How to Install MacOS Mojave on Unsupported Macs with DosDude Mojave Patcher

Sep 27, 2018 - 116 Comments

How to run MacOS Mojave on unsupported Macs

As you may know by now, the list of MacOS Mojave compatible Macs is more strict than previous releases of Mac OS system software, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t install and run macOS Mojave on some unsupported Macs. If you’re an advanced Mac user and you’re reasonably brave (and have adequate backups), then it turns out you might be able to install and run MacOS Mojave on unsupported Mac hardware after all, thanks to a free third party tool from the technical wizard known as “DosDude”.

Essentially the Mojave Patcher Tool creates a modified USB installer drive (similar to the regular Mojave boot installer drive you can make) which you can then use to install not only macOS Mojave on the otherwise unsupported Macs listed below, but also a series of patched macOS Mojave component files that allow it to boot.

Just a quick word of caution: while you may be able to get macOS Mojave running on an unsupported Mac, this is truly only for advanced users who are adventurous. You certainly wouldn’t want to try this on a Mac that you must have performing in an optimal setting at all times, or on your only computer, but if you feel like tinkering around and running macOS Mojave on an unsupported Macintosh computer you can certainly try it out. Because it patches the operating system and installer, not everything is going to work perfectly on all machines – for example, on some machines networking may not work, or an iSight camera may not work, or GPU acceleration may not function – and there could be various bugs, performance quirks, and other theoretical problems with attempting this, but for the truly tech savvy and brave, the Mojave patcher tool and accompanying walkthrough from DosDude can get the job done.

The DosDude website has both a complete tutorial available at the above link, along with the downloadable patcher tool.

Dosdude also produced a YouTube video demonstrating macOS Mojave on a technically unsupported older MacBook Pro 17″ model from 2009, and Mojave actually appears to run pretty well on the machine:

Thanks to the Dosdude website for the screenshot above of the “About This Mac” screen, which is showing Mojave on an older unsupported Mac.

So while the official list of supported Macs for macOS Mojave is pretty strict in comparison, and you can’t just download Mojave and install it on unsupported hardware without the DosDude utility, the unofficial list of Macs that can run the OS through the tool is much more generous as you can see below, with many perfectly good Macs making the cut.

List of Unsupported Macs That Can Run MacOS Mojave with DosDude Mojave Patcher

Unsupported Macs that apparently can use the Mojave patcher to install macOS Mojave include the following:

– Early-2008 or newer Mac Pro, iMac, or MacBook Pro:
– MacPro3,1
– MacPro4,1
– iMac8,1
– iMac9,1
– iMac10,x
– iMac11,x
– iMac12,x
– MacBookPro4,1
– MacBookPro5,x
– MacBookPro6,x
– MacBookPro7,1
– MacBookPro8,x

– Late-2008 or newer MacBook Air or Aluminum Unibody MacBook:
– MacBookAir2,1
– MacBookAir3,x
– MacBookAir4,x
– MacBook5,1

– Early-2009 or newer Mac Mini or white MacBook:
– Macmini3,1
– Macmini4,1
– Macmini5,x
– MacBook5,2
– MacBook6,1
– MacBook7,1

– Early-2008 or newer Xserve:
– Xserve2,1
– Xserve3,1

As you can see, the potential list of Macs that can run Mojave with the assistance of this process is much more thorough than what Apple officially supports. But caveat emptor, as with all software modifications.

Will everything be perfect? Certainly not. Will performance be better than some other versions of Mac OS or Mac OS X? Probably not, it might even be worse. Will everything work exactly as expected, as if it was an official support from Apple? No, probably not. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth pursuing for some Mac users, and perhaps the better features in macOS Mojave are too compelling to not try out by venturing into the waters of

If this sounds appealing to you, then check out the Dosdude tutorial and Mojave patch tool. Just remember this is NOT an official patch or release from Apple, and due to the technical nature of this it isn’t for the faint of heart, you will absolutely need above average technical knowledge, patience, and full backups of the computer, as this is basically a hack that allows Mojave to install and run on hardware that Apple does not support.

There’s obviously no tutorial included here in this post as I haven’t personally tried or tested this yet, but if you do, and you get macOS Mojave running on an older Mac, be sure to let us know in the comments below how well it works, and what your experience was. Personally, my older unsupported Macs are still running Snow Leopard, Mavericks, El Capitan, and Sierra, and only the latest machines will run Mojave for my particular setup, but to each their own, and it’s undoubtedly cool that Dosdude has consistently come up with utilities like this to get various versions of Mac OS system software running on hardware that it wasn’t specifically intended for. It’s your Mac so use it however you like and with whatever operating system software release you like best. Enjoy!


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  1. Dave says:

    Well apparently I am the only one in the world that can not get DVD Player app to work with this patch. Insert DVD, the app launches, but does not work. No answer anywhere on the internet. I have looked for a year now.

