iOS 9 Battery Life Problems? Draining too Fast? Here’s the Solution

Sep 21, 2015 - 123 Comments

Fix iOS 9 Battery Life Problems

Though updating to iOS 9 has gone well for most users, some iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners have discovered their battery is draining faster than usual, and now iOS 9 has given them a reduced battery life. That’s rather frustrating if it impacts you, but much like how iOS 9 slows down some devices but not others, the battery life issue is not a universal experience.

Fortunately, there are some universal solutions to battery draining problems, so if you’ve discovered battery life has reduced after updating to iOS 9, read on to help resolve the issue.

1: Wait! If you just updated to iOS 9…

Keep in mind that if you just updated to iOS 9 (or any other iOS) and have existing data on your device, then iOS features like Spotlight must complete indexing of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to many hours, depending on how much stuff you have on your device, and how often you use it, so if you have just updated to iOS 9 moments ago and have discovered the battery life is draining inordinately fast, consider just letting it sit for a while and seeing if the battery drain resolves itself. Sometimes it does, if a day passes and it’s still in bad shape, then you can start making adjustments.

2: Turn Down Screen Brightness

One of the single biggest adjustments you can make to improve battery life of any iPhone or iPad is to reduce the screen brightness. The easiest way to do this is through the Control Center:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up Control Center, then adjust the brightness slider towards the left – the less bright the screen is, the longer the battery will last

This makes a very noticeable difference, so don’t discount it. The lower the screen brightness, the better the battery will be, but obviously you’ll need to find a happy medium so that you can use and read your screen without it being a total battery hog.

3: Disable Location Services You Don’t Need or Use

Using location services and GPS is heavy on the battery, thus reducing app usage of those features can improve battery life:

  • Open Settings, go to Privacy, choose Location Services, and adjust each app to the settings appropriate for how you use them – setting to “Never” or “While Using” as needed

You can also turn off ALL location services but that is strongly not recommended, as apps like Weather, Maps, and Siri all rely on obtaining your location data to work properly. If you deny all location functionality, you’ll lose many features on device, so it’s better to be specific about what to disable and what to leave on.

4: Ditch Background App Activity

Background App Refresh is a well intentioned feature, but in practice it often slows down devices and causes unnecessary battery drain by generating activity in applications that aren’t actively in use. It’s a matter of opinion, but personally I turn this feature off on every iOS device I own, I’d rather have improved battery life and performance than some apps doing stuff in the background.

  • Open Settings and go to to “General”, choose “Background App Refresh” and turn the top switch to the OFF position to disable the feature

Most users don’t notice any difference with having this turned off in terms of how apps function, but users do tend to notice a speed increase and an improvement to battery life.

5: Reboot

Finally, sometimes after it has been a while after an update, a hard reboot can often resolve strange issues ranging from weird behavior to minor issues with battery life caused by some errant process.

The simplest way to force a reboot is to hold down the Home button and Power button until the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch restarts itself, as demonstrated by the  Apple logo appearing on screen. The device will boot itself back up to the home screen, ready to be used again.

Those are some of the better general changes you can make to improve battery life in general, but iOS 9 also has improved battery handling features which help you drill down what exactly is eating battery life. Accessible from the Settings app > Battery section, this can be a helpful tool to reveal what is eating battery and why. In the same battery section is also the new Low Power Mode button, and while it undoubtedly improves battery to have that enabled, leaving it on all the time is not really practical as it reduces power consumption, device power, and disables a lot of features you may want to keep using.

Finally, keep in mind you can always downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1, though the window of opportunity for that is likely closing soon, which means you’d be stuck on iOS 9 or iOS 9.1.

Have you noticed battery life draining in iOS 9 on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? Maybe your battery life is better with iOS 9 too? Let us know in the comments, and if you have any tricks or tips, share those too!


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  1. iOS user says:

    Obviously Apple stopped having new ideas for their iPhone. Therefore instead of providing new features they decided making the use of previous models/versions hell… I was a fan of Jobs and I think that Apple nowadays realy ran out of innovations after his death… It is probably the last iPhone for me as well… The apple’s combo is: “purchased apps/custom setup”+”messed battery(in your previous model)” = “go get a new iPhone”.

  2. Ian says:

    Can ios 10 gix this issue? Im currently 9.3.3 os

  3. Ian says:

    Very disappointed

  4. Patrick says:

    Try using a battery case for your iphone . It will charge it when u ran out of battery. Might be useful since theres no solution to the battery drains

  5. Jade says:

    Okay I did the upgrade a while back and I tried all the other things but my battery is still draining super fast. Even when I’m not even using it. I can use my phone for an hour max and then I have to charge it.

