How to Install Windows WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

Mar 31, 2024 - Leave a Comment

Installing Windows WSL

If you’re a Windows user, whether on a PC, in a dual boot environment with Boot Camp on an Intel Mac, or you’re running Windows 11 in a virtual machine on an Apple Silicon Mac, you may have an interest in installing Windows Subsystem for Linux, or WSL.

Windows Subsystem for Linux puts a full Ubuntu Linux shell on a Windows PC that is accessible from the command prompt or PowerShell. If you have a Mac background, you can think of Windows WSL as kind of like what Terminal and HomeBrew is for MacOS, since MacOS has a BSD shell available at any time through the command line.

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Fix “warning: unable to access /Users/Name/.config/git/attributes Permission Denied” Errors

Mar 30, 2024 - Leave a Comment

Unable to access config git attributes and other files with permission denied error at the command line

If you’re at the command line and perhaps interacting with Homebrew, Git, or similar, you may run into an error message that says something like the following “warning: unable to access /Users/Name/.config/git/attributes” : Permission denied”.

This error message sounds more alarming than it is in most cases, but regardless, you likely want to fix the error and remedy the permissions issue so that you no longer receive the ‘unable to access ~/.config/git/attributes’ error message.

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How to Fix the Apple Watch Squiggly Charging Cable Screen

Mar 29, 2024 - 1 Comment

Fix the Apple Watch squiggly line screen with a lightning bolt

If you have an Apple Watch, or you just bought an Apple Watch, you may occasionally run into a situation where the Apple Watch displays a squiggly line charging cable on the screen, sometimes with a little lightning bolt icon as well. Some people have even referred to this screen as the ‘green snake screen’ or ‘red snake screen’ because it also kind of looks like the old snake video game. If you see this screen, you’ve probably noticed by now that the Apple Watch will not turn on at all, instead it just shows that screen image.

If you see the squiggly line screen on your Apple Watch display, this is actually pretty easy to fix, but you’ll need to have some patience.

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Apple Deals: Save Up to $125 Off New M3 MacBook Air 15″ in 16GB / 512GB

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MacBook Air 15 inch starlight

The M3 MacBook Air 15″ model may be brand new, but Amazon is already offering up to 7% off the fantastic Mac laptop in certain configurations.

Specifically, you can get the base model M3 MacBook Air with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD for $1204 (down from $1299), but even better is the upgraded model with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD for $1574 (down from $1699).

The MacBook Air 15″ features the powerful M3 chip, 15.3″ Liquid Retina display, 1080p FaceTime camera, support for two external displays when in clamshell mode, a MagSafe Charger, two thunderbolt / USB-C ports, Touch ID, a great backlit keyboard, and excellent energy efficiency and battery life.

Save Up To $125 on the 15″ M3 MacBook Air!

The M3 MacBook Air 15″ currently discounted 7% at Amazon in select configurations:

As usual, stock changes quickly at Amazon, so you’ll want to grab the deal you like if you see it, and if it’s out of stock then checking again later will often return the same deal, or in a different configuration or color option.

Separately, you can also get the M3 13″ MacBook Air at 5% off (save $50 from MSRP) if you’d rather have a smaller display and lighter laptop to be working with.

Big AirPods Savings

You can also save $50 on the all new AirPods Pro 2nd generation with USB-C charging, or take $30 off the AirPods 2nd gen with Lightning charging.

FTC: OSXDaily is an affiliate partner with Amazon, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment which goes towards keeping the site running. Shopping on Amazon from our links is a helpful way to support this site, at no cost to you.

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Can You Stop Mirroring Camera on MacBook? Yes… Sometimes

Mar 28, 2024 - Leave a Comment

Can you stop mirroring Mac video camera

You may have noticed while on a video call or teleconference that your video is mirrored, or flipped, by default on the Mac. Mirrored video means the image on screen is what you see when looking in a mirror, not your regular orientation from an observers perspective, thus the name. This is the case with all MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac computers, each with a built-in front facing FaceTime camera.

You might be wondering if you can change the default mirror video camera effect, and the answer to that is yes, but it’s not universal.

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NewsToday2: What it is & How to Disable NewsToday2 on Mac

Mar 27, 2024 - 3 Comments

NewsToday2 process running on. Mac and using system resources like CPU

Some Mac users have discovered a process named “NewsToday2” running on their Mac, typically found after they’ve noticed a slowdown on their machine, or if they’re browsing through active processes running in MacOS.

We’re going to dive into the NewsToday2 process in MacOS, discuss what it is, and show you how to stop it from running and disable NewsToday2 on the Mac.

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By Jamie Cuevas - Mac OS, Troubleshooting - 3 Comments

Create a Resume with Pages on Mac, iPhone, iPad

Mar 26, 2024 - Leave a Comment

How to create a resume in Pages for Mac, iPhone, or iPad

Creating a resume is one of those tasks that can be stressful, but it does not need to be if you’re in the Apple ecosystem. That’s because your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, all have a readily accessible series of resume templates that you can access.

Whether it’s updating a resume into a new format, or creating an entirely new resume, we’ll show you how you can easily make a resume on Mac, iPhone, or iPad, by using the bundled Pages app.

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WWDC 2024 Set for June 10-14, Expect iOS 18, macOS 15, visionOS 2, etc

Mar 26, 2024 - 2 Comments

WWDC 2024

Apple has announced their annual developer conference, WWDC, will take place from June 10 to June 14 of this year.

The majority of WWDC 2024 will be online, however there will be an in-person event and keynote speech on June 10, at Apple’s Cupertino California headquarters.