  2. Cesar says:

    Hi, i want to know if i can install the mojave in a ssd extern, on my macbook pro intel i9 2019. It cant be normal installed because this macbook came with an earlier operative system, but i want to have the macbook as it came and with an ssd the mojave. Because i have a mixer with old drivers that are compatible with mojave or previous versions. I would apreciate an answer. Also, i thougtht installing windows 10 on the external.. The all i need is to use the mixer. Thanks

  3. Mark N says:

    I’ve installed Mojave into my MacBook Pro5,5 as well with a few iMac9,1 models and have had no issues with any of them. Fully functional with Bluetooth, iSight camera, wifi, etc.
    My MacBook is even partitioned with El Capitan and Mojave.
    Now some of the latest apps don’t work great though. Had to find older versions of some like iMovie and Logic Pro X but I think it’s because of the older hardware.

  4. Tyler says:

    Could I use macOS Mojave Patcher to install Mojave on a MacPro5,1 with an ATI Radeon HD 5870 GPU?

  5. expobill says:

    thanks very much!
    (MacBook air 2010)

  6. Andre Felix says:

    Hi Guys, I have a SSD in one of my iMac’s and Mojave runs just fine. Its just a bit slow when first running but then all seems settle down just fine. I have also made a USD dive to boot off with my MBP mid 2009 and that works like a charm. I am not new at doing any of this and so I found it all easy to do. I would not install catalina still has some issues for my like-ing. But thanks to the patcher soft ware it’s fantastic. You will find that when you use a SSD your speed will be stepped up. As a working Photographer and Web Developer it’s always fun to try out new stuff. You just got to love a Mac old or new!

  7. Clap says:

    Hi guys,
    I need a help about the security 2020-002 (1.38G).

    I have a macbook pro mid 2009 with Mojave 10.14.6.
    I don’t know if I can install automatically without doing noting?

    I’ve tried once and the macbook could not ever restart properly.
    It rebooted giving error message with no options.
    I don’t want to get the same problem and waste all the time re-installing the OSX and all the apps…

    Many thanks for the help,

  8. JC says:

    Hi, I have a MBP late 2011 with a GPU issue as many others, you think if by applying this patch my computer will work without even trying to disable the dGPU as recommended?

  9. The patcher ran beautifully on my 2008 MacBook Pro 4,1: WiFi, Bluetooth, camera, everything is working fine. Mojave is running better than Lion on this MacBook, even with just 4GB. This is my first Apple laptop and loving it cause now I can learn more about OS X. Loving it so far. Question though: has anyone received Catalina as an update option? I may let it update to Catalina just to see what happens. I can always go back to Mojave. Cheers!

    • william ritter says:

      did you update directly to catilina from patched Mojave yet?
      what ere the results?
      i was thinking about doing the same but was wondering if it worked for you.

      thank you for your time


  10. Manos says:

    Have a nice day!
    I’m happy to have the opportunity to write to you. I usually only read, to ask you a question:
    I’m not very proud of having a MacBook Pro 6.1 because the motherboard was overheating and the left speaker and all the microphone inputs were damaged.
    Can anyone tell me if the “hacked” Mojave or Catalina recognize the heat sensors so the system works normally?
    I have already paid for a new motherboard.

    Be Well

  11. Aamir says:

    can i install Mojave on my mac mid2011 currently running sierra i tried to install it patcher but it is not booting after succesfull instal of OS and patch files…

    what could be the issue please any one help…

  12. Philip Day says:

    Two things:nearly every problem people are having are because **they are not following the directions****
    ie, didn’t boot twice from the USB drive, ignoring warnings about 12.1 iMacs, etc. Try reading the whole article first.

    Installed just fine on a 24″ mid 2009 iMac, late 2011 MBP and a 2009 MBP. The 2 MBPs are using SSDs. Ran fine with 4gigs, but I’ve moved to 8
    Performance is more than snappy enough for the average home user.
    I fiddled around for hours to try and get rid of the gray menu bar problem. **I managed to get my main user on the 2011 MBP using the normal white menu bar***, but have not been willing to mess around in case I loose it ;-)
    The problem still persists on other users, so this is a software glitch, not directly hardware. Any coders interested in looking at my directories to compare the main and sub users to identify the string(s)? so this can be turned into a patch? (Migrating the MBP main user onto the 2009 iMac did not bring over the “white menubar”, but they have substantially different video cards…)

    • Adams says:

      Thank you so much for nice post
      I installed Mojave in Mac OS Mid 2010 with SSD and it work very well but last week there is update to 10.14.6. where I try to update it through Mac update system but when come to point of restart it appear apple logo and the line process under apple logo going more than half then stop and restarted again the displayed white screen with message in four language say the system is going to restarted in 20 second and then restart again and continues like this. I try to turn it off and started in safe mode but it not detected the SSD hard derive.Then I used my external hard drive for recovery where it work fine however I try to update again and again I come up to the same situation
      Any help for update to 10.14.6 or I have to skip the update

  13. steinbeq says:

    Hi and thank you sir.

