iOS 9.2.1 Beta 2 Released for Testing

Jan 4, 2016 - 11 Comments

Wow iOS 9.2.1 beta 2 incredible

Apple has released a fresh second beta version of iOS 9.2.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The new build arrives as 13D14 and is available now for users participating in the developer beta and public beta programs.

Those who would like to install iOS 9.2.1 beta 2 can do so through the software update mechanism on their compatible devices running the prior iOS 9.2.1 beta.

If you’re not currently running a beta build but would like to try it out, any user can enroll to participate int he iOS Public Beta program, though it’s not particularly recommended as beta software is notoriously more problematic than stable releases. Additionally, users in the Apple developer program can find the appropriate versions for their device on the Apple iOS Developer Center website. Always back up a device before attempting to install beta software on it, and ideally do not install beta system software onto a primary device as it may become less reliable.

No specific features or changes are expected in iOS 9.2.1, suggesting the release will primarily focus on bug fixes and improvements to the mobile operating system.


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  1. Sean says:

    I love the auto spelling feature of this Mini 4. : /

  2. Sean says:

    Download iRefesh Por from the App Store. With iPad Mini 4 64gb model, and iOS 9.2.1, this app shows I’m using 1.2gb – 1.3gb RAM (memory) in use with no apps open but the iRefresh Pro.
    The App shows I have 1.9 go RAM total.
    So, if I’m viewing The Verge,, and this website typing this review. The app is showing me 1.9gb RAM used.
    If I do anything else, (normally on a PC, you ‘borrow’ the hard drive) I will start to use the hard drive ad RAM (memory).
    This will cause the system to display errors, glitches, slowing and crashes.
    Switching back and forth from this Safari to the app, to this Safari ( this webpage) I noticed landscape mode won’t fix itself.
    I am going to be refunding the iPad Mini 4 and going to Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Or I will wait. Apple is burying your tablet as one comment said.
    I am tired of Apple, this tablet is 21 days old. ( I have until the 30 to refund)
    Apple is making there operating system use to much RAM to be able to use.
    My advice, if you can, refund anything Apple. Never upgrade your iOS past a certain point. I thought 9 would be that point since the iPad Mini 4 came with 9.0. ( well, mine did ). /shrug.
    I didn’t get the air 2 because of the speaker vibration. Google it.
    The air / air 2 is to big for me. I don’t understand the direction Apple is going. Making everyone have a PRO? Because of the RAM the pro has.
    It is all in the operating system, some iPad Mini 2 are working fantastically. I don’t know why this Mini 4 is using 1.2gb RAM sitting doing nothing, and a LOT of features and settings turned off.
    I don’t know if the app is correct, but it totally makes sense when I have errors I run the app and I’m maxed RAM.

    • Sean says:

      Oh, one more thing… Apple Support Forums has no one from Apple viewing, just owners of Apple products. It is only a place to share your complaints, no official resolution offered from Apple in there forums located from there website. :)
      “Apple Support Forums” <– that's funny.
      And most of the time, complaining there will have a mod delete your post. Useless.
      So you are directed to phone support where the only thing they can do is read your diagnostic reports created from your device, or go to the Apple Store where you have to turn on WiFi and join there SHARED WiFi to send a diagnostic report to there system. Then tell you there is nothing wrong.

      Once my Mother bought an iPhone, set it up in the Apple Store, walked to her car, had an intrusion text sent to her. In the end Apple said it was a hack and it was when an iOS update was pulled within 1 hr? iOS 8 maybe? But ya, in the mall someone hacked her phone either in the Apple Store or walking out the mall past people.
      Never connect to Apple WiFi. Die rather connect to Mc Donald's lol. Seriously.
      I think the government needs to create programs to help people open businesses in USA to allow competitors be in the business and govern it! Apple needs to kick rocks.
      I have experienced 6/8 warped iPads this blackfriday. Keyboard click sound issues when typing in your WiFi info. ( a hard password needs you to pause to look if you got it all correct, this 3-6 second pause between hitting the next key causes a dud sound ).
      Apple is clearly falling. I feel sorry for the PRO owners, because the next Air 3 will probably be more desired due to stats, screen, and weight. It is the way Apple IS. They have a way to diminish the value of your device and make you want the next device. This is getting old.

  3. UglyStuff says:

    Just updated.

    This build still doesn’t address the issue where setting your (iPhone 6, in my case) screen to go to sleep after one minute will only get you 30 seconds of light (measured via the “time cat” command in Terminal), more or less, when setting it to 2 minutes will give you one minute, three minutes will get you two, etc…

    Something’s wrong here, but my numerous attempts to get Apple to look into it haven’t received any response, so far…

    • Crock says:

      You should file a bug report to Apple about this. They will send it directly to /dev/null with the rest of them, never to be looked at. iOS is a real treasure!

      I used to submit multiple bug reports per day. Not a single one of them has ever been fixed, even from several years ago. Sometimes I would submit the exact same bug report, with detailed steps and screen shots on how to reproduce it, and low and behold, the bugs still exist. Even simple stupid bugs like overlapping text in the Settings app of iOS, which have been around since iOS 7 beta 1 and still exist now in iOS 9.2.1 beta, LOL! Apple doesn’t care, just buy a new iPhone and pad their $175 billion cash pile hidden overseas through a million loopholes to avoid paying US taxes.

      Apple doesn’t care, the public beta is a feel good measure. Like a placebo, you’re making a difference, we swear! Keep submitting those placebo bug reports into the void!

      • Darth Tardo says:

        Normally I would deride you for being a troll, spewing negativity with no intent to offer aid or solve a problem, but I have to side with you on this one.

        I’ve never been a fan nor a hater of any company, be it Apple, Microsoft, Intel, etc. I used to pay to be in the developer programs for both Microsoft and Apple years ago when I wrote software. And like you, I used to religiously document and submit bug reports to both companies when I found them, and tried to provide as much detailed information as I could regarding how to reproduce it, etc. Neither company ever made an acknowledgement that they received a report when they were submitted, whether my submission was indeed a bug or some other issue, and nothing I submitted ever appeared to be addressed or fixed. Ever. So I stopped submitting reports.

        But it scares me how the OS upgrade pace has sped up to basically annually. The hardware too. That’s just too fast to develop a rock-solid stable device with a perfect marriage between hardware and software. Remember those days, Apple?

    • Hyde says:

      wow – I never noticed that sleep bug! I always thought my 2 minute setting seemed kinda fast. now I have to set it to 4 mins to get it to turn off in 2.


  4. Ted says:

    …and yet another release closer for planned obsolescence…

    • Michael Staley says:

      Yes, nice to see some optimism and positivity. Never mind that I have had an iPad 3 for several years now and can see no sign of “planned obsolescence”. When the time comes that the iPad can no longer upgrade, I’ll simply stick to the iOS I have.

      If you have such a low opinion of Apple, why don’t you move away from them?

      • UglyStuff says:

        I’m posting this reply from a 2006 MacBook Pro that still works like a charm…

        (Of course, it’s gone to the shop a couple times, and I’ve installed an SSD on it a couple years back)

        The only things I’ll blame Apple for:

        – Not making RAM upgrade possible on this machine (it has a 32-bit-only 1.83GHz CPU), so I’m already maxxed out at 2Gb;
        – Not developing 32-bit-compatible versions of OS X since the first Lion beta, so I’m stuck with Snow Leopard til this machine dies on me (the later, the better).

        • Darth Tardo says:

          Unless I am mistaken, 32-bit processors can theoretically address up to 3.98 GB of RAM. If a computer’s upgrade ability is limited to less than that, then it is due to the manufacturer’s build design and not the CPU itself.

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