Get Android Marshmallow Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, Mac, & PC

Oct 25, 2015 - 9 Comments

Android Marshmallow wallpapers

While Apple routinely picks great wallpapers for iOS and OS X, so does Google with Android, and the wallpapers bundled with the Android Marshmallow release look really great on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows too.

From the Grand Canyon, the Great Pyramid of Giza, coral reefs, to multiple satellite shots of landscapes, the wallpapers look really nice on every device.

Each wallpaper is 2688 × 2560 resolution. You can get the Android Marshmallow wallpapers below by clicking on any of the thumbnails to open in a larger view hosted on SlashGear, or you can download the entire Android Marshmallow wallpaper collection as a zip archive. Enjoy!

The Grand Canyon

Pyramid of Giza

Coral reef

Satellite of river through dry landscape

Satellite of barrier reef

Satellite of a dry coastline

Satellite of dry coastal farmland

If you’d rather download the entire wallpaper pack as a zip file, you can do that through this Mediafire link via BGR, the complete pack includes some more abstract wallpapers as well with shapes and designs: Download the zip here.

If these aren’t cutting your mustard, check out more wallpaper posts here to find something more in line with your tastes.


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  1. MacMoron says:

    I thought it’s OS X daily website. I don’t want Android Wallpapers here. What’s next? How to install Android to iPhone??

    This is really freaking me out that nowadays Mac blogs write more about Android copy-cat craps, instead figure out how to find good OS X tips.

    FU, owner. Really.

    • Paul says:

      Sometimes we share wallpapers, and sometimes we cover tips and how to do things with Android since some Mac users have Android phones too.

      You don’t need to read the posts you don’t find interesting.

    • Mustrashh says:

      How old are you? 10? Wallpaper is a wallpaper. Nothing more, nothing less. Either enjoy them like normal people do, otherwise continue on. Like normal people do.

      Author, thx for these wonderful wallpapers.

      • MoronMac says:

        Wait, what? Android copy-cat craps? I believe it’s the other way around. Apple copy-cat.

        Gotta admit though, Apple has better implementations but Linux and Windows had the ideas years before.

  2. well, no thanks… I’ll stay with the amazing ones from Apple :)

  3. John Robinson says:

    The Grand Canyon shot has a huge color cast. Maybe they thought it was artsy.

    • Joe Ojon says:

      What do you mean? The colors of the Grand Canyon change depending on how the light hits, time of day, weather, etc. This looks like it’s mid-day in the summer, it would be very hot, and it’s definitely a very desert landscape of browns and reds. It’s a beautiful place, amazing scenery that is incomparable to anything in the world, I would highly recommend a visit!

      • John Robinson says:

        Gray is this shot isn’t gray it’s yellow gray. Take the yellow out of the gray and you get the natural colors.

  4. Wharf Xanadu says:

    Thanks using the satellite shots on iPhone 6 Plus looks good. I like the ones from nexus too.

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