  6. Lauren says:

    I did all these things plus more. My battery is still draining within three hours. Clearly this is not solving my problem 😡

  7. Aileen says:

    Is it possible the maps ap is draining my battery–having updated to IOS9. last week? And how can I clear my maps searches as I don’t have the bookmark icon on my program? Siri hasn’t helped much with this…🙃

  8. Zachary says:

    If anyone is still having these problems you may just need to buy a portable chrager, I just bought one for my girlfriend that she loves and its also a compact mirror with an LED light

  9. Maria says:

    So, how on earth it works on others and never on my iPhone?

    My issue is I have 50-60%on my battery and then suddenly shut down then asked to charge my phone? So how does this thread really helps with solution when I’ve done the battery saving, lowest screen brightness, locations off for most unused and no back round regress.!! But it doesn’t seem to work. Nothing! It’s a bit annoying! I don’t bring a darn battery plugin all the time so that’s more annoying. It drains every after less than 30mins and that’s seriously crazy!! I am on iOS 9.3.2 and my wifi is so slow to connect on wifi networks!

    So frustrating!!

  10. Dauber says:

    Just all of a sudden, out of the blue, two weeks ago the battery started draining like crazy. I use my iPhone 5S as an alarm clock so if I want to actually wake up in the morning, I’d better make sure the phone is charged to at least 90% before I go to bed.

    When this happened, I hadn’t updated any apps or anything. Background refresh is off on *everything*. Location services off except for Maps. Screen brightness is all the way down.

    Apple looked at the phone and found *zero* hardware issues at all. Not the battery, not the board, *nothing*. I tried factory resetting it as a brand new phone. Nope. Didn’t do the trick.


    (Now, I’m not going to be one of those “I’ll never buy an iPhone again!” people because of one problem that happened well after the warranty expired…after all, Apple only promised it’d be free from defects for a year. And I’ve never had a problem with any of their other products, and this isn’t my first iPhone, either.)

  11. Pawel Barczak says:

    Hello Apple please fix it!. I got my iphone 6s plus for over 800€ 5 weeks ago And last 3 nights from 100%percent went down to 47% overnight. Very dissapointed and if doesn’t get fixed will nexer buy iphone again in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! highly dissapointed. Why is it like that? Ios 9.3.1

  12. Apple Aaron says:

    My phone is also dying within minutes of unplugging it not very happy at all help please

  13. Thea ordillano says:

    My phone literally drains after charging. U see 100% then after unplugging from the charger, it decreases to 78% in a matter of seconds. And when i use it even for texting it drains like 3% per minute. Please help

  14. afyy says:

    what if i tell you that my iphone 5s full battery is draining to switchoff mode with in 2hour use ? help me :(

  15. Bob Twain says:

    Well, maybe I’m just cranky and used to Android, but frankly location services to me are only when you want to use maps or perhaps tripadvisor. Location services clearly use battery so I leave the entire feature off because, frankly battery life is the most important feature of any phone. But I ran into a problem that wasn’t a problem in Android. If you have location services off and use Siri to call, for instance, a local business, she’ll tell you to turn location services on. What? Why? So, for instance, “Siri, call Jo Jo’s Pizza in Springfield, Illinois” – Siri wants location services on.

  16. Ieneke van Houten says:

    Thanks to all for this thread. I bought my first Apple, an iPad mini, after an android upgrade slowed down my 2012 Nexus 7 to barely usable. Heard the same from many unhappy Android users. I love the size of the mini. Still small enough to hold in one hand, but more generous than a typical 7. I vaguely noticed battery life does not seem quite as incredible as when I first got it, a year ago now, but never considered upgrades were to blame, rather than age. Upgrading to 8 had fixed a connectivity issue. Reading help lines suggested always running the latest OS, so when 9 came along I did not even blink. I shall resist upgrades from here on. Planned obsolescence indeed! The fact we’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us.

  17. Anton Pedersen says:

    I found something that helped. Quick background:
    Same problem as all of you and I purchased my 6 the day it came out. Was fine until ios9. Battery drains super fast but the biggest problem I noted was when my battery was at ~30% at home on wifi and I would run to take the dog out. Within 1-2 minutes the battery would drop to 20 then 10 then 2 or shut off. When I plug it in to charge the battery immediately jumps even higher than when I left. I assumed it had something to do with the cellular signal or a background system function that relies on cellular data, so I did some digging. Anyway I did the following two things and it’s been 2 days and the battery life is back to normal. Here’s what I did:
    1: Cellular data ->disable LTE
    2: setting – privacy – location services – system services -> disable cell network search, HomeKit and wifi networking. All of these seem important but they are just ways the iPhone tries to collect and use accurate GPS data.

    This has worked perfectly so far. Will experiment with turning back LTE after a hard reboot with these settings and another full battery charge cycle.

  18. Johnny says:

    My iPhone 5c keeps eating my battery very fast when I exit my games or social media and its been like this since last year. What can I do?

