Three Apple Watch TV Commercials Debut “Us”, “Rise”, “Up”

Apr 24, 2015 - 13 Comments

Apple Watch commercials

Apple has introduced three commercials for the Apple Watch, each with a different focus and feature emphasis. Titled “Us”, “Up”, and “Rise”, the TV advertisements are airing now and are included below for easy viewing.

“Us” is focused on the communication abilities of Apple Watch, demonstrating features like message notifications and responses, sending doodles, and sharing heartbeats.

“Up” emphasizes the Watch features pertaining to physical activity, ranging from tracking motion and movements, to reminding you to stand up if you have been sitting for too long.

“Rise” follows morning routines and the ways that Apple Watch fits in to a persons day, showing features like skimming through notifications, to messaging, and even offering directions.

“Us – For all the ways you connect, the Watch is here.”

“Up – For all the ways you move, the Watch is here.”

“Rise – For all the ways you spend your time, the Watch is here.”

Apple Watch commercial screen shot

Many users are getting their hands on Apple Watch now from early pre-ordering, meaning we should all start seeing them in day-to-day life soon. Currently, ordering an Apple Watch offers a considerable shipping delay, as the initial batches sold out to heavy demand.


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  1. Lucia Souza says:

    Does anyone know what is the name of the song played at the new Apple commercials “up” and “us”? I can’t find any information about it.

  2. Sue Carter says:

    Wasn’t that a Howard Jones composition on the Apple watch ad . I could be someone you need. Who got the credit? Anyone know ?

  3. Anton says:

    Please, tell me, who wrote the music in these three videos?

    • Alexia Carner says:

      Same here. For “Rise” I love that song because it makes me think of my baby which i just got pregnant. That song is dedicated to my baby but I want to know by who??
      I love music and have a deep connection to it. Music is everything to me, but that song means everything because of my baby. Haven’t gave birth yet. Just now pregnant but i just pray for a miracle that once i give birth. me and this baby will be okay.

  4. Kurt Hanson says:

    The watch band is the only difference between the ten-thousand dollar and the four-hundred dollar models. Something screwy ā€¦, from the head down.

    Just thunkin’ out loud now.

  5. Dave says:

    I just bought an Apple Watch today, have a delivery time in JUNE(!) You’d think with their huge resources and supply chain they could crank that up and get the Watch to everyone who wants one in two weeks max. Anyway I digress. I bought one because it’s clearly a part of the future to have computer devices and wearables on us, integrating with us, on our person. It’s an interesting technology, even if it’s not going to do everything amazing quite yet. This is cutting edge, early adopter stuff, but that’s OK. I usually wait for the second and third generation before jumping aboard, so I am kind of excited to get on board the Apple Watch train now. I only wish I had pre-ordered… but the funny thing is that I looked at ship times later that day and they said June. I waited two weeks and have no difference in ship time. Hmm.

    • Paul says:

      I also have a June delivery date for a Space Gray Apple Watch Sport. Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long!

    • Bill Fink says:

      Just about every instance, when I ordered something (directly) from Apple, their ship dates have been 100% of the time exaggerated. I too ordered mine with a delivery date of “June.”

      If I didn’t know any better from previous experience(s), my guess is it’ll likely show up sometime in May. …and that’s only a few days away from my post, here.

      Good luck, I’m anxiously awaiting my new watch, too.

  6. Rufie Ralph says:

    No commercial compares to the Budweiser frog commercials. Or the Tampax one airing now about using the pads for pee leaks. Bleh.

  7. Tony says:

    That cml movies show all exept the “Iwatch”…. !

    I second what Thomas say…

    It’s sadly what happened to Apple….& this company, sadly ( again ) forget from who & where come his success ! it’s propably not because the news customers who are Iphone, I watch buyer’s…but from the passed Clients….

    This Iwatch, is simple a small IpodTouch, nothing more… !

    Ifixt make the show again ===>

    A old Apple Fan retired by the way….

  8. Alex says:

    At least they are better than the crap Samsung commercial on the ski slopes.

  9. Thomas says:

    Good commercials, but they seem a little somber don’t they? There’s an element of melancholy to them, from the music to the color tones used. Beautiful people doing beautiful things, morning yacht races, trendy apartments, urban living, thigh gaps on svelte women, muscles on chiseled men, love, affection, relationships, all the things which you should have or envy. Oh, and Apple Watch too. If only you had an Apple Watch, then you too would have these things? Advertising…

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