of the apps that haven’t been updated fully yet (WeatherPro and mSecure).

    Apple have given the iPhone 6+ some useful ipad like features but They didn’t take it to its logical conclusion. So I miss the ipad gestures which would work well on this size screen and save the life of the home button (i.e. Five finger grab to switch back to the home screen, and five finger push to either switch to multitasking view or swap tasks.

    I still use my iPad. In fact I use both in the same session, possibly looking stuff up on one to enter in the other. A sort of multi screen setup! For example referring to mSecure for password data to enter into a website, or taking photos for an ebay sale created on the iPad, or reading a game walk through or video on the 6+ whilst playing the game on the iPad.

    As a phone though it’s a non starter. You do look comical, IMHO, holding it as a phone, it’s way too big to fit in any of my pockets and hopeless for one handed use. I am keeping my iPhone 5S as my goto phone and for light email/ebay use as it’s a good size for that sort of thing.

    However having tried a few, I have found some good cases and even a belt pouch that makes it much easier to carry.

    So my 2 cents …

  71. Carl says:

    I’m using the iPhone 6 64gb and loving it. The plus is too big for my taste, although I think that I would be able to get used to it eventually, I really think the 6 is the ideal size for me. iBooks look great and the browsing experience is absolutely stunning. I’ve had no issues with the iOS updates and things run silky smooth. I have even started recommending my friends to the iPhone 6. I really think Apple has knocked it squarely out of the park with this one.

  72. Charles Black says:

    Congratulations to OSX Daily for all your excellent publication! Please solve a problem for me regarding the small and unreadable printing in OSX Yoxemite 10.10. How does one increase the font size to at least 16 for easier reading on their “Contacts App.”

    Charles Black

  73. David says:

    i have not had any issues with my 6+. No crashing. The only point I agree with is there is still a real lack of cases for it. I’m using a pelican case right now waiting for otter box to have the case I want in stock.

  74. Bob Walsh says:

    This is a linkbait bullsh*t “story”. I expect better from OSX Daily.

    • Paul says:

      Not intended to be BS, just my thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus after using it a while. But, appreciate the feedback Bob!

    • Joseph Singer says:

      I just don’t understand people who read articles which do not come up to their “standard” of brilliance and decide to call the article BS. You will learn that everyone does not share the same “standard” as you do. Many people (as evidenced by the majority of comments) find the article very relevant and interesting.

  75. Leafsley says:

    It was announced on Sept. 16th and available a few days later. That is about 6 weeks ago. And you have been using it for a few months?

    And I thought I had connections…

  76. Richard Moore says:

    Nailed it! Perfect 10!

  77. Ted says:

    “The Aluminum is so Smooth it’s Slippery”
    Yes, thanks for noticing. That was done on purpose.

    I believe there’s a whole science behind putting a new device on the market. There are so many factors to consider.

    You want to make sure that every once in awhile, you invent a new connector. That will create a whole different need in itself for manufacturers start yanking out (and customers buying them) new chargers, docs, cables and whatever else.

    Ideally, you also want to make sure that the dimensions and shape of the device is just slightly different from the previous model (and if possible, slippery). Another hurray for companies making cases, covers and whatever protecting gear.

    All this keeps customers in compliance with the “you must buy” phenomena. Planned obsolescence requires not only critical thinking skills but also careful planning.

    • Grey says:

      Yes — it’s all a conspiracy to advance the “phenomena” [sic] of “you must buy”. Technological advancement has nothing to do with innovation, evolution, convenience, performance, and cost.

      Take the Lightning connector, for example: Clearly another insidious scam, engineered and perpetrated by Apple — an arbitrary change in an essential component, and for no reason other than to extract money from brainwashed cultists. Why would you want that clean, much smaller, symmetric insert-it-either-way connector that’s incredibly easy to attach & remove (even in the dark) when you could instead have that primitive, clunky, bulky, asymmetric, pain-in-the-ass 30-pin connector? Or a ‘universal’, asymmetric, pain-in-the-ass, examine-both-parts-up-close-every-time-you-connect-it micro-USB connector?