  19. PARTH P NAIR says:

    i have a problem with my iphone 6 battery
    the battery percentage is showing error ,my phone gets automatically switch off in around 29% and when I’m having a battery percentage of 2% and when i connected my charger to charge my phone the battery percentage rises from 2%-42% in just a second…..and after getting switch off its gets so much time to get turn on ….so how to solve this problem i have no idea will my phone get replaced coz i have brought this phone before 1 month back

    plz someone help to solve my problem

  20. Gopal Sharma says:

    I think all of us who are facing this problem of battery life with this IOS 9.0.2 upgrade should unite and file a class action law suit against Apple.
    May be the Company is trying to sell more phones by killing the old phones.

  21. Soorajkhan says:

    My iphone 6 fast battry drain how i can fix this problem

  22. Kitty says:

    Did not work.

  23. ramin says:

    Hi After ios 9.2 update when the phone is charging my iphone 6s plus the battery shows 98% if the rate of 100% indicates the restart

  24. DAVID says:

    I think people should start sueing apple for this, the ios 9.1, 9.2 kill battery on older phones than 6 , 9.0.2 had better baterry life, also I want factory reset that means I also want firmaware reset, they’re not giveing back the soft to a phone that I paid a lot of money, also they update was pushed & forced to us, so they definitly should be sued!

  25. Teresa says:

    I bought it at Best Buy yes they said I could try it 14 days and if things don’t go well can return it. Thank you for quick answer I hope that does work. It’s at 17 percent now so should I charge it up before I do that or try now?

  26. Teresa says:

    Just bought 6s last night. As soon as it turned on said needed to update to 9.2 and coming from android I should have known better. I did and I can sit and watch the battery go down and it hasn’t been 24 hours of owning the phone. I have 14 days so probably taking it back if I can’t get battery to last longer than few hours. So expensive to just go dead so quickly. And I bought it right out too like an idiot. No payments per month. I bought it because I been using prepay and never had nice phone. My son convinced me to treat myself. That makes me sad he wanted me to have something we both believed was good. But it’s proving us wrong

    • Goodidea says:

      Reboot the iPhone, it will fix your battery problem after iOS 9.2 update

      If it doesn’t and the battery still is bad, take it back to Apple and demand a new one, they will swap it out if the battery is faulty. You bought a brand new iPhone, you deserve the battery to work. If they can’t figure out why it’s not working, the battery is faulty and they will give you a new one. Or you can get your money back in 13 days.

      Also, the iPhone 6s Plus lasts way longer than the iPhone 6 and has a way better battery life. Get the big model if you want longer battery life, Apple has always emphasized thin over battery.

  27. John says:

    Here’s a new one for you. Like most of you, I am experiencing unprecedented battery drain on my iPhone 6. I have turned off all location services and background apps and all other recommended settings to no avail. What is different and interesting is that the battery drain literally started over night when I was still on iOS 7. I thought that updating to iOS 9 might help, but no such luck. Battery life is just as four if not worse. A charge that would last for 36 hours no lasts for about six hours. We are talking about six times the power drain overnight. Apple, of course, is mute, because I believe the only sensible explanation is a worm using our resources in the background But of course, Apple cannot get a worm, or so they say. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

  28. H Munster says:

    These are the EXACT same tired useless suggestions given for every ios problem on every version for years. These suggestions are just a placebo tech writers give out because they havent got a clue. There is not way to fix these issues because it is built into the ios code. Apple has to fix it if they even want to. Apple products have become a strictly a commodity, they are no longer innovative technology company.

  29. Brian says:

    Battery life is so bad iPhone 6 after update lots of people at work say same going back to Samsung if they don’t fix this what a mess

  30. Marc induddi says:

    Since I upgrade to the 9 is my battery drains ridiculously fast what can I do to rectify this problem

  31. Missy says:

    Yup. Same with me. Phone in great shape, this last iOS is causing it to bleed battery life it NEVER did the day before I downloaded this. Apple needs to fix. They told me same thing as mentioned- to backup then restore to see if it’s a firmware issue or not. But the phone was fine until this and I made the mistake of updating my iPad too so now that is dying at a record pace. So pissed.

  32. Duy says:

    My Battery usage doesn’t show. How can I resolve it? Thanks

  33. Sparklebabe says:

    My battery life has lasted 10 mins longer!! I’m so pleased because all I did was: turn brightness righhttttttt down, turn background app refresh off and turned low power mode on!! Also I am a battery consumer😬 So I am pleased with the results!!

  34. jimmy says:

    Same problem. After the updates my battery drains. Tried differnt things: restore -> itunes backup,
    restore -> i cloud backup

    and yesterday, complete restore without backup. turned of icloud, location services etc. charged to 100% before bed and turned on airplane mode.
    When i woke up6 hours later it was on 68%.
    I have also noticed that with light use (for instance: whatsapp,, with low brightness & strong wifi or just webbrowing) the phone get abnormally warm/hot. Espcially right underneeth the apple logo, which would indicate the cpu?

