iOS 9.3 Beta 1 Released for Testing with Night Shift, Password Protected Notes, Multi-user Edu Logins

Jan 11, 2016 - 15 Comments

iOS 9.3

Apple has released the first beta version of iOS 9.3 to users participating in the developer program, the build arrives as 13E5181d and can be installed on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch compatible with iOS 9.

For a point release, iOS 9.3 looks to be fairly feature rich, with the inclusion of various new features and abilities including a night-time lighting mode called Night Shift (which sounds a lot like Flux), password and Touch ID protection with Notes app, and new abilities within Health app, News app, and CarPlay. Several new 3D Touch shortcuts are also added to the home screen of devices with iOS 9.3. Additionally, apparently limited to education users, there will be support for multi-users on single devices.

With a variety of new features and changes introduced to the beta of iOS 9.3, Apple has even created a iOS 9.3 preview page for all users, and a special Education Preview page for those who work with iOS devices in educational environments. Both are worth browsing through if you’re interested in what’s coming up for iOS.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.10.52 AM

Note the iOS 9.3 beta 1 release is aside from iOS 9.2.1 betas that are already out there.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.23.02 AM

Separately, Apple has also released first beta versions of WatchOS 2.2, tvOS 9.2, and OS X 10.11.4, though each of those updates are less feature rich than iOS 9.3, they appear to be required for compatibility purposes with iOS 9.3 devices.


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  1. Jon says:

    What happens with the note on OS X if you password protect it in iOS? Will this be a feature in OS X aswell?

  2. UglyStuff says:

    Upgraded this afternoon, and so far so good, though it feels that the UI is not as responsive as it was with the latest 9.2.x beta I had running prior to that.

    As for Bluetooth issues, they have been around since the advent of iOS 8, so I don’t think they’ll be solved anytime soon…

    I had this problem with my BT headset, and I discovered all I had to do to pair it with my iPhone 6 was to keep the pairing button down for about five seconds before pairing was done.

    • Double Doubt says:

      It’s iOS, has there ever been a time where Apple released a new version of iOS that INCREASED speed or performance? Never. Literally never. Every iOS update decreases performance. But you’re in luck, iPhone 7 will be out this year for just $800 before tax! What a coincidence!

  3. Bill_From_Midd_RI says:

    You can always tell, just by _obvious_ ignorant comments, there are still those who think _they_ are “the” only ones who participates in the Apple echo-system – and that Apple, out of the (I’d guess) hundreds of thousands of emails/requests/etc…submitted to them every single day that THEIR issues are the (_only_) ones to be addressed, and not only addressed, but addressed the second Apple receives them.

    Programmers, get off your treadmills and get to work on BugMaster’s and Johnny’s issues before you go home tonight. Just call the spouse, son/daughter, tell ’em you got a “report” from MisterBugTosh and Johnny and that you _have_ to have their issue(s) fixed before you’ll be at the dinner table.

    Lest we forget that Apple is supposed to be monitoring _ALL_, each and EVERY forum specific to the Apple end-users on the ENTIRE “Net” for those who need _their_ issues tended to, and tended to FIRST!

    RE: Password protected notes?

    Security? How can Apple POSSIBLY be tending to security issues, on NOTES no-less, while Jonny, The FartMan, and Buggy all have problems! Perhaps introducing what’s known as “Apple-Care” could be of some interest. When “issues” come-about, as hard as it is to believe, Apple has _people_, yup REAL humans and not FartMan’s answering machine taking the calls? To be honest, even withOUT “Apple Care” paid for, Apple on _MANY_ occasions still tends to their customer’s questions _when_ called and a “real” name is used when asking for help. Yup, that too demonstrates they actually own (and paid PLENTY for) their Apple equipment. I’m confident Apple realizes their products are _NOT_ priced for the faint-at-heart.

    If my phone is locked – I’d sure like to realize the importance/significance of (yet) locking the notes on my phone. (ehem and in jest) Apple, I sent you a note last week asking you to fix an issue, and you mean you’ve not gotten to IT, yet? Well contrary to others beliefs, I feel you can START with my reports I submitted, first. You can’t POSSIBLY take the word from “The Man Called Fart!”

    …yeah, and I’m sure the folks at Apple are likely going to drop everything they’re working on, when reviewing EVERY “Apple-Related-Forum” and noted my request.

    Whoops, I’ll bet I password protected the notes I sent and I neglected to send the password? Seems a little bit of a “feature” that could be put on the shelf until you address “Bugintosh’s” issues FIRST! After all, just take a look at the comment(s) above – not only typed with politeness or used ANY courtesy in the requests/comments, but addressed it with a real name incase you DO care to see what his/her issues could be and get THOSE fixed right-away.

    Then there’s Mr Farts and does so inside a can of beans. Likely another FaceFools user – who assumes Apple is searching FaceFools sites for his (or her) issues so they can tend to THOSE first. After all, all you need to do is be looking out for emails coming from Mr (or Miss) Bugintosh and/or someone who prefers to be addressed as being a (excuse me) fart from a can of beans. Can’t you tell they’re serious?

    Wait(!), Nope, can’t do that either, I’m not certain if that’s their “real” names (grin) – so Apple, don’t bother looking for anything from “Bugintosh” or “Mr Fart” – they _COULD_ be fake names instead of his/her real one.

