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Jun 25, 2017 - 6 Comments

Video interviews about 10th anniversary of iPhone

If you’re a fan of Apple history and iPhone lore (the iPhone is 10 years old this year!), you’ll enjoy watching this trio of video clips featuring various interviews with some of the original iPhone team members who were tasked with developing the project.

Below you will find a 10 minute clip from The Wall Street Journal featuring interviews with various former Apple executives, an 8 minute clip from CBS, and a lengthy discussion and interview from The Computer History Museum, each about the development of the iPhone.

WSJ Video: “How The iPhone Was Born: Inside Stories of Missteps and Triumphs”

The 10 minute clip from Wall Street Journal is described as follows:

On the iPhone’s 10th birthday, former Apple executives Scott Forstall, Tony Fadell and Greg Christie recount the arduous process of turning Steve Jobs’s vision into one of the best-selling products ever made.

If the embedded video doesn’t work for whatever reason you can watch it on instead.

Computer History Club Interview with Scott Forstall

If you found that shorter clip of Apple history and iPhone history to be interesting, you’ll likely enjoy another recent interview with ex-Apple employee Scott Forstall at The Computer History Museum, this one is 40 minutes long and is also embedded below for easy viewing:

The lengthy interview with Scott Forstall might make you wish he was still at Apple working on the iPhone and other projects he clearly was (is) passionate about, but he was widely assumed to be fired from the company after Steve Jobs passed away.

CBS: “Happy 10th birthday, iPhone”

Another interesting 8 minute video segment comes from CBS on the same topic, described as follows:

In June 2007 Apple released the very first iPhone – an iPod, phone and Internet connection all in one, operated via touchscreen and as futuristic-looking as a sci-fi gizmo. The earliest iPhone didn’t have all the features or apps it has today, but it was revolutionary nonetheless. David Pogue, of Yahoo Tech, who was one of the very first journalists to play with the iPhone before its release, reports on the history of the personal device that changed the world.

With this year being the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone launch – it’s public unveiling was January 9, 2007 and it was first made available to purchase on June 29, 2007 – we’re likely to see more noteworthy clips and interviews too. If you find any other interesting videos on the topic, share them with us in the comments below!


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  1. Ravi Gupta says:

    We miss you and your iOS design, Steve. They were great of times.

  2. Buffy Dead says:

    I wonder Who, if anybody,

    “CRACKS” the whip at Apple today ??

    • What Now says:

      Oh how I too miss Forstall, in my opinion iOS has gone down hill since he left. The rushed redesign is still confusing several years later and not refined at all. The constantly changing iOS is also confusing. The lock screen, try to explain that to anyone… There is no direction to design and the user is no longer the focus.

      Bloomberg has a good read about Forstall, who was basically a mini-Steve Jobs with all the same obsessions to detail and perfection. He should have become the next CEO or at least stayed some high level management for customer facing software, he is so blatantly skilled and passionate and obsessed with user experience, exactly what made Apple the company they were.

      But, alas, instead Apple got rid of Forstall and picked Jony Ive who while an incredible designer under Steve Jobs now seems to spend most of his time at fashion shows and designing Christmas trees, and then occasionally removing critical ports from hardware devices just for the sake of doing so – the headphone jack, USB, MagSafe, the Escape key, all great things that should have stuck around on Apple products. Was that really a good trade off? To me it seems obvious Ive is signaling he is basically on his way out as he puts his time on curious side projects and fashion designs, so when will he officially leave? And then what? No Forstall, and soon no Ive…. so who is the rockstar designer that is left then? As far as I can tell the execs that Forstall didn’t get along with are all gone anyway… so why not bring him back?

  3. Vladimir says:

    Old style iPhone and iOS design… I… I miss you… Yeah, I miss you soooooo much

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