    I am now downloading the beta (ios 9.3) maybe that will how an improvement.

    What else can i do? Call an icenter and ask for a firmware restore?
    or sell the ihpone and get a new one? haha

  35. Fuelvalve says:

    Just noting the quick battery draw on the new 9.1! Didn’t notice this on 9.0! Maybe was there but not as noticeable as 9.1.

  36. Polly says:

    My battery was able to go a full day before the most recent update. Now it lasts about four hours. I have done EVERYTHING listed here and it is still draining ridiculously fast. I tried to go back to the previous ios 9 whatever system, but it won’t let me. This is seriously pissing me off. And I blame apple.

    • pablo says:

      Go to Settings > Battery and see what’s using your battery under the “Battery Usage” section. Whatever has the largest % is likely what’s draining your battery.

  37. anonymous says:


    i have read in internet that if you see the last 7 days of consumed battery applications you will see that facebook consume around 36%. There is an error in the app about the audio. Audio is left open in background and it consumed the battery. you can check it in internet.

    update facebook or reinstall it for testing ;)

    best regards,

  38. Justin says:

    I have a 5s and just downloaded iOS 9.1, and still my power drains faster than ever. I am in school all day and barely ever use it, but need to charge it when I get home! So frustrating.

    • Maroua says:

      same here everything was normal when i’ve updated to IOS 9.1 but 2 days later the battery drains without even using it!

  39. Makos says:

    China is a nation which is secretly but surely backstabbing US and the West, they are so silent, they are the biggest evil on earth, they will take over soon, beware!

  40. Makos says:

    The main culprit is China, everything is made there, China will bring the world to an end. All they do is rip off everybody’s money, they steal patent, copyright and technology and do it themselves, they are also heavily corrupted giving bribes to world leaders and directors to get their share, in the end they just take over everything. Also the name of the chinese god is called ‘MONEY’ , they are the greediest and selfish nation on earth and will do everything to becone richer and richer. They always sell to everyone but never purchases from anyone, as long as they get yiur money they are happier, but they will never spend a cent with you. Their main aim is to secretly destroying America and rhe West.

  41. Mario says:

    So having the same Problems… Some remarks from my side:
    – phone is charged fully before going to sleep
    – turned all radios off (WLAN, 4G, ….)
    – all apps are closed
    – no Background updates
    – no anything that comes to anybodies mind
    – flight mode is turned on
    – ….

    So phone is full, everything closed an turned off
    –> next morning battery at about 25% and I am not sleeping for two days… max 6h

    bottom line:
    fully charged, flight mode, … –> after 6 hours 75% battery drain

    the battery is almost new, and no deffect … the battery drain came all of a sudden after an update (iOS or an app)
    –> how to figure out what the source of the problem is?

    the battery indicator within iOS 9 is fine, has nice stats, but is not telling me the root cause.

    Any ideas which app shows the current running processes on the phone?

    To me it seems like it´s a iOS Setting that is corrupt or an app that will work not together with iOS 8.1.4 and higher


  42. Manroy says:

    My phone was working fine before the it sucks. An update is to fix problems and not create new ones. If I have to turn everything off in the phone I would rather change phones. Turn off location?..Why should I, I like it! Turn off Bluetooth? Ridiculous! Turn down Brightness? I cant see anything then! I want my phone the way it worked before the update..why is that so hard?

  43. Mindy says:

    Since after I’ve updated my phone from IOS8 to IOS9, the battery usage and standby are always the same, but of course I didn’t touch my phone every second of the day! And I think it’s running and the battery life drained. Please help

  44. Scott Howell says:

    My iphone 4s does this as well.. HOWEVER, I noticed that when I was out of cell range, it lasted much longer. So my experiment was to try turning call data off while in a cellular area, and it is indeed back to “normal”. The problem is apparently related to the cell data.. I really wish Apple would acknowledge this and resolve it. Oh and another thought, please do not lecture us on how to save battery life! These are well known “fixes”, but the broken thing is not the users, it is the update.

    • Scott Howell says:

      Some testing I have found that has yielded encouraging results:
      After enabling mobile data (NOT 4G and NOT roaming), letting it sit for a few hours, I noticed that the discharge was minimal, so I enabled 4G after a bit, and similarly, minimal discharging occurred.. Currently I am running the final test of enabling Roaming data with 4G enabled to see how quickly it discharges.. so far, that seems to be the culprit, as it seems to be discharging more rapid than previous tests.. 3 or 4 hours will tell the tale.

  45. Marylin says:

    I too have major battery issues since the last iOS update. I’m seriously contemplating on giving up Apple altogether. Their arrogance has always troubled me but to purchase such a rediculously expensive item and to see it deteriorate because you think you can trust such a “professional” company? I wasn’t a big fan of steve jobs but he was a genius and made apple what is “was” but no longer is.