    Mojave works well on a MB 4.1 ( A1181 early 2008). No camera or bluetooth (yet?) but everything else works well ( including wifi with a kext patch ) . With 4GB RAM the machine is very usable. Did anyone with a MB 5,2 get their camera working MB 4.1 is probably facing a similar issue. Thanks.

  14. Moe says:


    I have a Macbook 6,1 and i now intall the mojave but i have a question, the updates from apple for the os works, or i need to do something diferent to run the update??

    thanks for the help

  15. Raymond says:

    Installed on Imac 2010. Installed smoothly, but sadly colours have become messed up. They look kind of inverted with a lot of blue, purple and orange. Performance is also very sluggish! Can not recommend it on the Imac 2010.

  16. M-in-Seattle says:

    Working great on a Mac Mini Server 2011 2ghz i7 that is otherwise not supported for Mojave. DOSDude doesn’t have much info about Bootcamp so I wanted to report that I did get Win10 installed without any hitches – without Mojave, this model is restricted to Win 8.1 via Bootcamp. The only hitch in Windows is that Apple’s Bootcamp tools won’t install (They detect an unsupported machine). The main consequence I’ve detected so far is no WiFi on the Windows side. (WiFi is fine on the MacOS side). With ethernet connected, all good. Will keep poking around to see if I can get Apple Software Updater loaded.

  17. RobF says:

    Just installed Mojave 14.4.4 on 15 in MBP 8.2 (late 2011), using Mojave Patcher v 1.3.0. I did a clean install using APFS file format, and then restored all my data from the last TimeMachine backup. After an abortive attempt to install 14.14.4 using another YouTube tutorial, I had already disabled SIP via Terminal, and confirmed that my Broadcom WiFi card (0x14E4, 0xD6) was supported in Mojave.
    My graphics GPU’s are listed as AMD Radeon HD 6770M and Intel HD Graphics 3000. I have not found it necessary to disable the dedicated GPU, as recommended by dosdude1, but perhaps his Patcher now does that automatically.
    During the install, the only extra thing I had to do was to eject InstallESD, again as suggested as a possible problem.
    The only problem I have is the dark grey colour of the Menu Bar – the text does change to white if you hover over the menu. The Menu Bar also appears momentarily in normal B&W when changing from Light to Dark Mode (System Preferences/General/Appearance/light/Dark).
    Colour is correctly displayed, the Brightness control and WebCam work normally, the cooling fans run fast for a while after startup, but soon settle to a sub-audible speed.
    In short, everything seems to work really well, and I’d encourage anybody wanting to install 14.14.4 on their late 2011 MBP 8.2 to give dosdude1’s method a go. Tomorrow I’m acquiring an old MacPro 4.1 (now also unsupported for Mojave) and I’m looking forward to using this method to install Mojave on it.
    Many thanks to dosdude1 for developing this amazing application.

  18. Duane says:

    Installed on Mac Mini 2010. Worked with Mojave 10.14.4. Installed onto an external SSD to experiment with before making the big commitment.

    The first real problem I encountered is that News+ will launch but immediately crash. No idea why.

    I’d love to know what is causing this and how can I work around the problem.

  19. Christopher Rodgers says:

    Installed on iMac 12,1 21.5-inch. Works but GPU support for color rendering is FUBAR. Would appreciate any updates/work-arounds.. I understand that this is a known issue.

  20. Neal says:

    Guys, I tried installing the mojave on my mac mini 3.1, but then after using the patch to create an USB disk and tried to boot from it, there is only a white screen appearing on it, please could anyone help me out.

  21. Azungu says:

    Installation of majave on may Macbook5,2 was a breeze! Even with 2 GB of Ram, it’s snappy and very usable! However, the right-click on the pad is not recognized as well as the webcam. Any ideas how fix them?

    • Vinny says:

      I’m having the same issue with the webcam on my mac mini 3.1 after installing mojave. Its a UVC camera so should be no different than a built in camera. Were you able to resolve your issue with the webcam? If so, could you please share how you resolved it?

  22. Brian says:

    Installed on a MacBook Air last night (MacBookAir4,2) Mid 2011. So far everything works great! No complaints and now I feel like I might get a few more years out of this old laptop.

