All New MacBook Pro 16″ Released, Up to 64GB RAM & 8TB SSD

Nov 13, 2019 - 6 Comments

MacBook Pro 16 inch model

Apple has released an all new 16″ MacBook Pro, replacing the prior 15″ MacBook Pro model.

The new MacBook Pro laptop features a larger screen with a higher resolution, a redesigned keyboard that returns to the scissor design mechanism and a physical Escape key, 9th generation Intel six core and eight-core processors, up to 64GB RAM, up to 8TB of SSD storage, better GPU, and offers other improvements.

16″ MacBook Pro Tech Specs

  • 16″ LCD display at 3072×1920 with 500 nits of brightness
  • 2.6ghz 6-core Intel Core i7 CPU, upgradeable to 2.3ghz 8-core Core i9 CPU
  • 16GB RAM, up to 64GB RAM
  • 512GB storage, up to 8TB SSD storage
  • 4 USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Magic Keyboard with physical Escape key
  • Touch Bar
  • Touch ID
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5300M GPU 4GB VRAM, upgradeable to 5500M with 8GB VRAM
  • Larger 100Wh battery
  • Improved speakers and internal microphones
  • Available in Space Gray or Silver

MacBook Pro 16

The all new 16″ MacBook Pro starts at $2399 for the base model, which is equipped with a 2.6ghz 6-core CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and AMD Radeon 5300M video card.

Apple has created a promo video for the all new 16″ MacBook Pro, showing a variety of creative professionals using the new computer. That promo video is embedded below for viewing:

Interested users can order the MacBook Pro 16″ now at, where it is now available for purchase and customization, though the ship times may vary depending on if or what you select with the Mac laptop. Interested buyers can also find the new MacBook Pro on for sale as well, in various configurations and with varying ship times.

MacBook Pro 16

Many Mac laptop users will be particularly excited about the new keyboard, which aims to resolve issues experienced by some MacBook Pro users where the keyboard would either jam, result in double typing keys, or otherwise malfunction. Presumably this new keyboard will roll out on other Apple laptops sometime next year or in their next redesign cycles.


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  1. no way says:

    Apple swings and misses again. No touch screen, overpriced, lack of ports.

    • Ian McCallister says:

      Why do people want touch screens on computers? Neither MacOS nor Windows is built for touch, the tap targets are too small.

      Touch is so imprecise, it works for children on little tablets and on our phones, but any adult who needs precision uses a cursor. This touch screen on a computer idea is unfortunate as well because it has led Apple to think people want that so they’re creating weird compromises like the Touch Bar (yuck) and Catalina with iPad apps on the Mac (horrible). We are getting a Toaster Fridge when what Mac power users want is a powerful professional Mac.

      Anyway, I like some of the new MacBook Pro 16″ but I DO wish it had more ports, HDMI, USB-A, SD card, heck even more USB-C ports. It has a huge body, they have the room for it… just stubborn not to.

      Glad to see the Escape key return.

      Disappointed the Touch Bar still exists, I’d rather have function keys. If Apple thought Touch Bar was that great, they should have forced it onto the keyboards of the new billion dollar Mac Pro and let that class of ultra-spend users suffer it too.

      Pricing is about comparable to before, and on upper end models is expensive, but given where the outlandish price of Mac Pro starts ($10,000!) this is about as good a Mac as you can buy for the price now. The iMac Pro hasn’t been updated, maybe they forgot about it? The Mac is a distant thought for Apple today.

      The new Apple is more interested in Oprah and Hollywood elbow rubbing with Hollywood culture TV shows and news tabloid/outrage/propaganda, and Services which is making sure Wall Street is happy.

    • Arnav A. says:

      Clearly someone who has not used an apple computer!

      Apple haptic trackpads (present in every mac computer) work like magic and are far superior to touchscreens in every way imaginable. To add to that, neither the hardware not the software is built for touch.

      Also, this laptop is very well priced. “Overpriced” is a slippery slope and only makes a fool of the person alleging it in a free market.

  2. Alex says:

    The old fashioned keyboard, with the Esc key and the arrow keys in an inverted‑T arrangement.

    Finally Apple happens to be a master in design again such as it used to be, having learned something about ergonomics from his mistakes.

  3. HT1967 says:

    Nice! Fighting with Apple to get my 15″ MBP keyboard fixed. Countless trips to Apple “genius” bar meetings, repairs that can’t the fix the problem as the problem is fundamental – a design problem. Just explanations (I guess I am using my keyboard wrong). Even when I turned my laptop upside down (few keys dropping on the counter) they denied any problem. Only after mentioning the lawsuit they fixed mine (by replacing top case). The problem comes back after weeks…

    Now I should scrap mine and buy new 16″???


  4. JohnIL says:

    Yep, slightly bigger, a regression back to a good keyboard with proper key travel. Better speakers, and slightly larger batter. I can see why Apple did not think it needed a “event” to introduce it.

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