Get a Fancy Animated Apple Logo Screensaver for Mac

May 3, 2019 - 13 Comments

Brooklyn animated Apple logo screen saver

If you’re looking for a unique Apple-themed screensaver for the Mac, the free third party Brooklyn screen saver offers a fun collection of stylized and fanciful animations of the Apple logo.

The animated Apple logos used in the Brooklyn screensaver appear to be based on various Apple logo animations seen during an Apple event from fall of 2018, presumably the creator of the screensaver extracted the logos from an event video or from some other means. Whatever the case, the screen saver is really quite nice, and it works with the optional clock setting too which many Mac screen saver users appreciate.

This is third party software and not an official screen saver from Apple, it was put together by a user on Github where it is available to download for free. The description of the screen saver on Github is as follows: “Brooklyn Screen Saver by Pedro Carrasco based on the animations presented during Apple Special Event (October 30, 2018) from the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House.”

How to Download & Install the Brooklyn Animated Apple Logo Screensaver

  1. Download the Brooklyn screen saver from GitHub here
  2. To install the screensaver, right-click on the ‘Brooklyn.saver’ file and choose ‘Open’, or install the screensaver manually by placing it into a users ~/Library/Screen Savers/ directory
  3. From the “Screensaver” preference panel, locate and select “Brooklyn” to choose that as the screensaver on the Mac
  4. Selecting the Brooklyn screen saver

You can preview the screensaver or use it immediately, but to really appreciate it you have to see the animations of the Apple logo artwork abstractions yourself.

Animated Apple logo screen saver for Mac called Brooklyn

The description of the screen saver on Github is as follows: “Brooklyn Screen Saver by Pedro Carrasco based on the animations presented during Apple Special Event (October 30, 2018) from the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House.” The animated GIF below demonstrating some of the animations is borrowed from @pedrommcarrasco Github page as well.

Brooklyn animated apple logo screen saver

If this screensaver isn’t doing it for you, there are many other options out there. Some of the other favorites are using third party screensavers for playing a video as a screensaver, using a website as a screen saver, using an animated gif as a screensaver, using the Apple TV screensavers on the Mac (and the spaces ones too), and there are many other screen savers we have discussed before too.

An animated Apple logo screen saver called Brooklyn

Whichever screensaver you use (or don’t use) you’ll want to remember to lock the screen with a password so that data on the Mac has some privacy when not it’s not actively in use by you. The newest versions of macOS includes a Lock Screen shortcut for quickly enabling that, though if you want to enjoy a screen saver before locking the screen then often a hot corner for enabling the screensaver is a better approach.

Brooklyn Apple logo screen saver on Mac

Thanks to Erin for passing this link via RedmondPie.


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  1. Irwin Valdiviezo says:

    Not working after installing Big Sur Beta 6.

  2. Leonardo says:

    It works perfectly on macOS Catalina, I loved the screen saver

  3. anon says:

    Worked perfectly, really cool and interesting effects nice!!

  4. Orema Nelson says:

    Very cool, indeed! Thank you.

  5. Luke Lindblom says:

    Looks great on 5K iMac. Thanks!

  6. ASentientBot says:

    Dun – you can copy them from Macs in the Apple Store from ~/Library/Application Support/Pricing/. I’ve collected most of them from the last couple years this way.

    On iPads/iPhones, the only way I’ve found is to make a screen recording, which isn’t great. They are usually the same as the Mac ones though anyways.

    • Renan says:

      Wow that’s a cool trick, never thought about getting the Apple Store screensavers.

      It looks like they are movies, I searched the web and someone gathered them and posted them to a Google Drive location they are a bunch of movie files that were copied from the Apple Stores, how cool:

      The question then becomes, how is Apple playing the movies as their screen saver on the Mac and iPad in stores? Someone would have to find that screen saver file for Mac, not sure for iPad.

  7. Eric says:

    No joy on MB Pro or MB Air (both using Mojave 1.4) or Mini (El Cap). Installations worked but either received msg that Saver needed to be updated to my OS (Mojave) or Saver defaulted to default ugly Mac wavy saver. So no joy on 3 installs. Even went to second site to d/l recent version and no joy there.

  8. Craig says:

    After installing, none of my screensavers show up in the list of screensavers that previously had about 15. Not even Brooklyn. Running the latest macOS. Is there a plist somewhere that I can restore from Time machine that will bring them back?

  9. Angelo Dicerni says:

    screen saver won’t run after install. Says it doesn’t work with my OS. Running Mojave 10.14.4

  10. Dun says:

    How does one get those awesome screensavers they use in the apple store for their display iPads?

  11. Noobmaster69 says:

    Looks nice, but its 16:9 and in a 16:10 monitors you can clearly see bars at the top and bottom. Too distracting.

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