Check iCloud Email from a Windows PC or Anywhere via Web

Jun 27, 2016 - 20 Comments

Check iCloud Mail from Anywhere

Many Apple users don’t know this, but you can access your email address from anywhere. That means you can read, write, forward, and save drafts of any iCloud emails, and it’s all done through the web. The great thing about this approach is that allows a user to check and use email without requiring a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, since the web based client is accessible from any device on any operating system, a Windows PC or Android device included.

The only thing checking iCloud Email remotely requires is a somewhat modern web browser, which can be running on basically any operating system. Aside from that, as long as you created an email account at some point in time with the associated Apple ID, it will be available to access and use from just about anywhere.

How to Access Email from PC, Android, or Anywhere via the Web

  1. From any web browser, go to and log in with the Apple ID / iCloud email
  2. Go to iCloud dot com

  3. Click on the “Mail” icon once logged in
  4. Go to iCloud web mail

  5. iCloud Mail will load, offering full access to the iCloud email account including the inbox, drafts, sent, archives, Trash, junk mail, VIP lists, and any other mail folders
  6. iCloud mail on web

The iCloud Mail web client is full featured, you can send, reply, forward, trash, flag, archive, and compose new email messages directly from the Mail website.

Composing email in iCloud web mail

Because iCloud Mail is connected to your Apple ID, you’ll even have full access to your contacts list and address book, with auto-complete and everything.

This is really useful for many reasons, particularly if you’re away from your iOS devices or Mac but you still want to check your iCloud email, but it’s also very helpful because it’s the only way to check iCloud email from a PC, whether that PC is running Windows or Linux, or something else.

Do keep in mind if you have two-factor authentication setup for Apple ID you’ll need to verify each iCloud login from a new web browser as a security measure.

As you’re likely discovering, the website is impressively full featured, with complete access to email, contacts, notes, reminders, calendar, iCloud Photos (and the only way to download photos from iCloud directly on a PC too), documents saved in iCloud, and even Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps that run within a web browser. The web based services are just undeniably useful, give them a look.


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  1. Bartholemew Jr. says:

    Many Apple users don’t realise this…. ??????????? .. the clue is in the name buddy, it’s a website, so it’s web based… we’ve all understood how websites work for some time lol

    • Paul says:

      Glad we could help you learn about using on the web Bartholemew, enjoy checking your iCloud email from the web with this method. Cheers.

  2. Vaggelis Moustakas says:

    My Apple ID is locked , and I try to unlock with email but i cannot receive the instructions, also i don’t remember the answers of questions , i signed up before 5 years.. any idea ?

  3. Jimmy barnsmith says:

    You only need to remember 2 of the 3 questions. Shouldnt be hard if you in fact own the account. I set up a icloud 6 years ago under a fake name and just called apple to unlock it. Of course eventho i didnt remember the name I used i remeber the answers because I did set up the account. IRONIC HUH

  4. Appearance says:

    my Apple id is blocked n i forgot the answers to security questions and icloud account is locked help!

  5. NikkiDee says:

    I’ve got a solution for all the problems listed here….#1-get on the phone with Apple, #2-stay on hold anywhere from 1-8 hrs, #3-reset ur password or whatever u have 2 do 2 get ur info, #4-save all this info to Dropbox (if u don’t already have 1 of these u should set it up prior to or during step #2~these accts r handy 2 have anyway), #5-just go ahead & send everything to dropbox…. {contacts, pics, important emails, passwords, etc}, #6-delete icloud, #7-sell ur iphone, #8-get an Android or ANY other kind of phone, #9-never look back!!

  6. nubwaxer says:

    thanks, my icloud on windows 7 PC has photos or email.

  7. John says:

    I am trying to link my iCloud email to my Samsung phone it was one there then my phone did an update and now it’s gone I have went on to and change my password I’ve waited the three days and still I cannot get the email to link to my phone can anybody please help

  8. Mahammad says:


  9. Dixie says:

    I’m having the exact same issue…. it sends the rescue email to my iCloud email account, which happens to also be my AppleID! I’m not able to reset my password because I cannot remember the answers to my security questions. HELP! Is there not another way to reset the password?

  10. Oladunjoye Adebayo says:

    Please, I used an iCloud email for my Apple ID. Since the Apple ID was blocked, I’ve stopped receiving emails on the iCloud mail, and I need the mail to reset my password. So please does anyone know how to access just the iCloud mail alone?

    • Margaret says:

      i have been locked out of my apple id, icloud for emails and games. Sucks when you forget the answers. I have fibromyalgia and have short term memory or brain fog a lot. I totally dont remember my answer to questions it should give you option to send to different email adress would help. sucks i locked out my ipad for couple months this is lame. i even wrote down all the passwords i do rmemeber only because saved it on my laptop. i found my gmail account looking for dam icloud i want my ipad back and running. didnt pay loads money to be locked out. im upset this frustrates me. bad enough my brain fog happens way to often now

  11. Davinia Barlow says:

    I would like to thank you for not believing in me you turn my I phone off can’t get emails as that went straight to my phone I have a new phone know and guess what I can get my emails to set up my new iPhone so I will have to send it back thanks for all your help not I am totally Disgusted with your company’s if you wish to phone me at my home you may Davinia Barlow I have phone your company’s many times and if was not my phone how come I phone you all the time and you phone me on my land line so it is my phone please put it back on

  12. Oum Sam Ang says:

    My phone have been locked by iCloud

  13. Bill says:

    I believe an Apple ID is not enough. You must use your iCloud account to sign in on an Apple device at least once. You will not have access to most features until then. Even if for only 2 minutes — but an Apple device it must be.

  14. Run Buh says:

    “but it’s also very helpful because it’s the only way to check iCloud email from a PC, whether that PC is running Windows or Linux, or something else.”

    It’s definitely nice to use just about anything with a browser to get to your iCloud stuff, but you can also use IMAP with just about any major email client out there (for just the email part, not the notes, etc.).

  15. Terry says:

    I wish they had Messages on, now THAT would be nice!

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