Enjoy Four ASMR Videos from Apple – Crunching, Whispering, Woodworking, Rain

Aug 8, 2019 - 6 Comments

Apple ASMR videos

Apple has released a series of interesting ASMR videos to listen to and enjoy with headphones on. The videos emphasize different sounds, like falling rain, the sounds of boots on a trail, the sounds of workworking, and the sound of someone whispering. Apple recommends wearing headphones for the best experience.

ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is apparently supposed to trigger positive feelings or tingling in the listener in a similar way to using a scalp massager.

The Apple ASMR videos have been embedded below for trying out yourself, Apple says they are best enjoyed wearing a set of headphones.

If you have never heard of ASMR before (and you certainly wouldn’t be alone), then you can read more about ASMR here.

The series of videos were apparently all shot with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but with additional professional hardware and software presumably to capture the high quality sounds.

Apple ASMR — Satisfying woodshop sounds

Apple YouTube describes the work working video as: “ASMR, shot and recorded on iPhone, to relax wherever you are. Savor the rhythmic sounds of wood as it’s scraped and shaved into a work of art.”

Apple ASMR – A calm rain at camp

“Apple ASMR — A calm rain at camp — Shot on iPhone” features the sounds of rain falling on a tent and in the outdoors, and the sounds of rain falling on various camping gear like pots and pans, and rain falling on an inflatable camp mattress (not to judge anyone but I personally like to sleep on a dry bed).

The Apple YouTube channel describes this video as “ASMR, shot and recorded on iPhone, to relax wherever you are. Immerse yourself in the delicate tapping of rainfall, without getting wet.”

Apple ASMR — Crunching sounds on the trail

Apple YouTube describes the trail crunch video as “ASMR, shot and recorded on iPhone, to relax wherever you are. Follow the satisfying crunch underfoot, wherever the trail takes you.”

Apple ASMR — Whispers from Ghost Forest

Apple YouTube describes the ‘Whispers’ video as “ASMR, shot and recorded on iPhone, to relax wherever you are. Unwind with the whispered legend of Ghost Forest.”

Did you put on some over-ear headphones and try out the ASMR videos from Apple? Did you feel relaxed or tingling or anything notable? Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below!


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  1. Greg says:

    The woodworking sounds like fingernails on a blackboard. The rain on a tent, been there done that, too many times. If I was walking with someone who made that much noise walking on a trail, I would not walk with them a second time. And the whispering, just annoying and creepy.
    No thanks.

  2. Dale Mackie says:

    When I want background noise I go over to Rainy Cafe, a site by Focusme.com.
    It has samples of cafe, and rain storm.
    You can find it at: http://rainycafe.com/

  3. Ike Dey says:

    The rain makes me feel cold and alone, not calm.
    The whispers feels like a psychotic episode
    The crunching walker feels like someone is stalking me, like in a horror flick.

    I don’t know who thought these sounds were in any way peaceful or calming, but they must be a little “off”.

    • JJ says:

      The woodworking video reminds me of the sounds of being at a dental cleaning, with tartar being scraped off of teeth. I don’t particularly find that to be relaxing, but to each their own.

      The whisper video I think is creepy. The rain is OK. The crunching boots sounds too fake, I walk every day and it never sounds like that no matter the surface, maybe if you were walking on crumbled pumice stone.

      Apple seems to be doing a whole lot nowadays without a lot of focus, repeating the 1990s. I can’t wait for the clothing catalog next!

  4. Mike says:

    I listened and watched a YouTube video of the walking through the forest. I used new apple airpods. Total disappointment. Tinny sounding, not at all like the natural sound. Unimpressed.

  5. David Chamberlin says:

    The woodworking video is fine – the crunching in the forest put my teeth on edge, and the whispers is just plain creepy. The rainy camp only reminded me of a… rainy camp. Sorry, Apple, all very impressive but not for me!

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