  23. yll says:

    I successfully installed on the MacBook Pro 15″ 2011 early .
    Thanks, DosDude

  24. rB) says:

    ive been using dosdudes patchers since the sierra high sierra updates on my macpro (4,1 early 2009) they work really well, need to be a bit gung ho at first but becomes just another skill acquired, second nature by the time u did it once already. i had my FW up from 4,1 dual quadcore to 5,1 12cores 3.46mhz, loads ram, geekbenk shows it rival the trashcan, so dragged an ‘out of date’ mac up to the best apple new items could offer in many respects.

    one downside i cant find an answer to, how do i allow mojave to be updated through the incremental updates apple issues? ie: 10.14.3 now, i’m still on 10.14

  25. Cam says:

    Hi, I was installing Mojave on my mac mini 3,1 and I got it working and then I Tried to install a driver for wifi where I have to restart the computer and when I turned it back on it gave me an access denied symbol. I don’t know what this means and how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

  26. JPrem says:

    Need instructions how to downgrade from Mojave to High Sierra on my unsupported MacPro3,1. I tried downloading and installing the High Sierra patcher and just running it like I did the Mojave patcher but it will not create bootable USB. Also because my MacPro is an early 2008 that was running an unsupported macOS, I cannot access Recovery Mode. Please help!!!!

  27. Innacity Man says:


    I’ve installed Mojave on a Macbook Pro late 2011 and a Mac Pro 2008 (3.1). It works like a charm on may MacBook Pro but I got a lot of issues on my Mac Pro. graphic issues even if I have a compatible Nvidia graphic card. Application crashes (Logic Pro 10.4.2), wifi not working anymore. I had High Sierra running perfectly before trying to install Mojave on my Mac Pro 3.1.

    Also, know that I took out the SSD of the Mac Pro and installed the Mojave Patch from my MacBook Pro, but I choose Mac Pro 3.1 when I got the configuration window.

    Any Idea ? Also, is it possible to downgrade to High Sierra ?

    Thanks for any help.

  28. Phillbert says:

    Scratching my head with this one. Trying to get this working on a 2009 27in iMac. Every time I try and boot from the USB drive it get stuck about half way then goes extremely slowly and never gets to 100%.

    I’ve tried and earlier version of the patcher and let it even download the install files from Apple’s servers but no joy.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • rB) says:

      this happened once or twice at first with macpro early2009, 4,1 – 5,1 HS. but, it did work after one or two dead ends/grey screens/unfinished progress bars/finished 99.99% progress bars. i suggest – redo making the USB bootable drive, i suspect sometimes it doesnt make it properly, and will be doomed to fail, but i retraced my steps once or twice and third time it all went perfectly, sorry cant help further than this good luck

  29. Smitty7 says:

    After several attempts and much troubleshooting I was finally able to get this process to work on my late-2009 MBP. The one detail that I didn’t see/hear in any of the instructions is that the USB Installer needs to be created on the system that you are updating. I tried a few times to use an installer that I created on my other system that was already running Mojave. The system that I was trying to update couldn’t read it. Once I created the disk on my 2009 MBP I had no problem. Thank you so much DosDude1 for creating this patch. Excellent job!!

    Thought I’d share that information for anyone else attempting to use this patch.

  30. Hasnain says:

    Hello, I am unable to install macOS mojave on my macbook pro 2011 late.
    I have formatted the USB as told in tutorial but when i start operation i see the following error
    Restore Error
    Unable to restore base system when i open Verbose Output it shows
    The volume on device “”” is not of type Apple_HFS or Apple_UFS

  31. o. t. says:

    Aluminium Unibody Macbook 5.1 late 2008 does not work here (High Sierra was possible).
    Patcher tool 1.2.3 + Mojave 10.14.2
    Maybe its becuase of 10.14.2 as the latest patcher tool version is optimised for 10.14.1 ?
    Anybody here with same 10.14.2 problem?
    Or can someone tell me where to download a full 10.14.1 ??

  32. Jack A says:

    Hello everybody,

    I have a mac pro 3,1 and I installed High Sierra and next Mojave with DosDude patcher tool.
    Because of unavailable cuda drivers for Mojave, I can’t use my GPU for calculation.
    Hence I would like to downgrade from Mojave to High Sierra. I did time machine back up regularly on each OS.
    My problem is that after a restart with Command + R, Mac OS Installer Tool does not work then I can’t access to my Time Machine Back up.
    Does anyone know how I could reinstall from time machine my High Sierra OS back up ?

    • Guillermo says:

      I had similar problem when I tried to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra 10.13.1. I’ve lost my iMac (boot beeps). Fortunately, I have an external hard drive with bootable Snow Leopard. Boot from it, downloaded a Sierra dmg, install again in the drive, boot from the hard drive, then restore from Time Machine.
      You will get a bootable system in an external hard drive to do this.
      Hope it helps.

  33. Kalle Tammemae says:

    I have iMac9,1, successfully updated using Mojave patcher (thanks, DosDude!). Current Mojave version is 10.14.2 and all peripheral is functional.
    Still, the problem is that neither App Store or Software update are not working. It is not possible to update current or install new Apps. In App Store progress meter is just scrolling but not getting anything/anywhere. The same with Software Update in System Preferences (hanging). Patches are re-installed, I did run Onyx Maintenance too (version for Mojave 10.14.4 was available), but nothing changed. Has anyone experienced similar issues?