  46. Bongo916 says:

    iPhone 5s with iOS 9.0.2 (up-to-date), will drain itself completely overnight. BT off, location services off, Background App updates off. Only Wifi and cellular on, but the battery drains VERY rapidly. Phone was charged to 100% before leaving for work at 9AM. Now it’s at 31% at 147 PM. Did a hard reset and the problem persists.

    I know how to manage battery life on a smart phone. Those tricks are NOT working this time. The OS update itself has introduced a battery draining problem. The same thing happened for the first several revs of iOS 8, and it’s getting annoying.

    Also, side note, the battery usage, now moved into its own category, has not yet started displaying an app-by-app breakdown. It just says, “keep using your phone for awhile and eventually it will show up.”

  47. Going from iOS 9.01 to 9.02 started some battery drain issues for me. I’m going to give the hard reboot a try. Thanks for the article!

  48. 1 bad apple says:

    I am having the same issue. Did all the same “fixes” aka workarounds and still losing battery life. It is also running very hot bit never did this before either. Arrggghhh. I use mine for work so I can’t go without a phone. Going to have to pull out my old Nokia phone. I never had issues with my Nokia one. Hope this issue is resolved but if not I will stick with my Nokia. Smh Apple.

  49. Laz says:

    I plugged mine in last night and now it is noon and I am down to 20%!! I would go 3-4 days before this update as I am not a heavy user. It is discharging even just sitting there not being used.

    When will we get a new update the corrects this lunatic update, I wonder.

  50. roogirl says:

    Just as everyone else in this thread, I HATE THE NEW IOS 9 UPDATE!!!! I have a 5s and the battery drains consistently like crazy!!! Like a lot of people, my phone is fully 100% charged at night; next morning, it’s between 69% and 73%. Absolutely insane!

    Apple is supposed to be an innovative industry leader for reliance, but they’ve really missed the mark on this one. While every update creates challenges and frustrations, I’ve never experienced anything to this magnitude with previous upgrades.

    I’ve enabled all the fixes. Stopped every notification possible, while keeping only the ones I truly rely on to do my business (email, messages, calendar). Nothing makes a difference! I HATE Apple right now!!!!

  51. Jon says:

    So, basically our device isn’t a “smart device” anymore? “To savor your battery, make it dumb!”

  52. zette says:

    am really fed up
    my battery drops without even using it!
    i did all the suggestions
    thing is before i was fine
    now , last night it was 87%
    in the morning…it was 29%
    (it is an iPad btw)
    i would not have updated if my apps were
    backwards compatible
    it would be bad enough…BUT ios 9
    boasted about improved battery life

    if you have not updated…DO NOT DO IT!
    till they fix it

  53. Scott S says:

    9.02 iPhone 5S that has been wiped and restored after installing iOS 9 – Took it hiking in Yosemite this past weekend (very marginal GSM signal), used it for “Map My Run” to track progress and a few photos. Started at 100% battery, and was under 50% in less than an hour. Even “low power mode” didn’t stop the drain. When it got to under 20% (after about 1.5 hrs), I put it on an external battery to keep it alive for the rest of the hike. All other apps were shut down except camera. Something has definitely changed for the worse with iOS 9.

    • Inpetto says:

      The same pronlem here. After update to ios 9.0.2 battery life of my iPhone 6 totally sucks. Tried to downgrade without success. Ios gets worse with each update. This is definitely my last iPhone.

      • Tesco says:

        The secret is to stop updating iOS on your iPhone. There is basically no reason to update, ever. There are tiny differences which are barely called a feature, then there is huge performance degradation with each new version.

        Planned obsolescence is real. Don’t update your iPhone software.

        • Someone who found says:

          Yep, more and more people slowly realize what they’re doing with their updates: Programming new ways of FORCING you to buy THEIR own brand and forcing you to do so on a regular basis over and over again for no reason… so yes, “planned obsolescence” are the right words.

          Look at what they did in the last few years with the iPhone/iPad USB cables. All their iOS updates seemed to do is make the iPhone realize that the cheap cables you’re buying off China at a FOURTH of Apple’s price are not Apple’s cables, resulting in the iPhone rejecting/disconnecting or unwilling to sync data. And funny enough, the same iPhone downgraded to an earlier iOS version syncs just perfectly with those cheap cables. Pathetic. I’m not for Android and Blackberry lost me years ago with their retarded web browser but man, Apple is losing me too. Technology seems more and more dark with years… What’s left aside from Google, Apple and RIM? FirefoxOS? Is it even worth it?

  54. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much. I was about to throw my ipad mini out the door. I followed all the directions, and now I don’t have to plug the ipad in 3 times a day!

  55. Scott says:

    Ditto.. Need to follow this thread. iPhone 4s, monitoring 9.0.2 update for improvement. Hopeful that it was an indexing issue that was draining the battery.

