OS X 10.10.2 Beta 6 Released for Testing

Jan 21, 2015 - 35 Comments

OS X Yosemite

Apple has released a sixth beta version of OS X 10.10.2 to those registered with the Mac Developer program. The new build arrives as 14C106a and continues to emphasize a focus on resolving wi-fi problems, Mail, and VoiceOver.

Users who are opted in and signed up to test pre-release OS X software will find the update available in the Mac App Store under the “Updates” tab. The update weighs in around 500MB and requires a reboot. As usual, users should only test beta software on Macs that are well backed-up and not necessarily their primary computer.

The quicker pace of beta updates suggests that OS X 10.10.2 could be nearing a public release soon, as the previous 5th beta was released to developers and beta testers just a week ago.

OS X 10.10.2 appears to focus exclusively on bug fixes and resolving some ongoing issues that some users have experienced with OS X Yosemite. It does not appear that OS X 10.10.2 will include new features or other significant changes to OS X Yosemite, though it’s possible that the final release version may carry additions not shown in the beta releases.


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  1. Bill Gates says:

    Never-ending beta releases. I will not be surprised if this goes up to 10th or so. Slow apple tech support.

  2. Jamie says:

    I knew it was a POS, i tried the beta hated it, hated the UI hated the sluggish feel to it.

    Ive stayed with Mavericks. My GF installed this Dog Doo OS on her Imac now she is regretting it while I laugh my arse off at this Fisher price piece of Dog Doo OS. FU Apple

  3. Blackbenji says:

    could it be that the mail search didn’t work since the update?
    i can only find persons, not topics,…

  4. Steve T says:

    I’m using Yos’ it’s ok-ish but could be and should be way better, I remember the days when Apple ‘took’ there time building their OS, Snow Leopard comes to mind.

    Perhaps Apple and the Development Team should spend more time in fixing “All” the issues with Yos’ and forget the OS upgrade. By that I mean stop bringing out a New OS every year, just concentrate on getting this one right, just like you did with SL.

    • Dr. Phil says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening: the only reason why SL was “perfect” was because of Steve Jobs’ involvement and his desire for “absolute” perfection. The priorities of Time Cook (and Apple’s management, including Jonny Ives) are more driven by product cycles, marketing, sales, and meeting Wall Street expectations than by the need to produce (or continue to produce) quality software and quality hardware. It’s the sad truth, but Apple has become more like…everybody else.

      • Rudi says:

        “…but Apple has become more like…everybody else”.

        Well, nearly – despite the price! You pay premium prices and should expect premium systems.

        Though I don’t have any issues with Yosemite so far, everything seems OK now. There was just one issue that the OS hung after it woke up. I ran in the beta program and send feedback about it but nothing happened. Was even there in the official release. Have resolved it luckily by Bluetooth configuration. Have it on MBP retina and two iMacs 27″. I use the MBP mostly in the field on battery with WLAN stick without problems (or does not recognize I should have any).

  5. Emory says:

    I’ve been running 10.10.1 since I bought my computer on Nov. 1. Have not had any problems at all. Yosemite seems competent enough for me. I had Mavericks on my older iMac and it too, ran just fine.

  6. josé says:

    very good, thank you

  7. Isaac says:

    Is 10.10.2 going to finally being out the “photos” app they sold to all of us at wwdc?

  8. Jeff says:

    I can appreciate Apple running so many Betas, knowing they have to get it right this time. However, they are taxing the people in this program with such small incremental changes, and way too many regressions between Betas.

    I dropped out, Apple needs more internal controls, they can’t expect the public to debug this thing for free.

    • Jamie says:

      Apple should, at least in theory, have an entire large team of engineers dedicated to debugging software. Quality Assurance is essential for any software release at any organization, it’s amazing that Apple with all its riches are struggling with it. Hire more people to find the bugs for you! But really I am shocked that OS X developers internally didn’t experience the same bugs, they probably knew Yosemite was messed up and figured, oh well, got a deadline, ship it! Well, now it’s broken for tends of thousands of people (pure speculation, but judging by negative response I’m sure it’s a large number, maybe smaller, maybe much bigger). This is literally just a matter of hiring the manpower to test software before it’s released, as you say expecting the public to debug it for free is absolutely absurd. Sloppy software was not what Apple was known for, now you can’t trust their software updates.

      By the way, I submitted probably 30+ bug reports in the OS X Yosemite Public Beta program. Not a single issue I reported on was fixed. Everything from networking problems, reproducible crashes on sleep, the awful user interface, reproducible Mail problems (just add Gmail to Mail, LOL good luck), the awful font and font size which are accessibility nightmares, the list goes on and on. Nothing fixed, at all. Amazing to me. I’ve stubbed my toe with endless problems in OS X Yosemite more than any Mac operating system in well over a decade, and I’m in IT and see it all!