  34. Chris P says:

    I have my mid 2009 MacBook A1181 (5.2) running os Mojave using this method. It works surprisingly well (I’m using it now). I have 6Gb of memory installed which is the maximum for this machine. Dark mode is better than light..this is explained on Dosdude’s site and, similarly, the webcam doesn’t work. Apart from this I seem to have everything up and running. I know from previous experience with Sierra & High Sierra that minor updates will probably install ok, but more major ones may require me to re-run the post-installation patches big deal really. This all means that I can run current versions of software which otherwise I couldn’t use – in my case Logic Pro X and other music software, all of which appear to be working as they should. My old MacBook is never going to perform like a current model of course, but this certainly gives it another lease of life.

  35. Graydog says:

    This seemed to work just fine on my mid 2010 macbook pro. But like most Apple updates after a day or two it didn’t really seem any different to what it was before and it just leaves you worrying wether it will continue to be supported as official updates are released. Also, I went to listen to something today and found that I have no sound devices anymore :0 ( I have Googled for a fix but on balance I have decided to go back to HighSierra.. So my advice is…don’t bother!

  36. Andre Felix says:

    I have a ssd drive to boot off with Mojave on it if I wish to have the dark side experience on my 2009 24in iMac. I have had no issues with it (Mojave) and have been working in most of my programs I use when the iMac is running El Capitan, very happy with the speed. I do have ssd’s for each OS which I think helps keep things going smooth.

    I can only say thanks a lot and bye for now!

  37. 22hand says:

    I installed this on 10,1 unsupported Mac, works well, now I aware there’s auto software update, should I install it or not install it? will this break the Mojave?

  38. Perry says:

    Successful installed the latest version on a MacbookPro (Late 2011) via USB flash drive.

    The thing is:
    the system work very slow..
    and when i open any video…forget about it..the computer get so slow and the video play in frames..picture after picture just like that..

    same when I open the web and play some videos or flashes..
    Do you think that something can be done?
    BTW this was the first time I installed the OSX with the new apple file system..maybe that’s the problem?

  39. Stratis Georgiou says:

    Nice hack, Apple deserves this sort of reply to its resentful stance. Now, could we also see sometime a more useful patch that would allow a present-day Apple machine run smoothly Snow Leopard? For me this would be an real incentive to buy the wonderful MacBook Air.

  40. Richard Kazimer says:

    Successful initial install of latest version on a Mac Mini 5.1 (2011) via USB flash drive. However, upon 2nd restart while holding option key to install patches, the Mac does not reboot, shows nothing on screen, and shuts down after a minute or less. Rebooting without holding option key shows circle/line icon and also shuts down after a minute.

    • 22hand says:

      me too, I re-install again and it works.
      but now I aware there’s auto software update of 10.14.2, should I skip it and wait for patch-updater? Tx.

    • Steve says:

      I also get the circle/line icon and it boots back to the old one… Can’t get past dosdude1’s step 4!!! I NEED HELP!

  41. Arif Rachman says:

    I used the patch since the second or third day of the mojave release. today there is that 10.14.1 udpate, funny the notification came from system preference and not app store. maybe I’m not that familiar with Mac anyways. Then after the update, my MBP 2010 kept restarting on progress bar. I had to do the internet recovery and back to right before the update. I checked the patch for update but no update yet. So I suggest if you find the update, stay away from it just yet

    • Olad says:

      @Arif Rachman. If you are not familiar with Macs, you shouldn’t be trying to run Mojave on an unsupported Mac, if yours is one. If you DO want to do so, spend some time reading the intros, caveats, and instructions at and there shouldn’t be a hitch. He has gone out of his way to make it as painless as possible, and does tell you that you need to disable SIP. Most of us who have opted to use his patches (since Sierra) know the risks and do so anyway. The reward is running Mojave on 2008 laptops, and flawlessly too.

  42. Roccoxav says:

    Hi !

    I’m running Mojave 10.14 on a MacBook Air Mi-2011 with the DosDude Method.

    It works perfectly, but I can’t update the system to 10.14.1.

    Is there a waiting patch in progress, or is it normal ?

    For those who are using this method, can you make the update ?

    Thanks !


    • Bas says:

      Updated to 10.14.1 failed to boot Mojave. I tried to repatch all the drivers. Unfortunately the patch on the installer did not fix the boot problem.

      • Cecil says:

        Same here. MacBook Pro Early 2011 2.0ghz model with a practically brand new SSD installed. 10.14.1 will not boot. Install gets stuck at 99.9% on progress bar. When trying to reboot it gives me the dreaded “no hard drive” or “do not enter” sign. Patched 10.14 works great though. Think I’ll go back to High Sierra and suck it up. If I’m going to go through this I would rather build a hackintosh. Apple has me by the short hairs. Probably replacing my 2011 iMac 27 with a new Mac mini and grabbing a new MBPro. Thanks for melting me credit card Apple. Really appreciate it.