  56. Adrian says:

    My phone was 100% charged. I turned it off. 4 hours later it’s at 70%. It had no access to wifi, Bluetooth or cell towers and no screen. Before I went to 9.0.2 I could leave it in wifi mode for almost 2 full days. I am as up to date as I can be. 3 updates now. If I go back to 8.4 it will probably screw up how my phone is set up.

  57. Nancy says:

    None of these tips helped for me at all. It’s been several days since I upgraded to iOS 9 and I hate it! Before the upgrade I usually had to charge my phone every other day and now I have to charge it three times a day!

  58. Pete says:

    Installed 9.2 tried to downgrade miss window Of opportunity
    Battery drains out overnight not any use at all.
    Phone 14 months old, Apple dealer will check out phone Apple dealer will check out phone for $50
    Any thoughts

    • dar dear says:

      If the battery problems arrived with iOS 9, changing the battery isn’t going to do anything because it’s a software problem. Try backing up, setting up as new.

  59. KC says:

    Since the iOS 9.01 update, my battery is draining very quickly, even when turned off! I turned my phone off – it was at 54%. When I turned it back on, it was at 21%! How does that even happen? It also takes forever to charge now.

  60. Mike says:

    Phone shuts off at 50% after update?

  61. blobby says:

    my iphone 5s experiencing overnight drain since 8.4.1, tried 9, trying 9.01.. dont have desktop or itunes so must update ota… suspect snake in my sandbox

  62. Jimmer says:

    I started on the beta version of ios9 and assumed the battery issues would be fixed with the official release. No joy. The phone is steaming hot all the time. The battery life is comical. About 3 charges per day and I don’t even use it that much. It’s midday, the phone came off charge at 9am. I have 18% battery and I’ve been in meetings all morning. All location services are restricted or off, background refresh is almost all off, iPhone 6 which had amazing life on 8.4 is now unusable despite about 20 reports to Apple. Terrible, terrible software. Wish I hadn’t done it!

  63. Hannah says:

    I don’t even use my iPhone 4S as a cell phone anymore I just updated it and use it for games now since I have a new phone. It seemed fine after updating to ios9 until tonight when I tried to turn it on and knew it was fully charged when I left this morning and now it’s completely dead and doesn’t seem to be charging much at all though it’s been plugged in for the last 20 minutes. Ice had similar issues in the passed when I switched from the 3GS to the 4S and I don’t understand why these iPhones seem to die faster once they aren’t regularly used.

  64. Bex says:

    I am having the same problem as all y’all on my ipad mini(1). My iphone 6 is the same/better but my ipad has literally been dying faster than my old iphone did. I only use my ipad for watching Hulu videos and facebook at night and in the morning. I used to be able to go almost a week without having to charge (19 hours of usage time) but now im down to 1. This morning I put it on airplane mode at 59% battery and came home to a dead ipad. I am so frustrated! in the last 24 hours 75% of the battery went to home and lock screen, what is that and how can i cut that down? I just dont know what else to do besides downgrade.

  65. chris says:

    every since i updated to ios 9, i don’t know when my ipod is finished charging? no matter how long i leave it, it still says “battery charging” and the small part of the battery diagram is halfway full, however it never fills up. because of this, i left my ipod charging and since then my battery has been going down faster. anyone know how i can fix the “battery charging” bug?

  66. Mark says:

    same here with my 5s, battery draining to fast tried resetting and setting up as new device after ios 9 update but still same issue, i guess ill go back to 8.4 until apple address the issue

  67. Carlo says:

    Update to IOS9.1. Your problem about the battery life resolve dramatically.

    • Mya says:

      My phone isn’t offering IOS9.1. What Can I do?

    • Doug says:

      Shoot! I upgraded to iOS 9.0.1 and still get the battery drain, always warm, orientation locked issues. I even got apple chat to help out but no success. Restores as new and everything but nothing. They claimed firmware problem.
      I will wait for Apple’s official position on this issues since loads alf people are having! Hope they do something, we pay a higher price to avoid this kind of thing.

      Wish all with this problem good luck!


  68. Laura says:

    Agree. 5s and battery draining like mad. Done all the fixes. Makes no difference

  69. Mick Day says:

    I’ve got a 5s which I put iOS 9 on. Battery life dreadful, despite turning down/off what I could. Backed up the phone on iTunes, set up as new phone then restored from backup. Seems to have done the trick! BUT you’d think the clever bods at Apple would have checked for all issues before they released the update

  70. Doug says:

    Hi guys! Same here! I have an Iphone 5S.
    After installing the iOS9 my battery literally jumps from 100% to 94% than to 87% in a couple of minutes. it is ridiculous!
    I have tried all the suggestion above an even restored to iOS 8.4.1 but the battery problem persisted! haha! Insane.

    Does Apple relied anything about this issue? It’s almost like they “want” us to buy a new one.


