4 New “Shot on iPhone” Commercials Feature a Chipmunk & Ant

Jul 19, 2016 - 16 Comments

Chipmunk iPhone commercial

Apple has released four new “Shot on iPhone” commercials, some demonstrating the slow motion video recording effect of the iPhone camera with a focus on wildlife, while another demonstrates the time-lapse camera capability.

Two wildlife themed commercials show a chipmunk eating a peanut nearly the size of its head, and the other advertisement features an ant carrying what looks like a leaf in its mandibles. Another is a black and white video of a girls hair blowing around in the wind, and the other ad shows the descent from a tram ride into a town. Each has been embedded below for easy viewing.

Chipmunk Eating a Peanut – Shot on iPhone by Linda H.

The song playing during the hungry Chipmunk Squirrel iPhone ad is “Season 2 (Episode 3)” by Glass Animals

(Is the animal in this commercial a chipmunk or a squirrel?)

Ant Carrying a Leaf on Sand – Shot on iPhone by Tim W.

The Ant iPhone ad is soundtracked to the song “Work” by Charlotte Day Wilson

Tram Ride Into Town – Shot on iPhone by Robert S.

The Austrian tram ride down into the town of Bregenz is soundtracked to the song “California” by Robert Charlebois & Louise Forestier

Girls Hair Blowing Around – Shot on iPhone by Marc Z.

The hair blowing around iPhone commercial is soundtracked to “Clair De Lune Acapella” arr. by Bill Connor – Boosey Hawkes

The Shot on iPhone campaign does a great job of demonstrating how regular iPhone users can capture some pretty amazing footage and pictures with the devices camera, and the advertisement series appears to be fairly popular. Apple recently introduced some other recent “Shot on iPhone” commercials which you can see here, and if you enjoy watching Apple ads there are plenty of others here.


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  1. IKM says:

    Hi! The song is actually “I Live Above the Hobby Shop” by McFabulous (Ben McFadden), which Glass Animals sampled for Season 2 Episode 3.” This clip uses the original tune by McFabulous.

  2. CharMar says:

    In addition to my response above, the precise answer is that it’s a Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel which is also a ground squirrel but not a chipmunk (no stripes on the face)

  3. CharMar says:

    To answer the article question: Chipmunks are squirrels. They are ground squirrels just like prairie dogs, woodchuck and marmots. :)

  4. Audrey says:

    The squirrel commercial what’s the name of the music the squirrel is cute though

    • Comrbe says:

      Did you even read the article? It tells you exactly what song is playing.

      As stated directly in the article about the chipmunk Shot on iPhone commercial right above the video and directly under the headline of the squirrel commercial from Apple, “The song playing during the hungry Chipmunk Squirrel iPhone ad is “Season 2 (Episode 3)” by Glass Animals”

  5. Gene Simmons says:

    That is most definitely NOT a squirrel, it’s a chipmunk. You can tell by the stripes on it.

  6. Neil says:

    It is a seven-striped ground squirrel, also known as a chipmunk. :)

  7. billybobby says:

    So …. iPhones have a camera?

    If only they put this much effort into updating their iMac/Macbook Pro/Mac Pro/Mac Mini product lines.

    How do you not update your professional Mac Pro machine for THREE YEARS???

    Typed and submitted by a Macbook Pro.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Apple is the iPhone company. Apple cares about selling iPhones for as much as possible to juice shareholders and stock price. That’s what Apple cares about. So, iPhone commercials!

      What is the Mac? Oh is that their computer? Yea well Apple only makes $25 billion per year selling ancient, so they don’t care much about that. They want to sell you a $900 iPhone every year instead. When was the last time they ran a Mac commercial? When was the last time they updated Mac hardware with anything cutting edge? You already know the answer…

      • billybobby says:

        Not selling as many Macs lately.

        PC sales are up, Mac sales are down.

        It’s NOT terribly hard to do basic HW updates.

    • Neil says:

      Whether we like it or not we are in the early stages away from the time when most people will have desktop computers — even laptops. As connected devices become the norm the need for a centralized computer decreases.

  8. Charlie says:

    I like the tram video. The girl’s hair looks like Medusa, LOL.

  9. OMG CUTE says:

    OMG that’s a squirrel eating a nut in the iPhone commercial, so cutteeeeee

    • Neil says:

      Cute, but they are still pests at bird feeders like their cousins the gray squirrel and red squirrel.

      • Bud of old says:

        Sorry, dude….but human beings are the real pests.

        • JB says:

          Bud of Old… LOVED your reply. While squirrels go into bird feeders looking for food because they are hungry, “humans” hunt animals for sport. Animals are so perfect!

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