    • Arif Rachman says:

      aahh… I’m not alone. stay away from 10.14.1

      I’m thinking of creating high sierra installer and keep it just in case.

  43. Franz says:

    Tested on:

    MacBook Pro 15″ – 8.2 – Late 2011 A1286 – Mojave perfect installation and functionality

    MacBook Pro 15″ – 8.2 – Early 2011 A1286 – Install, reboot, apply patch, reboot, charge boot at 50% then stop (never arrive at login)

    Both have Intel Graphic HD 3000

    • Franz says:

      MacBook Pro 15″ – 8.2 – Early 2011 A1286

      If install, reboot and not apply patch graphic card, Mojave boot regularly, but if i click on screensaver, crash and reboot, also with photoshop cc. Problem is kexts video?!…in MacBook Pro 15″ – 8.2 – Late 2011 A1286 all ok !

  44. Mansoor says:

    After running 10.14 can you not get updates from App store or you can’t run the updates and must use the app patcher update?

    • Paul says:

      If you’re using this unofficial patch, you can get the software updates from the Software Update control panel but it’s best to wait a while to make sure there are no major problems. And always backup so you can restore if it does not work.

      Remember this unofficial patch for Mojave is not supported by Apple, DosDude does this work on his own time and it’s a big effort!

  45. Reza says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    None of these patches works on my MacBookPro early 2011 and on my Mac mini 2007
    Do you have an operational solution which really works???
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours sincerely

  46. Alex says:

    Guys I’m always stuck on “Restoring image…”
    The bar never progresses. I tried it with different usb to no avail. Any suggestions???

  47. KSilva says:

    I successfully installed Mojave on my early 2011 Macbook Pro. After a while I decided that it was better to stay with macOS High Sierra. So, I went ahead and tried to recover from my timemachine backup but it failed. I kept getting a message that the connection was lost (even though I have a physical connection directly to the backup drive). I even did a clean install of the latest macOS High Sierra and tried migration assistant to migrate my old profile but that one fails too in this case I get a “migration unexpectedly quit try again later”.
    Does anyone have any clue what’s going on. I just want to recover my old system.

  48. Clee says:

    I don’t mean to be a killjoy, especially considering I myself would love to utilise these patches, but has anyone considered the risks in terms of opening yourself up to being hacked / backdoors by running a patched OS? The OS is the foundation of your system security, so running a patched version of it essentially places a significant amount of trust in the patch developer, to not have deliberately (or accidentally) compromised the security in such a way that your system could be more easily hacked.

    Interested to know what research others have done on this regard and whether or not there are verifiable reasons why this is not an issue in this case. E.g. is the code for the patching open source and has it been vetted by the development community?

    • ibrs says:

      This is a very valid concern and I think everyone should consider it. With that said, Dosdude has long been a reliable contributor to the Mac community and he’s conversational so if you wish to reach out to him directly with your security questions then it is reasonable to do so. How exactly does the patch work? I believe the Unsupported Mojave Mac install patch works by basically adding support drivers from older MacOS release to MacOS Mojave, probably kernel extensions and so forth for video cards, but this is a guess and not certain.

      But yes as always, caveat emptor! It’s the internet after all!

      Security is important! When in doubt, ask. Still doubt, skip.

  49. Patrick says:

    I have installed this patch, and I’m very happy with this, Thank you very much for that.
    But, on my Macpro 5.1 the brightnescontrol (F2 and F3) is not working anymore. Also my original Apple screen is not recognized.
    I see at the Macwebsite/discussions, I’m not the only one with this problem.
    I supposed it has to do with the videocard HD5750?
    On the other side I’m double happy because now I can use NVME express cards.

  50. Topher says:

    I’m curious – if I create bootable media the “old fashioned” way (via terminal) by using:

    sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –volume /Volumes/(Volumename) –nointeraction –downloadassets

    …is there a way to just run your patch on the already created bootable USB?

  51. Karl Butler says:

    I Installed this a couple of weeks ago on my 27 mid 2011 but with the graphics card being an AMD 5/6 the colours where strange. Does any one know if this has been resolved yet? Took me nearly a full day to get back to high Sierra as my time capsule decided to stop working.

    That’s why I have a back up of my back up 😆

  52. Karl Butler says:

    I I stalled this a couple of weeks ago on my 27 mid 2011 but with the graphics card being an AMD 5/6 the colours where strange. Does any one k own if this has been resolved yet? Took me nearly a full day to get back to high Sierra as my time capsule decided to stop working.

    That’s why I have a back up of my back up 😆

  53. alessio ferraro says:

    Installed on Macpro 3,1. Works fine, but I lost support for the second monitor. I tried with a couple of Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT, but it works only main monitor. Any suggestion?