    • Mya says:

      I’m having the same problem and its driving me crazy. I really truly don’t know what to do, not only that when my phone dies it won’t cut on for an hour but it vibrates every three seconds as if it was going to come on.

      • Camilla says:

        I am having the exact same problem as you guys, I don’t even need to touch my phone for it to slowly start dying. Have either of you found a way to fix it?

        • Asafa says:

          This is ridiculous, I really thought it was just my iPhone. but come on apple. I even purchased and installed a brand new battery… still the same problem, this is my worst iPhone battery drain experience. Apple needs to do something asap, I don’t think that anyone can enjoy their iPhone while this issues persist.

          • Chris says:

            I have iPhone 5 and have same ridiculous battery drain problem after “upgrading” to iOS9. I had new battery installed and still have problem. I have reset phone and have 4 apps installed. It is now a nickle short of being a dumb phone and lasts less than 4 hours. I have taken to Apple store and it was tested, the batter is perfect. It is just iOS9 that sucks battery dry. The genious bar final answer was sorry there is nothing we can do. I called Apple support as well and asked if my phone can be “downgraded” back to iOS8 and was informed there is no way. My final ask was for a message to be passed on that a fix is needed. The user experience under iOS9 is disapointing at best. I suggest that eveyone with this problem call. Based on the response today from Apple Store and Apple Support, they know they have a problem. What is needed is proper motivation to fix it.
            For US Support Call 1-800-275-2273

          • The Truth says:

            Spotlight is more powerful than ever, and thus after updating your device needs to re-index itself in a more complex way than before. It should wear off after a few days.

    • Fernando says:

      The same problem since i update to iOS 9!! :(
      Mismo problema desde que actualicé a iOS 9. Es increíble
      Cheers from Spain.

    • June says:

      I called AppleCare and they said if you have a battery that was getting old, that the update would make the problem worse. They told me I need a new battery for my iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately for me the iPad is over a year and not covered. The phone however is. So you may want to call apple and try for a free battery. Good luck

  71. Rob says:

    Hey there, don’t know if someone has a similar problem. However, I have an iphone 5 with ios 9 and I can count my battery down. I will plug it to 100, then watch as it sits on the home screen and quickly drops from 100 to 90, to 80 etc etc. I have turned everything off, deleted and readded my emails. I’m stuck. I have even tried having it on airplane mode and something is still draining the batt. This was fine two days ago after installing ios9, since then all I have done is add an album and restored/backed up etc. Any help would be appreciated!

    • DJ Shave says:

      My iPad did that overnight … plugged in to the charger as normal, found it dead this am

    • sabiha says:

      exact thing happened to me, i recently found out no charger works for my iphone 5c so i purchased a fake charger off ebay and since then when i check my battery usage it says 84% gone on my lock and home screen. I have no idea what to do now. and the fake charger actually charges my phone

  72. DAG says:

    Try going to general, select auto lock and make sure it’s on 2mins.

  73. M says:

    My iPod touch battery drains overnight. I’ve done all of the suggested things to minimize that since I’ve had the device. This started after I upgraded to ios9.

    • Camilla says:

      My iPhone is the same, I went to sleep with 100% charge woke up with 12% and that was even with power save mode switched on, have you found out how to resolve your problem or is it still happening?

      • Maroua says:

        same here after i’ve updated to IOS 9.1 in my iphone 5C the battery drains like crazy i’ve tried all this but nothing would work

      • June says:

        I have an iPad and and iPhone 6s. They were both working fine until the update. Now the battery goes down from 100% to 0 in about 30 mins on my iPad. It takes a little longer on my phone. I have tried everything and it isn’t helping

  74. JWS says:

    Four days after 9.0 upgrade, battery life continues to be loopy. “Battery Life Suggestions” states that in the last 24 hours 81% of Battery Usage has been used for “Home & Lock Screen”. Another 13% “Settings” The remaining 6 % normal usage.

    Having tried all the suggested fixes to no avail, I guess I’ll have to down-grade.

  75. Eustace P. Spamrecipient says:

    turn off dynamic wallpaper. sluggish multi-tasking solved.

  76. Wharf Xanadu says:

    My solution was to get a new iPhone. Lol!

  77. InTheory says:

    One missed bit of advice is to fully discharge the phone occasionally, and especially after an update, and then let it charge to 100%. This allows the internal battery monitoring circuitry to recalibrate.

    To the paranoid: fully discharging LiIon batteries will damage them BUT any even remotely competent company will have circuitry in place to prevent overcharging and overdischarging in order to prevent problems. Discharging an iPhone until it shuts down simply cuts the voltage to the phone before it gets low enough to cause damage. It’s perfectly safe.

  78. Sam Axe says:

    iOS 9 on my iPhone 6 is causing battery drain, sluggish.. Message / iMessage slow .. Bouncing back read sms… Attaching picture from album shuts down. No Bueno… Other minor things … Hope fix soon .. Wifi to LTE vice verse causing lag.

