Download & Install MacOS High Sierra Public Beta Now

Jun 29, 2017 - 20 Comments

Download macOS High Sierra Public Beta

Apple has opened the public beta testing program for macOS High Sierra 10.13, the next major version of the Mac operating system.

MacOS High Sierra Public Beta is now available to download and install for any user who is interested in beta testing the system software. However, be forewarned that beta system software is notoriously less stable and unreliable compared to final versions, and is thus not suited for primary hardware or critical workstations for the vast majority of Mac users. Beta software is most appropriate for advanced users, enthusiasts, developers, designers, and early adopters.

How to Download & Install macOS High Sierra 10.13 Public Beta

You need a Mac compatible with macOS High Sierra (installing High Sierra onto a separate partition, hard drive, or entirely different computer is wise), and you’ll want to be sure to back up your Mac with Time Machine or otherwise before beginning.

  1. Back up your Mac – do not skip backing up your computer
  2. Go to and login with your Apple ID to and choose to enroll in the MacOS Public Beta testing program
  3. Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility tool from the enroll page to install the beta profile onto the Mac, this allows you to get beta software updates on that computer
  4. Go to the Mac App Store (found in the /Applications/ folder or the  Apple menu) and download the macOS High Sierra Public Beta
  5. Download macOS High Sierra Public Beta

  6. When macOS High Sierra installer is finished downloading
    • Run the “Install macOS High Sierra” installer found in the /Applications folder when finished downloading to install macOS 10.13 public beta directly from the installer
    • OR: before installing, create a macOS High Sierra USB installer drive that is bootable
  7. Install macOS High Sierra Public Beta following the on screen instructions

If you intend to run macOS High Sierra on a separate partition from your primary OS, create the new partition ahead of time before launching the High Sierra installer. Always back up before partitioning or updating or installing any system software, beta or otherwise.

Future updates to macOS High Sierra Public Beta will arrive through the Mac App Store “Updates” section, just like any other system software update would.

If you later decide you do not want the beta and no longer want to receive further beta software updates, you can unenroll from beta system software updates from the Mac App Store.

MacOS High Sierra is due to be released to the general public in the fall, and most Mac users should wait until the final version is available to use the operating system.

Separately, iPhone and iPad users can download and install iOS 11 Public Beta as well if interested.

Do you have any questions, comments, or experiences with macOS High Sierra Public Beta? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Chris says:

    Have tried on two different Macs to run Developer Beta Access Utiilty for macOS High Sierra 10.13 beta 4. When AppStore comes up, it does not show High Sierra download. It only shows Safari 11.0 Seed 3 as available for update. I cannot download the High Sierra Beta.

  2. Alex says:

    as far i can see after Capitan, there is NOTHING for neither audio or video-work in these “updates”, only worse performance. so what is the point in updating then?

  3. Mike says:

    I cannot get the installer to work. Tried it on two different partitions of an external (non-primary) hard drive. First got a message that the installer failed because of some weirdness with resizing and HFS+. I tried again, and now I’ve got installer pieces stuck in the trash that I can’t delete due to “system integrity protection.” Not impressed that the installer itself is a bomb and now I’ve got files I can’t easily delete taking up almost a GB of space in the Trash.

    Workaround, anyone? I’m not going even attempt the public beta again, as I’ve not had any major issues with any of the public betas since joining the program. . .until this one.

  4. DieFliege_MoFo says:

    How can anyone expect a “BETA” (public or not) release to be fully functional? If Darwin Awards could for computer users’ stupidity…

    • Dave says:

      “Functional” and “Fully Functional” are two different things. This is more like an Alpha than a Beta.

  5. Michael says:

    I had created a separate partition on my Mac called BETA. Then installed original Sierra on BETA partition. Then installed new Public Beta of High Sierra on BETA. I never saw the option to use APFS. So I then used Disk Utility to to Convert to APFS. Following this process, I could not boot to the BETA partition. I had to get some Terminal commands from another site to delete the volume. I have since recreated BETA, installed High Sierra. Still never saw the check box for installing as APFS. Any ideas?

  6. Samuel Slocum says:

    Can’t install: The installer information on the recovery server is damages. Downloaded it again and the same message. Also a third time, the same message.
    What now?

  7. Rob in Katy says:

    I ran it for a few days, seemed pretty good, but ESET anti virus won’t run (self imposed by them) and Clean My Mac doesn’t run, said it won’t run on 10.13 or above ever.
    So, overall most things worked well. The install went clean. I would have stuck with it but the Co I work for requires the AV.

  8. jj9674 says:

    Sigo encontrando tres errores:
    -El sistema, se calienta algo más que en las ultimas versiones.
    -Cuando se cierra la tapa, para reposar y luego se levanta la tapa, el sistema se queda colgado.
    El brillo no se mantiene como lo dejamos cuando apagamos ¿Cuando encendemos el ordenador ,tenemos que regularlo de nuevo?

  9. Media Pacu says:

    Does anyone have a solution to this with the Mac OS High Sierra Public Beta that does not involve installing the dev channel?

  10. DCJ001 says:

    “Download & Install MacOS High Sierra Public Beta 1 Now”

    macOS, not MacOS.

    • Ted says:

      Thank you grammar Nazi…

    • Loser says:

      But…. The Dear Leader of Apple, The Guru Saint John Gruber, also calls it “MacOS”

      What do you make of that DCJ001? Do you deny the will of the Supreme Apple Guru Gruber? Shall you disobey the Great Gruber and capitalize it as macOS or shall you use proper capitalization for a name and use MacOS?

      One of many great Apple zealot conundrums! What will you do?

  11. KansasScouser says:

    Terrible performance so far, functional failures in core components such as iCloud, Siri, and Safari. Yes it’s a beta, but it’s the public beta which means basic functional issues should not be an issue. I’ve spent major time with most of the previous macOS betas and this is by far the worst I’ve seen as a public beta. Testing on 4 different Mac products currently, MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air (i7), iMac, and 2013 Mac Pro. Running on clean partitions. Eagerly awaiting the next update.

    • Dave says:

      Same here. Initial install attempt bricked my iMac. Did internet recovery, then tried again and it works, but all kinds of stuff crashes (safari, Photos etc.) and hangs or doesn’t work at all such as backups to a time capsule. not a huge deal, but I think the general trend at apple is QC is trending down.

  12. nerdry says:

    When I download the public beta for High Sierra the “Install macOS High Sierra” app is 11MB and does not contain the InstallESD.dmg file that is used to initiate createinstallmedia and a boot drive.

    Does anyone have a solution to this with the Mac OS High Sierra Public Beta that does not involve installing the dev channel?

    • Loser says:

      Download macOS High Sierra installer again, it is about 4.8 GB.

      • PH says:

        Remove the current installer and download it again, you will need the full installer to access createinstallmedia and to install without internet access.

        Here is the direct link to download the macOS High Sierra public beta

        • Garry says:

          That link goes to the 14MB downloader. I can’t find a way to download the full installer.

          • paul says:

            Some users are getting an 8MB or 14MB version of the MacOS High Sierra installer, and some users are getting the full version which is about 5GB. I don’t know why there is a difference between the two, and there is no answer on the web either.


            You might want to try deleting High Sierra Beta Installer from the Mac and then re-downloading it again.

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