      So yeah — it’s awful. 20 years later I’m still pissed off that my Power Mac 8500 AV tower can only accommodate 32MB of RAM. Total ripoff. A travesty.

  78. Dom Soulard says:

    I’m really happy with my 6+ 64 gigs.
    1) You’ll see if it’s too big when you get old as I am
    2) Still using it for reading news and games
    4) I use a case also bought at Amazon (Aerb-Classic-Series-Window)
    5) I had problems with my Pebble watch with 8.0 that were resolved with 8.1

  79. David McDouglas says:

    This is not the type of article I was expecting to read, great insight.

  80. Albert says:

    For me, the only way to keep the 6+ was to think it as my iPad that is with me all time. If you are looking for iPhone and one handed usability, this is not it. I dont use reachability because it is not really usable with one hand. (might reach Q if you have huge hands.) I am coming from 4s and ipad 3 and this is truly two in one and the fact that it having highest ppi of apple device to date, it makes the best device on my eyes. I also see this screen size will grow and will be the main device for at least for few years. I even returned Air two because practically no use for it. the biggest adavantage of 6+ is ppi and it’s like book reader wherever u go. It’s bit buggy and apps like google drive crashes, but definately it has huge advantage over having both iPad and iPhone. For example, you dont have to go back and forth decice or worry about wifi or carry both devices. remember if you landscape the view it is pretty viewable like iPad in reading things. I am typing this on 6+ and pardon my rough draft.

  81. Digital Doug says:

    Point 2: That’s THE reason I got the ‘Plus’…..no longer need an iPad.

    Point 4: KAVAJ ‘Miami’. Brilliant.

    Point 3: Yes, this is a real problem.

    • Bobbo says:

      There are many apps in the art and music world that will only run on the iPad. It will be up to Apple to allow iPad programs to run on their smaller screens. Until then the iPad is still in business.

  82. Mike says:

    When I got the 6 Plus, there was no reason to keep my iPad Mini. Sold it and used the money to pay for part of the phone. I also did get the iPad Air 2 for the memory and speed, along with Apple Pay.

  83. MacBook says:

    My iPhone 6, 16gig also buggy

  84. Avenged110 says:

    It does look silly in person. Personally I think it’s silly anyone would use a device like that as a phone…

    • DCJ001 says:

      By the end of the year, about 35 million people will be using the iPhone 6 Plus.

      • Moish says:

        A million flies can’t be wrong , eat sh!t :)

        Love my iPhone 6 love the size and yes I use my iPad less now days

      • Avenged110 says:

        Just because everyone else has terrible taste doesn’t mean I have to as well…

        • Richard.Oz says:

          I like your thinking.

          My skin tight jeans just wont fit the iPhone 6.

          Bring back a palm sized phone, and don’t pander to the half blind and poorly dressed :)

          • Dani says:

            Hey now…ease up on us old-timers, Richard. The one good thing about being half-blind is we can’t see the smirking faces of those upset about how we’re dressed. And…couldn’t care less if we tried. ;)

  85. The Jimmy James says:

    Why don’t y send that ancient technological relic of an iPad to me and I’ll take it off your hands.

    • Ted says:

      You beat me to it! I was gonna say the same.

      • Sherry says:

        Well I have an iPad Air and even though I have the 6 plus, I still love my iPad Air Cellular!!! But I don’t travel with it a lot, just use on table at home!!! Hey anyone going from the iPad Air Cellular to the new mini out there??? I am thinking about it, but don’t really want to loose the nice size screen on the iPad Air Cellular!!! Anyone that has had both, have any insight on the screen size being too small on the newest mini??? Also does anyone know if the home buttons on the iPhone 5 and the 6 plus the same size exactly???

