How to Reboot Apple Studio Display

May 19, 2022 - 3 Comments

Apple Studio Display 5k

The Apple Studio Display is a beautiful monitor and screen, both visually and in terms of the picture quality.

But sometimes the Apple Studio Display misbehaves, and problems can happen with it that require the Apple Studio Display to restart. Maybe the sound has stopped working properly or at all, the web camera is frozen, or the resolution won’t change. With no physical buttons on the Apple Studio Display, how do you restart the screen? It’s a little comical, but the solution to reboot the monitor is easy enough.

How to Restart the Apple Studio Display

  1. Physically disconnect the power cable to the Apple Studio Display from the power outlet
  2. Wait 5 seconds or so and then plug the power cable back in again

Yes literally unplugging and plugging in the Apple Studio Display is how you restart it.

There are no physical button on the Apple Studio Display, so just going straight to the power source is how you handle a reboot on the monitor, not quite as elegant as the screens design.

It turns out that the Apple Studio Display runs iOS, just like an iPhone does (or iPadOS, tvOS, or watchOS, which are also based on iOS… which is based on MacOS… evolution!), and so it shouldn’t be completely surprising that occasionally the device needs to restart, even if that is highly unusual for a computer monitor. But the Apple Studio Display is more than a computer monitor given that its running iOS, it’s technically a full blown computer. One wonders if the display will be jailbroken down the road, and if it will ever be able to run iOS full screen… that would be interesting. But anyway.

So just unplug your Apple Studio Display, then plug it back in again, and that’s how you restart the display.

Do you know of another method to restart the Apple Studio Display? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Perry Brandston says:

    “easy enough”? To get down on my knees to bring back the audio, only to have it drop again 4 seconds later?
    If I didn’t need the image quality I’d have chucked this through the window of the Apple Store.

  2. JohnIL says:

    When your monitor has to reboot that’s when you start to wonder if there is too much tech inside. Sorry, I just want a monitor that turns on and displays a picture. The Apple Studio display just seems way over engineered .

    • Dyn says:

      Agreed completely. Apple Monitor is monitor running iOS for what reason? Why can’t we use iOS on the monitor if it’s running iOS anyway, like a big iPad with a mouse attached?

      This is like the new ‘smart’ appliances that crash and require software updates – no thank you! Remember when appliances just worked when you plugged them in or turned them on? The 1960’s were more advanced than today in some ways in terms of user experience, and certainly at least more practical.

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