  79. not overly impressed says:

    We are looking at this all wrong – my battery life didn’t just decrease – time has simply dilated after the update. Apple said our batteries are lasting longer. The update makes us more productive. Therefor time in the universe has stretched. Like hovering over a black hole.

  80. Rich says:

    Bluetooth drains battery life faster as well. If you never or rarely use it, you wouldn’t think to check, but it’s worth a look to see whether it was turned on by default after your update.

    Though I usually keep it turned off, my Bluetooth has been inexplicably turned on after most updates. Whether by intentional Apple policy or accidental by-product of updating, at least this was true for me for every iOS 7 & 8 release, except the recent 8.4.1 — not sure about iOS 9 yet.

  81. AndroidSsie says:

    It seams you treat people stupid. This is SMART phone. Before update was ok so after update must be ok. Dissabling features is not a solution. Its like turning phone off

    • Paul says:

      Many users are unaware that certain iOS features cause battery usage, like screen brightness, GPS, or background application activity. This has nothing to do with intellect.

      I assure you that turning down screen brightness and disabling some unused features can actually improve the battery life of an iPhone or iPad, that’s an observable fact. It does not turn off the phone, that would defeat the purpose.

      • Miguel says:

        this is not a “solution” to iOS9’s “battery draining” anything. This is the same stop gap foolishness that’s published for every update that “slows down a phone” or “drains it’s battery”. By this logic every iOS upgrade, or any OS upgrade for any phone for that matter, will see performance benefits from applying these blanket “solutions”. Just about guarantees you an article with a misleading headline so I guess that’s good. I guess just don’t headline something like this as a SOLUTION for iOS9. It’s a general means for conserving power on mobile devices that’s NON-SPECIFIC to any OS release.

        “Solution to cool new car burning too much gas…..don’t stand so hard on the accelerator”

        • Om says:

          Well, Carlos, I tried the tips and it worked for me, my battery is better now. So to me, this is the solution to battery life issues with iOS 9. Sometimes you can set it up as a brand new device, that can help too, but then you won’t have any of your stuff.

          If you know of another method of preserving battery life on the iPhone, or a solution other than buying a new iPhone, do share with us! I have an iPhone 6S coming later in the week.

          • Sean says:

            That’s not the point! NONE of these are solutions to iOS 9 battery drain. They are general solutions to any iOS version battery drain. If you upgrade and do all the same things you were doing on iOS 8, you should be seeing a drain. And if you do these suggestions, you may make the battery last longer, but it isn’t solving the problem of drain on iOS 9, since all those things would have worked on iOS 8. I do the same things on iOS 9 that I do on iOS 8. Why is the battery draining faster. That’s what I want to know. These solutions have nothing to do with iOS 9.

        • Ron says:

          Miguel is right.

          Why do we put up with these “improvements” to iOS when in fact it is just using too much energy? Of course you can save energy by turning of a bunch of stuff but that’s not why we have such a phone. Every update of iOS up until now has created deterioration of battery life. It is just badly written code!

          I was, am, and for the foreseeable future will be an Apple fan but every now and then long back to the old days when my Nokia 6310 ran for a week. I used it to voice call and text all day and it still only needed to be charged every Sunday night.

          • derf says:

            Yes, and that’s about all that the Nokia did at that time. Turn everything off on the iPhone except texting and calling and see how long the battery lasts ..

    • Rich says:

      Many of us selected our settings once, a long time ago, and can forget what we’ve done. Or maybe we’ve forgotten where Apple locates a setting within its category scheme, or the name of the setting doesn’t intuitively explain its function. Simple tech checklists like this can be helpful, even to rocket scientists, who don’t fiddle with their settings repeatedly or regularly.

  82. mediabob says:

    Closing the cover on my iPad mini no longer locks the display – it’s always on.

    • Paul says:

      The iPad cover closing setting probably changed, sometimes updating iOS can cause a settings change without user input, which can be pretty frustrating and cause some confusion.

      Go to Settings > General > is Cover Lock / Unlock to the ON position

      That should fix the iPad display turning off and on when the Smart Cover is used.

  83. UglyStuff says:

    Battery life seems a bit better when upgrading from iOS 9.0 to iOS 9.1, too.

    I need to plug my phone about every other day, now, sometimes after three days, but then, I’m not exactly a power user.

    • millie says:

      I totally agree, not until I upgrade my iphone to ios 10 and downgrade it to ios 9.3.5, then I realized the abnormal battery draining. really frustrating. Should I have not upgrade my phone at all and remain my ios 9.1, my iphone run perfectly.

  84. ojo says:

    Low Power Mode is good for saving battery too

    but I found that a hard reboot after 36 hours was enough to resolve my battery issues on iPhone 6 with iOS 9

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