  54. Mike says:

    Installed on iMac 20 inch, Early 2009. Boots up fine and runs but display brightness cannot be adjusted and is stuck at about 50%. Really test it out being so dim. Any ideas?

  55. macMoja says:

    I attempted using macOS Mojave Patcher v1.2.2, downloaded Mojave as instructed, created the USB installer however after rebooting the USB installer could not be seen. There’s no way to boot from it at all, any ideas?

    • macMoja says:

      Sorry I forgot to mention this is on a Late 2008 (MacBookPro5,1).

      • Oldmanmac says:

        If the flash drive containing the Mojave installer utility doesn’t show up after a restart >hold option, try another USB-2 flash drive.

        Note – The built-in patcher just issued a Blue-tooth patch for the 09 Minis and the mid-10 iMac, haven’t checked on the late-08 Alum MacBook. Restart req’d.

        These old patched machines are now more stable than they were in Mavericks or Yosemite.

  56. OliverTWist says:

    I installed the patcher and Mojave on my Mid-2010 MacBook Pro 17″, and I was very enthalled with smoother video playback on VLC app. Everything works beautifully as usual.

    However, I had a serious issue with my Mid-2010 iMac 27″ with ATI Radeon HD 5750. After flawless installation and patches, the display showed weird colour substitution and was really giving me lot of headache. All blue colours were substituted with orange and such. Disappointed, I reverted my iMac back to High Sierra. I will wait until somebody figured a way to patch the video issue.

    • Oldmanmac says:

      On a mid-2010 21.5″ iMac with the ATI Radeon HD4670 in FHD the image is better than El Capitan. Movies played with IINA are sharp and clear even served off the hdd. Mojave also runs perfectly on a ’08 Aluminum Macbook with SSD, the wi-fi works unchanged.

      Hopefully, everyone used the latest installer patch to build their installer drive?

      • daniel says:

        Hi. Did this work with your 4670? it states that iMac11,x (systems with AMD Radeon HD 5xxx and 6xxx series GPUs will be almost unusable when running Catalina.) but nothing about the 4 series.

    • lupa says:

      I also tried to install on iMac mid 2011 21.5 but same problem, colors are reversed blu->orange and orange->blu, very strange, AMD radeon hd 6750m

      • lupa says:

        Known issues:

        – AMD Radeon HD 5xxx/6xxx series GPU acceleration:

        Weird colors will also be produced when running Mojave with one of these video cards installed/enabled.

  57. Kris says:

    I did the install and all of a sudden the colors are funny like what’s supposed to be blue is like yellow orange. And all colors look whack. Any fixes on this?

    • OliverTwist says:

      Yes, I have same issue, too, on my Mid-2010 iMac 27″. It is due to ATI Radeon HD 5— and 6— video cards that can’t handle Metal software. Hopefully, somebody would write the patch to fix this issue as I am not ready to replace my 9-year-old iMac with newer one.

  58. Robert M says:

    I’ve been using DosDudes patches on various machines with Sierra, High Sierra, and now Mojave. He is incredibly talented, publishes timely updates, and is very responsive to feedback and suggestions. I hope everyone that downloads his programs will be kind enough to leave him a generous donation for his time and efforts! There is a PayPal donation link on his download page. Enjoy!

  59. bwaje says:

    Will I be able to make updates to this tricky Mojave install later ? in other words, do the system or app updates from Apple risk to be blocked in the future ?

    • Robert M says:

      The later versions of DosDudes High Sierra patcher worked fine with updates via the App store. Since Mojave now utilizes a different software update mechanism via Preferences instead of the App store, it remains to be seen how Mojave updates will work with the patcher in the future, but other non-macOS related updates are appearing perfectly. I get the feeling the new update mechanism will be less troublesome overall, which is why Apple probably switched in the first place. In any case DosDude is very resourceful. If an issue arises, based on my prior experiences, he is very likely fix it and release an update to the Mojave patcher. I would not be too concerned. P.S. Remember to support & donate!

  60. Oldmanmac says:

    Have tried all of the dosdude patches, all perform nicely. The Mojave Patch illuminates Apple as being greedy and AGEIST!

    A large segment of the Mac community of users are well over 55 years old, many are retired on a fixed income. Soon, many will be forced to purchase newer hardware to use the current and pending OS iterations.

    FYI! Mojave runs PERFECTLY on a mid-10 iMac AFPS partition HDD with High Sierra on the HFS partition. The early 09 Minis w/SSD (HFS ONLY on the early 09 Minis) 8GB RAM are more nimble than El Capitan on Mojave but require USB WI-FI.(EDIMAX EW-7822ULC works great w/the Sierra drivers found on their website) Mojave becomes quite calm after a SMC reset, PRAM zap and command-S restart. The visual anomalies are diminished by selecting LCD font smoothing in General and Reduce motion, Increase contrast in Accessibility>Display from the System Preferences.

