iOS 14.6 Battery Life Draining Issues? 8 Tips to Help

Jun 1, 2021 - 8 Comments

iOS 14.6 Battery Life Draining

Some iPhone and iPad users have reported that battery life is suffering after updating to iOS 14.6 on their device.

Battery draining issues are reported after virtually every system software update, and often issues with battery life are simply the natural result of installing a software update and the associated tasks that go on in the background after that update is installed.

Nonetheless sometimes there are bigger issues, bugs, or other quirks that can cause battery draining problems and reduced battery life of iPhone after installing an iOS software update.

In the case of iOS 14.6, a fair number of iPhone users are reporting battery life has reduced, sometimes notably so. Often this is accompanied by the iPhone feeling hot, or feeling as if the iPhone is overheating.

An iPhone that is warm to the touch and also suffering bad battery life is typically indicative of some process or app running, whether in the foreground or background of the device, or perhaps even at a system level.

While there is not always a clear culprit, some users have reported that the Podcasts app appears to be using inordinate amounts of energy, particularly in the background, even if the app is not in active use. Other users have reported that Mail seems to be the issue, while others have reported their battery drains particularly fast when using Safari or that their iPhone gets hot while using Safari.

8 Tips for Improving Battery Life Issues in iOS 14.6

Here are some helpful tips to help improve battery life on iPhone or iPad experiencing battery issues:

  • Leave the iPhone (or iPad) plugged in and online overnight for background system tasks to complete
  • Disable Background App Refresh via Settings > General > Background App Refresh > OFF
  • Review the Battery overview on your iPhone for leads on what the issue is by going to Settings > Battery
  • If Podcasts app seems to be the problem, consider deleting the Podcasts app (long press on the Podcasts icon, then choose “Remove App”) and using an alternate podcast app for the time being, like Overcast
  • Use Low Power Mode to prolong battery life (Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode > ON)
  • Update apps via App Store
  • Install iOS / iPadOS updates when they become available
  • Review additional tips about improving battery life of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for iPhone and iPad

As mentioned earlier, battery issues are commonly reported after installing system software updates for iOS and iPadOS, and in that respect battery issues being reported with iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 are nothing new. If there is an actual issue that is related to a bug or some other quirk with the system software itself, Apple will certainly release a software update in the near future to address that.

This particular issue regarding iOS 14.6 has been griped about widely on social media and Twitter, and MacRumors noted an increase in their forum activity for the topic. Whether or not this is out of the ordinary for an iOS update cycle remains to be seen.

Are you having battery problems with iPhone with iOS 14.6, or iPad with iPadOS 14.6? Did you find a particular culprit for battery draining? What tip (if any) helped resolve your battery issues? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Jim says:

    Never had a battery life issue with 14.6. However, with the 14.7.1 update my battery is draining like crazy

  2. Wilf Forrow says:

    My biggest battery saver was before iOS 14.6, by disabling “Raise to wake”, in Display and brightness. I found my Screen was coming on in my breast pocket all the time.

  3. Larry says:

    When I installed iPadOS14.6 on my iPad Gen 5 the battery began draining immediately. I did or checked all the items in the article with no change to the drain issue. I then cleared the memory, all website data, reset Network settings and performed a hard reboot. Again no changes to the battery drain. I then opened each app individually. I found some were not supported by 14.6 and others needed the developer to rewrite the app for use on any iPad. Once all the bad apps were removed the battery draining issue stopped.

  4. Larry says:

    When loaded 14.6 on my iPad Gen 5 the battery drained rapidly. I went through all the steps in the article without an difference. I then opened each app on the iPad and found many no longer supported by iPad 14.6/Apple or the developer no longer supported the app. Once I removed the offending apps the battery drain issue stopped. Afterwards I cleared all website data, memory, reset the network settings and conducted a hard reboot. The iPad now works normally.

  5. Phil says:

    Go to setting/ notifications/ messages and turn on notifications there.

  6. Jim Coleman says:

    Now, if only OSXDaily can tell me how to set up my XR so I receive notifications/alerts when I get an iMessage or text I’ll be happy.

    This necessary feature stopped cold when I upgraded to iOS 14 way back when and nothing I’ve tried since has worked.

    Thanks for your help.

  7. Liz says:

    Googled when my battery was going down quickly after 14.6 update. It noted to leave Ipad on over night and also noted to clean the charging port out for fluff, grit etc with air pressure pack. Did both of these and then forced restarted and all was good again. So, in all of this, I would try leaving it on overnight and then force start as well as turn off background refresh. Seems like what has been suggested in this report above about leaving on charge over night fixes the problem. And finally, in IOS 14.6 there is no Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode > ON) option to allow us to do that as also stated above.

    • Paul says:

      All iPhone models running iOS 14.6 support Low Power Mode, the iPad does not.

      You can access the toggle in Battery settings, or through Control Center

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