Dismiss Incoming Phone Call to Apple Watch with a Quick Palm Trick

Aug 11, 2016 - 5 Comments

Dismiss an iPhone call on Apple Watch instantly with a palm trick

Can’t answer a phone call and want to dismiss it quickly from the Apple Watch? Rather than ignoring the call but letting it continue to ring and jingle your wrist, you can use this neat palm trick to instantly silence and dismiss the inbound call, and you don’t even need to turn to the iPhone.

To instantly silence and dismiss the call on Apple Watch, simply cup your opposing palm completely over the Apple Watch display when an incoming call is buzzing on the Watch.

This palm trick will silence and dismiss the call immediately.

Dismiss incoming phone calls to Apple Watch

Silence an Incoming Call on Apple Watch by Placing Your Palm Over the Watch Face

You must cover the screen completely for this trick to work, which is why you’ll want to use your palm on the opposite hand.

If you’re having any difficulty getting it working, simply cup your hand as if you’re going to start clapping, but clap the face of the Apple Watch instead, that should do the trick, as is rudimentarily illustrated with this emoji graphic:

Hand over the Apple Watch face will dismiss an inbound phone call

In case you’re wondering, this does not decline the phone call, and it does not send the caller to voicemail, it simply dismisses the call so that the Apple Watch stops buzzing and alerting to it. In this way, it’s quite a bit like hitting the volume buttons to silence an incoming call on the iPhone, which will silence the call and stop the buzzing, but also does not decline the call and does not send the call to voicemail, which is the result of declining the call by pressing the red button.

So, the next time your Apple Watch rings and you can’t answer the call, just clap down on the face of the Watch to silence it instead.


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  1. Wharf Xanaduu says:

    I wish I had an Apple watch so I could complain and whine about that too.

  2. Don says:

    I wear Blue Tooth Oticon Alta hearing aids. When I don’t have the hearing aids on I get notified when I get text and emails. When I have my hearing aids on connected to blue tooth I do not get notified. I have an Apple Verizon Apple 6+ iPhone. I also have an Apple Watch and I do get notified when I get text and emails.

    So the question is how do I get notifications on my iPhone through/to my hearing aids?



  3. Dan Uff says:

    Thanks for this tip.

    • gkne says:

      This is one of my favorite Apple Watch tips, use it often. Rejecting phone calls and as an activity tracker is what I use Apple Watch for.

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