Safari Updated to Version 8.0.2, 7.1.2, or 6.2.2 for Mac Users

Dec 11, 2014 - 20 Comments

Safari icon Mac users will find a new Safari update available to them, with the precise version offered depending on the OS X release they are running.

The small software update appears to resolve several bugs, in addition to whatever issues may have appeared in another recent Safari update that was later pulled by Apple.

The appropriate Safari updates are available now through the Mac App Store, accessible from the  Apple menu and Software Update mechanism.

OS X Yosemite users will find Safari 8.0.2, OS X Mavericks users Safari 7.1.2, and OS X Mountain Lion users will find Safari 6.2.2. The software updates are all small and do not require restarts to complete the installation of.

Safari update for OS X

The release notes accompanying the Safari for OS X Yosemite and Mavericks version suggest the new build resolves all of the issues that were also fixed in the prior pulled release, as well as a resolution to “a rare issue in which some users were unable to access Safari after installing the 8.0.1 (or 7.1.1) update.” Thus, if you happened to download and install the prior Safari update and have experienced trouble with the Safari app since then, the new version should resolve those problems.

An accompanying Apple support page for the Safari updates also suggest several security fixes were made in the new release, though any specific issues or patches remain unspecified.


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  1. Mark says:

    does anyone have a direct download link for Safari 6.2.2? I need to push it out to 50 some macs.

  2. v8.0.2 is just about same to its predecessor. It alternatively patches over the v8.0.1 release which was found to inception some copies of Safari to get completely non-functional. Little bit confused should I update to v8.0.2. Currently having issue in Safari where videos would sometimes not play.
    Would you please suggest me should I have to upgrade or not?

    • Gaurav Arora says:

      Hey Ashish,

      I agree with you that there was some issue while playing video in safari on v8.0.2 earlier, but not now as I’m using v8.0.2 from last 6 months and easily view or play the videos on safari.

  3. len p says:

    Yosemite not been great for me – I like the styling but performance has distinctly buggy feel. In particular:

    – Energy saver won’t put Screen or HD to sleep
    – Safari frequently freezes or fails to load page
    – Messages crashes all the time
    – Finder can be slow, folder icons frequently missing
    – Mail often shows password error, then rectifies itself
    – beachball often spins during simple finder operations
    – things grind to a halt when downloading anything significant

    I have a 2.5 year old iMac 27″, 2.7GHx i5, 12 GB Ram

    I did a clean install of Mavericks last time round and a regular update to Yosemite – so not a big jump at all. However, seriously thinking of doing another clean install if 10.0.2 doesn’t fix things.

    I’m a Mac die-hard of 22 years but, unlike some contributors, I don’t buy that Apple always used to be great with their software QA. I can remember too many glitches in the past to fall for that nostalgia! The first ever OSX was a total disaster. However, Yosemite is definitely the worst in recent years from my experience. I think it is called using Joe Public as beta testers

  4. FedUp says:

    It’s still crap…freezing up…spinning beachball….thinking about going back to MS.

  5. Peter says:

    I had hoped for Yosemite to be more stable than Mavericks. From a legacy trust in Apple products (I started out with a 17″ MBP running Tiger in 2007 and I’m still enjoying a Mac Pro 2010 running Snow Leopard) I purchased a Retina MBP Late 2013 running only Mavericks and up. Boy was I disappointed. It took 5 updates (now running 10.9.5) to run reasonably stable but there are still some minor issues like:
    – not waking up when opening the lid (need to close the lid, wait a minute and reopen the lid for the thing to wake up)
    – mail not marked as read on other OSX/iOs devices after reading
    – Some other mail related issues
    I had hoped for Yosemite to fix especially the Mail issues, but I’m reluctant now to upgrade. I have the public beta running on a separate partition and found no issues so far, but as I haven’t switched entirely, I still have low Yosemite mileage. I know it’s hard to revert from Y to M so I’ll stay put for now.