      • JayC says:

        Ya I agree with Jamie –

        As a mac user, I noticed over the years, especially since steve jobs died, that macintosh seems to becoming more like microsuck everyday. And now Macintosh makes its users debug software…..like microsuck does….Sad.

        Macintosh upper management seems to have been bitten by the American Greed bug…..Once again, sad. :(

      • Clive says:

        There a more engineers working in Ives “Make It Prettier” department.

  9. HateYosemite says:

    any word about the battery drain issue ? I see all you writing is the wifi problems, but there’s a bug with the battery that it drain fast as hell .

  10. Yo-Rules says:

    Remember, this is not a complaint site. If you don’t have anything good to say about Yosemite, don’t say anything at all!

    • Tux says:

      This isn’t a complaint site, but the comments section are also for comments and along with that are opinions. If you don’t like to read opinions that you don’t agree with, I suggest not using the Internet at all.

      I personally think that Yosemite is full of bugs but the only thing most of us can do is wait until for new revisions of 10.10 to be released.

    • BrooklynBob says:

      Yosemite is the worst release of OS X to date. It’s riddled with bugs, some minor, many fatal. And you, in your infinite unqualified wisdom, have the unmitigated gall and sophoromiric arrogance to tell us – those of us with legitimate concerns regarding Yosemite – to shut up? Get over yourself, butt-wipe.

    • Clive says:

      All forums are complaint sites. If you want to hide your head in the sand and not voice concerns about major issues with an overpriced $3000 computer, then go back to you flock of iSheep.

  11. Myapple says:

    wiFi problems fixed or not?

    Is yosemite ready to use or – still – not?

  12. Henry says:

    Big deal , who cares.

    • Paul says:

      Presumably anyone who uses OS X Yosemite would care that a software update is coming soon.

      But if you don’t care, why bother to comment?

      • Steve says:

        Me, I care. I’m hoping that my wireless woes will be gone under 10.10.2, although with a 6th beta release, I am starting to fear that a complete fix is not going to be forthcoming. Is 6 releases typical, or are they being extra careful this time from a QA perspective?

        Incidentally, my wireless has dropped tonight without provocation or persuasion on my part. Bizarrely, under Yosemite, my main wireless connection will fail, but when I connect to my wireless extender… no problem. I wonder if my BT hardware is part of the headache? It’s certainly not faulty at all, but Yosemite doesn’t seem to like connecting directly to it.

        • Regor says:

          Regarding your comments about wifi and your BT Home Hub. It seems to be a problem between the HH and Airport Extreme & Express. I have many problems trying to maintain an Airplay connection from my HH5. Have read through various forums and no real result. Ended up buying a new Airport Extreme base station. No problems since , but the wifi speeds max’s out at 30mb. I have spent hours trying to resolve this and in the Leeds Apple store. Very frustrating from both Apple & BT.

  13. M. M. Peterson says:

    The majority of reviews on the App Store for OS X Yosemite are 1 star. 1 star. That was enough to tell me to not install it, then I read all these reviews and user complaints, and dreadful experiences from coworkers, friends, and family, no thanks.

    So I’m on OS X Mavericks still and I load the App Store and, since they updated the App Store font to be Helvetica size 2 or whatever, I can’t even read the App Store text without putting my face 2″ from the screen. I know I’m not the only one who hates the font thing, I guess I don’t really need the App Store much anyway.

    I’m starting to feel like I’ll be on Mavericks for the rest of my Macs lifespan, maybe when I get a new machine in the coming years it will ship with a good OS X update. OS X 10.12 or something.

    • Steve says:

      I think I am one of the few people who don’t mind the Yosemite font, although I do prefer the old style admittedly.

      Still, I suppose a question for you personally is what does Yosemite exclusively bring to the game that you would really use?

      I don’t see that deciding to stick with Mavericks is necessarily a bad thing. I am questioning whether to role back to Mavericks myself, because I don’t think Yosemite is adding any value to my user experience. Quite the opposite considering the wireless issues I am still having.

      • Clive says:

        Agreed, Yosemite was Ives attempt to make the UI prettier and forget about making the operating system actually WORK. Apple has clearly lost its way and only focuses on aesthetics while the plumbing is getting worse and worse.

  14. Pete says:

    This OS X Yosemite update can’t arrive soon enough, but I fear it does not go far enough.

    Public release of OS X 10.10.2 this week or next, is my guess.

    • Steve says:

      I would hope by beta 6 that the main user experience issues are resolved, i.e. the ones that Joe Public can contribute to fixing.

      If they are at the “tidying up the low-level granular loose ends” stage, then perhaps we won’t get a public release and they’ll just release the final version soon?

      • Raven says:

        What’s wrong with the user experience? I’ve honestly had no issues since the beginning of the public beta program. It’s been rock solid.

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