    SHAME on Apple for STEALING from grandpas wallet and grannies purse, exploiting their loyalty and trust for a few dollars more.

    Apple is a telephone maker, computers are a burden for them.


    • Rob in Katy says:

      His patch worked great on the initial install. Not sure if it was my freaky 2011 MBPro with glitched graphics card, but I get a hard fault after trying the beta. I may try all the resets and see what happens.

  61. Rob in Katy says:

    I think I am going to give it a shot later this week. I have a couple that don’t require patches that I am going to do first. Sounds like he disables the GPU that is dead in my 17″ BMP to work anyway, so win-win because mine died earlier this year after a $700 repair.

    • Jon says:

      Any updates on this? I have a late 15″ 2011-MBP with a defective GPU, i managed to make it work by forcing the PC to ignore the discreet GPU, it took many different tries before working. So I am now reluctant to upgrade, can you confirm if the patch worked on your 17″?

  62. Dariusz says:

    Just upgraded 15 inch late 2008 MBP 5.1.
    Everything works better then ever !
    It is much faster and looks great also :)

  63. Lee says:

    It works, I can confirm it on a 2008 20″ iMac, very fast, only thing not supported is WiFi. Also installed on a 2010 Macbook, everything supported very fast. I installed a patch from the patch updater yesterday, after that had a problem booting. I zapped the PRAM three times, after that back to normal. What I am waiting for is to see if it still boots after 10.14.1 is installed, after you boot from USB again and rerun the Mac OS Patcher, if that works then its going on my 2011 Mac Mini too. Apple, dont limit things like this to sell more hardware, dont you have enough money already?

    • Liam says:

      Going by the ‘Sierra’ and ‘High Sierra’ patches I’ve been running on my MacPro 3,1s updates run without any problem. Although in my case, I typically need to wait a day or two for the NVIDIA pascal drivers to be updated.

  64. Michael says:

    Install on Mac Pro 3,1 went great. However, seem to have lost 2nd monitor support with my upgraded NVidia GeForce 8800 GT card.

  65. moby says:

    I want to see what would happen if you took a Mac with a patched OS to the Apple Store and told them that you have issues with the OS.

  66. Dimeji says:

    The patcher is worth every bit of the hype. The previous versions worked on High Sierra flawlessly, and with the exception of attributes related to Metal, does everything compatible machines do, especially if there is a fast SSD in the machines. One of the best mods, ever. I am running a 17″ MBP from 2008 and it IS running Mojave like a champ. Make a backup of your oldest machine and try it out… then come back and tell us if it is worth it.

  67. FarmerBob says:

    I’ve been using his Patches since Sierra and they work great. They are complete and totally inclusive of everything you’ll need. Very refreshing that I don’t have to hunt down anything that may not be included. The ironic thing is that the “forbidden OS’s” are running far better than the “permitted” ones. This guy is great!!!

    And as always “Migration Assistant” DOES NOT WORK after the fact. Will be trying it along with the install like I was planning on doing, except it would not see any of my backups. That’s worked for me in the past. Had to do an updated Time Machine that was seen but most of the important files that are needed for app support did not transfer. Or will just do an update over my current working OS that was the backup that didn’t get transferred.

    • Lee says:

      Its never a good idea to use migration assitants or perform an upgrade install. Always better to do fresh installs

      • FarmerBob says:

        I have been through all the variation of installing OS’s since the mid-90’s. Even discovered that you can rerun the OS over an install to “clean it up” or “refresh it”. Found this out while I was on hold with Apple Engineering while a friend was checking around to see if you could do it. I thought why not and did it. When he came back, he said they did know. I told him that you could and the results were wonderful. Not long after Apple TS started recommending doing that as a fix.

        I have found that Migration Asst works great at install, not after. Fresh installs are the best and I love them. But I don’t usually have the time. Even freshing installs doing an Install Migration, “THAT I WOULD NEVER DO BEFORE”, works nicely pulls over all the new gen deeply hidden files that are needed to run some software that leaves you with the install the way you left it and no resetting it up.

        Just my 2.5¢ worth from trial by fire and having to fix hundreds of machines throughout the years.

    • greywolf says:

      • Forget Migration Assistant.
      • Make a current TimeMachine backup.
      • Do a clean install of Mojave.
      • Attach your TimeMachine drive and open it to your last backup. Navigate to your User directory and copy over your documents, iTunes Library, Photos Library (if you’re *not using iCloud Photos) and any other personal data.
      • Don’t try to copy 3rd-party applications — it usually doesn’t work, in one way or another. Just reinstall your 3rd-party stuff. Yes, it requires time, but it’s worth it.

    • israel says:

      will the ethernet port still wok on my 2009 mac mini

  68. Aldrin says:

    I have a mid air 2011, can I install this way?

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