    When it works, it works beautifully, can’t say any different.


  6. Jim M says:

    Update. Some improvement. Safari loading faster, but have had to force quit it several times because it was not responding.After installing the update, restarting and repairing permissions again, I was able to add a printer and actually print via wifi last night and today. Have not had that experience two days in a row since I installed Yosemite, so that is some progress.

    • Cliff says:

      When “I was able to add a printer and actually print” becomes a success on an Apple computer, it shows how far they have fallen.

      Shame on you Tim Cook. Step down.

  7. Jim M says:

    Installed the update tonight. Still cannot see some Apple support pages in Safari. Still Wi-Fi printing problems; May be a slight improvement in loading time for Safari. Is OK. Not great. Certainly not up to Apple standards.

  8. Joe says:

    Firefox and every other browser can run on Snow Leopard and up. Yet Apple targets its newer OS to force people to upgrade if they want the latest features and security. This is why I use Firefox.

  9. Marsha says:

    I was fine in the beginning but after the software updates with Mavericks and Yosemite it has almost destroyed my computer.
    I have spent months with Apple trying to fix the bugs.

    I was on the phone today telling the tech this same issue you described with Safari. The tech didn’t tell me there was another update nor that it indeed has a bug in the browser.

    This blog verifies it! The Rainbow curser keeps spinning and websites slow. The Finder works poorly, the Preview may or may not open, the system crashes and turns off after a short period online using Safari. I have noticed the Wi Fi and Mail not working right too.

    I have spent money with the Apple Store Techs and still not much improvement.

    What’s next resolution?

    • Kevin says:

      I think your problems are symptomatic of something else, as only a few people have issues and nothing like yours. Sounds like your drive is about to fail, or you need more RAM. Do a volume check, if it comes out ok, do a repair permissions run. If safari still gives you problems, turn off third party extensions, they can bring safari to its knees. Worst case, do a clean install of Yosemite.

      Safari runs like a charm for me.

      • Jeff says:

        You are simply making excuses and ignoring the realities of this extremely buggy and shameful release. Apple’s own forums have tens of thousands of complaints, which proves that Yosemite is the new Windows Vista.

  10. Inyo Montana says:

    I use Chrome, I can’t rely on Safari.

    Remember when Apple used to have a quality assurance and quality control team to prevent bad updates from being released to the public? Hahah that was funny! Now we have a basic Safari release that killed Safari. OS X Yosemite kills wi-fi and SMTP mail. iOS 8 kills wi-fi speeds and mail functions and proper notifications. iOS 8.0.1 even killed the cellular modem.

    Who is in charge of software at Apple? Anyone?

    • Dennis says:

      Today I saw the lost interview with Steve Jobs ( He showed his great vision and what really matters to create excellent products.
      I strongly believe that at Apple his vision is evaporating piece by piece. And that is a very sad thing to see happening. I hope Apple will get back on track again. Not by adding more memory, thinner, more pixels, etc. Anyone can do that and is doing it. Make the products with the quality and design as Steve did. That’s not an easy task but is was Apple that did it.
      I love my Apple products but I’m sad to see that Apple is slowly becoming to be the same like the rest.

      • GianMarco Tavazzani says:

        Fully agree! After 30 years and few months of a wonderful love story with Mac (Ok… with some disappointments and arguing but never betraying Apple) I see my love partner becoming old and loosing masers, appeal, elegance, intelligence, taste, personality, charme, fascination, vision, appeal…
        The followers of Steve seem the followers of Jesus: cowards, betrayers, so stupid to make him a ‘god’ instead to continue on his path renewing and expanding his vision!

    • Bernard says:

      Designers. Who prefer looks over substance.

    • Raven says:

      Safari runs great on my Mac. I can’t say the same for Chrome (which is still 32-bit). Safari is faster.

      I’ve also have no problems with Yosemite, and haven’t since the public betas.

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