17 Numbers Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad

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Numbers for iPad keyboard shortcuts

The Numbers spreadsheet application for iPad includes quite a few useful keyboard shortcuts for when the iPad is connected to an external keyboard.

If you use Numbers for iPad regularly, you’ll almost certainly benefit from knowing these keystroke combinations to perform various actions within the Numbers app. So grab your iPad keyboard and launch the Numbers app, and get learning!

We’ve got a broad range of keyboard shortcuts for Numbers on iPad to learn and master, and you’ll be glad to know many of these.

17 Keyboard Shortcuts for Numbers on iPad

  • Insert Sheet – Shift Command N
  • Go to Previous Sheet – Shift Command [
  • Go to Next Sheet – Shift Command ]
  • Find – Command F
  • Insert Tab – Option Tab
  • Send to Back – Shift Command B
  • Increase Font Size – Command +
  • Decrease Font Size – Command –
  • Bold – Command B
  • Italic – Command i
  • Underline – Command U
  • Copy Style – Option Command C
  • Copy – Command C
  • Paste – Command V
  • Cut – Command X
  • Navigate Cells – Arrow Keys (left, up, right, down)
  • Close Numbers back to iPad Home Screen – Command H

Like many other iPad apps, you can see an on-screen overview cheatsheet Numbers keyboard shortcuts by holding down the Command key on an external keyboard while within the Numbers app.

Numbers for iPad keyboard shortcut cheat sheet accessed by COMMAND key

And like all other iPad apps, the iPad copy, cut, and paste commands are the same for Numbers as they are in other iOS apps, and those keystrokes are the same on Mac too. Many of the keystrokes shown are shared between the Mac and iPad apps as well, so if you use Numbers on both platforms you’ll find the keystrokes tend to apply to both.

If you found this useful, you’d probably also appreciate learning keyboard shortcuts for other iPad apps too including Pages, Keynote, Notes, Files, Chrome, typing the ESC key if it’s missing from the keyboard, and others too.

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the main benefits to using a physical keyboard connected to an iPad, and whether it’s something like the iPad Magic Keyboard, iPad Smart Keyboard, a Brydgetech keyboard, a keyboard case, or an iPad stand with an external keyboard on a desk, you’ll find that using a keyboard with the iPad is a worthwhile addition for many iPad scenarios.

Do you know of some other helpful Numbers for iPad tips or keystrokes? Share your knowledge with us in the comments below!


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