    Talk about laughing out loud … can’t help it. But that request to “start with the reports he/she filed” first(!) will probably need, at the VERY least, a “real” name. Perhaps I’m living in the Redmond side of town where you’re NOW tracked of every-bit of usage and connectivity – inside their OS. Referring to a “10” OS. (Yes, Yes, Yes, I know you can turn (most of) that off! Then again, I use a/my “real” name and hide nowhere behind wanting to be referred to as a fart. Lets face it – that OS has ZERO issues and IS 100% “issue-free!” Apple could learn something from them. (Couldn’t resist.)

    RE: “Full OF Bugs”

    During the ENTIRE time since I changed to the Apple Eco-System, (I can’t even recall how many years it’s been) have I NOT had _ONE_ issue – I’m including the beta OS/iOS software that I am part of testing, as well.

    Whoops, wait a second I think I recall ONE I forgot to mention….now what year was that? – Incidentally, “that issue” was fixed when the “release/stable” version of the OS was available for download versus my running ‘beta.’

    Advice: Stop clicking on URLs/Links you wouldn’t want your Grandma clicking on then perhaps there _may_ not be “so many bugs” you’re running into. _IF_ there truly are ‘that many.’

    Better yet, leave those tweaking habits back on your Redmond OS machine and leave your iOS/OSX operating system ALONE. For some, it’s difficult to realize if you leave things alone, then those too may have the same winning experience and incredibly reliable OS’ running on their hardware.

    You’ll get a VERY BIG gum-ball _AND_ lollipop if you can discipline yourself to do that. But if you’re still “trusting” the Redmond team, you’ll _never_ break those very, very bad habits.

    Check this out: OS-X is a “real” OS, perhaps may take some getting used to….or, load “XP” using VMWare, you’ll still be able to have access to bad-habits (tweak this, tweak that, et, al, nauseous _AND_ still have an extremely reliable OS at the SAME TIME!

    In my opinion, Apple is _still_ doing everything right! Even though some may THINK the previous CEO (RIP, Steve!) was “the” one who was actually doing the programming for OSX and it’s gone down-hill ever since. (Not!)

    Those of the *nix influence (or that’s their real names above, too and was named after the infamous Mr LinuxPro!) OS-X _IS_, quite simply, Darwin Unix! Don’t take MY word for it: Drop to a prompt and use the uname minus ‘a’ parameter. Are/Were you even aware it’s nothing less, and merely a face-lift on the GUI and with quite the number of improvements and enhancements. The reliability (of Darwin Unix) is indeed STILL left-over in the underlying code of OSX. Can’t make that comment without sharing the Fr**BSD had something to do with Darwin, as well.

    Apple, KEEP IT UP! I’m one of “those” who’s actually getting some serious productivity out of my “Apple experiences.” I forget how many Apple devices I own, but not ONE of them has/had/is giving me ANY issues. Not a score of 100% perfect, but it’s up there…


    • Linuxpro says:

      I never goto questionable web sites. I do not view porn, or download movies. I live in Singapore. Doing illegal stuff on the internet is taken seriously here, unlike back in LA.

      I dislike game center, iMessage, facetime, and call continuity. Does Apple let us opt in? No we have to actively opt out, or better yet goto the command line and remove the apps.

      I am colorblind. I have difficulty with blue and green.They look the same when viewing 2D objects. I never knew I was using iMessage on my iphone until my messages did not reach other people, then I read about it in the press. But, that is another story anout Apples failure to just let people opt in rather than forcing them to opt out.

      My macbook is 11 months old. It came with Yosemite 10.11.2. From day one it failed to connect WiFi, and bluetooth was marginal. Version 10.11.5 seemed to have fixed that.

      Some update along the way, broke Microsoft office 365. Later office was fixed, but photoshop broke, and so did VM ware. It seems that every security update breaks apps.

      I experienced the dreaded “update loop” where the same apps updated daily. Every time I asked about the problem online, nobody posted an answer. If I asked in person they just looked at the floor as though I had told them someone died. So is it a problem nobody talks about? The only answer is to wipe the hard drive, and re-install OS-X! That is the universal fix!

      So how did I fix this? I disabled, and manually removed the binaries so that spotlight is dead. Then I removed all the index files. Haha, no more update loop. I can just update apps manually, but I use Linux most of the time and seldom use OS-X, so I really do not care if the apps fail to update.

      I do not feel motivated to upate to El Capitan. New features are mot important. Bug fixes are.

      Oh, and why would I want to develop Apple applications? They will just break every six months. I have apps I write ten years ago that still run under Linux. I have MS Dos apps I wrote 20 years ago that still work.

      Ok, that is enough typing on my phone. My finger is getting numb.

  4. tvogue says:

    What about fixing the bugs in iOS 9, that prevent iPhones(5&6) from linking to cordless phone systems via Bluetooth?

  5. Little Johnny says:

    I got a pack of bubble gum today.

  6. The more I know says:

    Password protected notes are long overdue, looking forward to that one.

    I hope multi-use access comes to all users too and is not limited to schools.

  7. Linuxopro says:

    It is always more important to add features rather than fix bugs.

    • iOS X Bugintosh says:

      iOS is so full of bugs it’s beyond the point of repair, OS X is quickly getting there too. Resembling Windows more and more by the day. Each new release pushes Applesoft iOSdows into oblivion. Oh Apple, consider spending some of your riches on a good size testing team that is skilled. If you read any of the darn reports I filed you’d have somewhere to start!


      • Sebby says:

        Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it only looks that way because OS X is already there and is now simply being neglected, where iOS got all the new features. I daresay people are willing to forgive when it’s under active development.

  8. Wharf Xanadu says:

    All apple software is beta

  9. Bean Farter says:

    Awesome sauce.

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