Enjoy 25 Gorgeous New MacOS Mojave Wallpapers

Aug 3, 2018 - 15 Comments

The latest version of macOS Mojave includes some beautiful new wallpapers of desert scenery, flowers, and abstractions, but you don’t need to install macOS Mojave beta or be running macOS Mojave to be able to enjoy the lovely images, and the wallpapers look fantastic on any other Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android device, Linux machine, or anything else you feel like sprucing up with some fancy background images.

The images are available at a very large 5120 × 2880 pixel resolution, making them beautiful on just about any screen you can think of regardless of display resolution or pixel density.

Load the full images by clicking any of the thumbnail images, the full size image will open in a new web browser window. Once the image loads in full, you can save it to an iPhone, iPad, save it to the Mac or PC, or if you’re using Safari on a Mac you can set a picture as the Mac wallpaper directly from Safari. Enjoy!

Click on any image below to open the full size into a new web browser window:

Alternatively, you can also download the wallpapers as a zip file from Dropbox if you’d rather have all of them together.

The wallpaper images are found in the latest release of macOS Mojave and have been posted alone and reposted to the world for easy access courtesy of 9to5mac, thanks to them for doing so!

Presumably these are the same wallpapers that will arrive in the final version of macOS Mojave, which is set to debut in the fall. It’s always possible some will be added or removed before then however, so check them out if you’re interested.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Customize


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  1. Qun says:

    Good article, but a strange, poor showing from Apple. The rest of the OS is fine, but eh. Shame.

    Except Desert 5. That one is excellent.

    There’s an archive of old stock Mac papes somewhere online. Anyone disappointed by these should be able to find it with a quick search.

  2. Ted says:

    It is commonly known in psychology that humans are conditioned that “negativity” is bad. Especially nowadays with social media, people are conditioned to “surpass” their “negative” emotions because that is “bad”. Don’t cry, because that is “shameful” (especially if you are an American male), and the only way you are going to be accepted in society if you are moving your facial muscles and showing your white veneers. The result is in the statistics. More and more people are depressed, needs medication for anxiety, need a therapist, etc.

    A normal human being have varied emotions. That includes negative, positive and everything in between. If you are a person who condones negative emotions or feedback maybe you should examine your own life and ask a question how did you get to the point where you see negative opinions as “unhealthy”.

    If you happen to be Christian, you probably know that Jesus went into rage as well – at least according to the Bible. Suppressing your negative emotions is harmful and make you fake.

    With that said, I think the photos are ok in certain context, but I don’t like them at all for desktop background. It is my opinion, and as such, it is neither better or worse then a positive opinion.

    If you have a problem reading or listening to an opinion that is different than yours, I suggest to seek help because you are unwell.

  3. Dennis says:

    Indeed how negative can people be?
    I actually really like them. Especially the photos. They are stunning and beautiful in their simplicity and calmness. They are beautifully composed, have really nice colors and a good atmosphere.
    The flowers and glass objects are more artistic and do shine on a larger display as a colorful distraction. That is taste.

    • Napartaq says:

      I agree 100%, Dennis:

      The anonymity of the Internet allows for more negativity (no repercussions) … but is indicative of American society (assuming these are Americans). Why does it seem nowadays that “we” have to share negative/critical opinions? When it is a matter of “taste,” as opposed to a right/wrong judgement, bark less, woof more.

      I like to practice the Internet Golden Rule … if you don’t have a *constructive opinion* to offer, then just save your scree for another place/time. Give compliments where they are due. Trolling intimidates me, and I’m much less likely to compliment or say anything at all, if all that results is more negativity.

      • The Troll Detector says:

        This is an article about WALLPAPER background pictures, people, it’s about wallpapers on the MacOS Mojave! It’s pictures of sand dunes! This is not some big debate about anything serious or consequential, and yet here we are with trolls being trolls and people acting as if this is the.

        Trolls aren’t too smart though. They also aren’t anonymous, those most trolls are too stupid to know that. The funny thing is that people just *think* they’re anonymous on the internet, but they’re not at all. A persons IP address follows them around everywhere online, as do their Facebook/Google/etc logins, everything they do, exactly who they are, exactly where they live down to the address and precise GPS location, is all meticulously tracked by these companies and their internet service provider. It’s the illusion of anonymity, but any one of these trolls is known to the companies who are providing their internet access or to any service they visit online. How embarrassed would the trolls be if it were revealed who they really were and how they behave online? Would they speak like that to someone else in person, offline? Probably not.

        Trolls pollute the internet. Don’t engage. And frankly, for comment moderators and websites, they should ban them. Maybe 3 strikes and you’re out rule. But if you aren’t adding to the conversation, you don’t belong in the conversation. My 2 cents.

        • Qun says:

          These aren’t a big deal, sure, but Apple’s lately taken an unusual art direction; polarization is to be expected. No one here is a troll.

          Please do not celebrate the erosion of privacy. It hurts all of us.

  4. MacPaul says:

    “Gorgeous”? They are as f*d up as the Mac OS itself and represent in a certrain the downfall of the Mac platform.

  5. Silversurfer says:

    The wallpapers are not ugly as some have alluded to, but some of them are too much noise or attention if you use the Mac for work. For that use case a good wallpaper should not try to take over the screen.

  6. crypto7 says:

    Not to be negative, but I think there are only 24…?


    seems to be perhaps missing….

  7. robert franklin says:

    I thought they were beautiful but after reading the VERY negative comments I’m wondering if I’m totally out of the mainstream???

  8. Jan Smith says:

    WOW! Such negativity! There’s no reason to comment if all you guys do is criticize the offer. I’m glad you have others to choose from. There are thousands available online. I personally like most of them myself.

  9. Richard Michael says:

    What an absolute waste of memory!
    Even Microsoft does better than this.

  10. Bobby Scooby says:

    I really have no idea why anyone would think these are gorgeous. Just because they are Apple creations doesn’t automatically make then so. They are un-insired, boring, and some are flat out ugly.

  11. Robert Hartle says:

    Worst desktop pictures I’ve ever seen! I have have 40-50 that are 10x better looking than any of these… just search google images for 4k-5k photos.

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