        • Claudia says:

          Sherry, I went from an iPad2 to a Mini and I honestly haven’t noticed a change. I thought it might be annoying, but I like my mini much more than the larger iPad. It’s much more portable (fits into my purse nicely) and the weight change is great.

  86. A. Walker says:

    Great insight. I originally had an iPhone 6 and quickly got used to the size. It was nice but I decided to try the 6 plus. When you first hold the 6 plus it feels huge which I think quickly turns people off. Once I got used to the huge gorgeous display there was no turning back. After using it for over 2 weeks now I can honestly say that I’m used to it and 100 percent more productive on the 6 plus vs the 5s or ever the 6. it feels normal to me now and all other iPhones feel tiny in my hand. The case selection is limited but I would recommend the Ringke Fusion cases on Amazon. Much better than Spiegen. I have the black bumper with the clear back and it looks awesome. Very slim and enhances the grip of the phone. Only $11.99.

    • David says:

      Cygnett made a great case for the iPhone 5 so I could see the 6 and 6 Plus being good with Cygnett too. I just don’t like that particular case being unprotected on the top, I drop my phone sometimes (hey, I’m a human) and I want a case that covers all sides and the back, as well as just enough of the front to offer some screen protection.

      • Sherry says:

        Yes, David I totally agree!!! I can not find a case that even has just a slight higher edge in a clear plastic 3D case!!! I like just a touch of bling on my phone, nothing gaudy!!! All of the cases are sitting almost perfectly flush with phone front!!! I had a leather case with card slots, but don’t like that I can’t get to it as quickly for a pic or a phone call when driving, or just when you don’t really have two hands!!! Plus with a leather case, they don’t sit as nice in a holder for your vehicle!!! I am also waiting for a case with a higher side to protect screen more if dropped! I just today purchased a Tech Armor screen protector, edge to edge!!! I have only had it on for a few hours but already love it! I feel a little better about the front of my phone not being damaged or scratched! The buzz is that the iPhone 6 and 6 plus does not have a gorilla glass front!!! People are reporting how in only a week or two they are noticing scratches on their 6 phones!!! I highly recommend one of these Life Time Warranty Tech Armor screen protectors!!! I think they are the first one to put this out!!! It is made with Ballistic Glass!!! Suppose to really protect the screen!!! So for now until I can get a better plastic (even a two piece) case that will help protect the phone screen, this is my answer!!! I would advise if you don’t have any scratches on your phone yet to get one right away!!! I can’t stand a scratched phone screen!!! I am disappointed in Apple for not putting the great Gorilla glass front on the new iPhones 6 and 6 plus!!! I bought 6 thinking plus would be to big, gave it to my Son and ordered the 6 plus!!! Worried it would be too big!!! I love it, it’s great!!! But do be careful they are so slippery when you first handle them, they can slip right out of your hand!!! Come on let’s get some great looking, better screen protection, cases out there guys!!!

  87. C.H. Roberts says:

    I would say this echoes my experience closely. I got an iPhone 6 Plus and also stopped using my iPad, but kept the iPad around for the kids. A friend had the same thing and sold his iPad, it more than paid for the iPhone 6 Plus so that’s pretty cool. Apple products hold good resale value as long as you take care of them.

    My iPhone has crashed a few times with iOS 8 but nothing too bad, same thing with the black screen and then a quick return to the lock screen, it’s almost like it’s not a full crash or reboot because it happens quicker than a true reboot.

    I love this phone, it’s so much better than the iPhone 5 and that tiny screen. Android got the screen size thing right long before Apple did but I am so glad they jumped aboard. I hope Apple keeps a 5.5″ model around for as long as it makes sense, maybe until we get a neural connection or 3D expanding holographic display or something totally sci-fi. I actually think they could go bigger with the screen given the huge forehead and chin on the iPhone, 5.7″ or even 6″ could fit in that space. Maybe they’ll just shave down the enclosure a bit. Anyway, it’s not for everyone but it’s a great iPhone if you want to merge an iphone and a tablet and lighten up your carry.

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