MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 Beta 2 Released

Nov 8, 2016 - 13 Comments

macOS Sierra

Apple has released the second beta version of MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 for users enrolled in the beta testing programs.

The latest macOS Sierra build focuses on bug fixes and improvements to the operating system, presumably addressing some of the continued problems experienced by some users with MacOS Sierra.

Additionally, the latest beta update includes new Emoji icons that are shared with the second iOS 10.2 beta.

Users who are enrolled in the beta testing program can find the latest MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 beta 2 update available now from the App Store.

Typically Apple goes through multiple beta revisions before releasing a final version to the general public.


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  1. Gregory Faircloth says:

    I’ve loaded it twice on my MacBook pro and each time it crashes and I have to load from a back up..I will not reload a 3rd time..

  2. Mike Nazarian says:

    I’ve always loved Macs, but with Sierra 10.12.2 installed, my frustration has gone way OUT the window.
    USB speeds are down to a MB/min or so…. some of my usb 3.0 drives will not even un-mount, or have files actually deleted from them either. Not even my ipod has any luck transferring files faster than a 2 year old could write Shakespeare. I spent over an hour with disk utility trying to find any errors, but the best my mac came up with was “no errors” so when files still wouldn’t copy or be deleted I tried to reformat the usb. Sierra failed to un-mount the drive in 10 minutes.

    WTF apple. Did you decide to go back to how you ran your company without Steve? You will destroy everything I like about Apple with malarkey like this. My iphone 4 won’t even be recognized by my Mac laptop. End-to-End integration my behind.

  3. Nick Scott says:

    Just upgraded a 2014 MacBook pro to 10.12.2 and major problems
    Safari loads but won’t display any web pages at all
    Mail loads and downloads mail but you can only see the headers and no part of the body text is visible.
    The app store loads and you can see the menus etc but nothing loads into the window.
    If I have to reinstall OSX because if this I am switching to a Windows PC; at least with Windows you can uninstall failed updates. This is crazy.

  4. Billybobza says:

    I’m getting daily crashes with this beta every time my computer sleeps it reboots. Also the graphics are super glitch on “high-visibility” mode (where everything is smaller).
    Also, I really think Apple are starting to alienate their Pro users. I know of 3 people in the last year that were sold on mac that have moved away, just because they get more bang for their buck elsewhere.
    The Pro community built Apple into what it is today (through continuous support). Lose them, and you lose your iOS developers, and various other developers, and you will land up with an OS/2 situation, except with school kids having fun with emojis.
    Apple used to be seen as a toy, when it was a serious computer. They worked hard to change that perception. Now it’s like they want it to be a toy.

  5. jiovany says:

    i really hope they fix the graphic glitches.. every time i go into fullscreen and switch back to desktop i the screen flickers when using the and graphics card.. i wasn’t getting the problem until i upgraded to sierra… if they don’t fix it I’m going back to el capitan

  6. Austin Nolan says:

    Being a Mac user for over 24+ years this new upgrade is the first time I understand the frustration of Windows users, in my working life I was a printer/graphic designer/dtp and had no interest in the technicalities of programming, the Mac was a tool be used i.e. I drive but don’t want to be servicing my car every time I drive it.

    • Geggsy says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. Rapidly losing it’s way I fear.

    • Jim Weldon says:

      I also agree. I’m a technical person, and spent a career desiging IT systems, but now I use a computer to write. I don’t want to waistg my time debugging every time I use my computers, or try to sync.
      Just a simple – solid systgem is what I need. Forget the apps that sync with iphones and such. If I wanted daily problems, I would go back to microsofts monsterous creash operating system.

  7. Ken says:

    I have less occasion to use an emoji than I do to select icons with the keyboard. I think most people are in the same situation. It’s okay to add features for fourth-graders, but why are they neglecting the adult features?

    They need to rethink their use cases. Not everyone listens to music 24/7 while running or organizing their snapshots. There are other reasons to use a computer.

  8. Martin says:

    sure, however, i have to admit, that my system hasn’t been that stable since lion, with macOS. no crashes, which my multi-display setup, which causes many trouble in previous versions, i belive.
    can someone confirm this ?
    (late 13 mac pro)

  9. Bim Tipps says:

    New Emoji! Wow! That’s what the Pro users need! New Emoji for the New $4000 EmojiBar DongleBook Pro with 16kb of RAM! It will be paging immediately just to load your new Emoji!

    What a machine! What a computer!

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