Apple typically unveils new versions of upcoming system software at the Worldwide Developer Conference, and this year we can assume that iOS 18, MacOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 11, tvOS 18, and visionOS 2 will debut.

Sometimes Apple announces new products or hardware at WWDC as well, though it’s unclear if that will happen this year.

Apple is also expected to focus prominently on AI, or Artificial Intelligence, at WWDC 2024, where it’s rumored that AI helper components will be built into operating systems and individual apps.

Separately, there are reports from Bloomberg that Apple has been in talks with Google to use the Gemini AI product to power various AI features on iPhone. Gemini is a large language model from Google that launched recently as a ChatGPT competitor, but not without some controversy regarding certain subjects, accuracy, and image generations. ChatGPT has also been shown to include many of the same troubles and biases. A recent study commissioned by the US government determined that AI could potentially pose an “extinction-level threat to the human species.” Despite all of those reasonable concerns, AI tools like Gemini and ChatGPT are incredibly useful for completing day-to-day tasks, and it’s likely that Apple will use these tools in helpful ways.

If you’re a developer, student, or simply interested in Apple’s annual developer conference, be sure to visit the Apple Developer WWDC24 page here.

By Ali Khan - News - 2 Comments

MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1 Update Released with Bug Fixes & Security Updates

Mar 25, 2024 - Leave a Comment

MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1 update for Mac is available to download now

Apple has released macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 as an update for Mac users running the Sonoma operating system.

The software update includes bug fixes and security enhancements, and appears to resolve the USB hub and external monitor issues that some Mac users were experiencing with macOS Sonoma 14.4 update.

Separately, macOS Ventura 13.6.6 is also available for Mac users running the Ventura operating system. These updates are concurrent with the already released iOS 17.4.1 and iPadOS 17.4.1, which were released the week prior.

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How to Use the Apple Watch Keyboard: Typing on Apple Watch Directly, & with Dictation, or iPhone

Mar 25, 2024 - Leave a Comment

Use the Apple Watch keyboard

The Apple Watch may be small and on your wrist, but believe it or not the Apple Watch also has a keyboard. Yes, even with the small screen, you can use a full size QWERTY keyboard on Apple Watch to type things out, whether it’s a quick response to a message, or an email.

In addition to the keyboard feature, there are other ways to type on Apple Watch as well, including Dictation, and by using iPhone keyboard. Let’s check out these great features to empower your Apple Watch usage.

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Use Both Dark & Light Mode Themes Per App on Mac with Gray

Mar 24, 2024 - Leave a Comment

Gray app lets you mix dark mode theme and light mode theme per app on MacOS

Mac users have the option of using either the Light theme or Dark mode theme of MacOS, or they can have the system theme change with the time of day automatically on a schedule. But what if you prefer one theme over the other for some apps, but not others? What if you want some apps to be Dark mode themed, while others you want to be Light mode themed?

While this is a somewhat niche scenario, you can mix and match your MacOS apps into both Dark mode and Light mode simultaneously, with the help of a free third party tool called Gray.

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How Secure are Personal Hotspot Connections from iPhone?

Mar 23, 2024 - 3 Comments

iPhone Personal Hotspot Security

The Personal Hotspot feature on iPhone turns your iPhone cellular connection into a wi-fi hotspot that other nearby devices and computers can use to access the internet. It’s one of those really great features available for iPhone that allows you to work from just about anywhere that you have a cellular connection, and can also be used as a backup internet connection if your primary service goes down. But have you ever wondered how secure an iPhone Personal Hotspot connection is? Is it more secure to use Personal Hotspot instead of the free coffee shop wi-fi?

With the reasonable concerns there are around internet security, it’s not unreasonable to ask how secure a Personal Hotspot connection is that’s created by the iPhone (or cellular iPad, for that matter).

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How to Setup a Timer on Mac with Clock App

Mar 22, 2024 - 4 Comments

How to set a timer on the Mac

Timers have arrived on the Mac with the addition of the Clock app coming to modern versions of MacOS. This is exciting if you’ve long wanted to use a timer on your Mac, whether to set a timer for a project, for your own pomodoro or work, cooking something, how long a break should take, or anything else you might want to use a timer for. Before you could use Siri to set one, but now it’s a dedicated feature within the Clock application, bundled with MacOS.

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By Paul Horowitz - Mac OS, Tips & Tricks - 4 Comments

iOS 17.4.1 Update Released for iPhone & iPad with Bug Fixes & Security Enhancements

Mar 21, 2024 - 1 Comment

iOS 17.4.1 and iPadOS 17.4.1 updates released

Apple has issued iOS 17.4.1 update for iPhone, and iPadOS 17.4.1 update for iPad. The software updates include unspecified bug fixes and security enhancements for iPhone and iPad.

Additionally, iOS 16.7.7 and iPadOS 16.7.7 is available for older iPhone and iPad models, and there’s an update available for Apple Vision Pro’s VisionOS 1.1.1, for users who have the spatial computing headset.

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How to Hide the Clock at MacOS Login Screen

Mar 21, 2024 - Leave a Comment

How to hide the big clock at Mac Login Screen

The Mac login screen and lock screen displays a prominent large clock, with the date and time visible over the wallpaper or screensaver. While many users appreciate having the time and date right there at the login screen, other users may wish to hide the clock, date, and time, from the MacOS login screen.

If you want to have a more minimalist Mac login screen and hide the lock screen clock, read along and you’ll achieve that result quickly.

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Does ‘Find My’ Work Internationally? Using Find My iPhone/Mac/iPad Abroad

Mar 20, 2024 - 4 Comments

Does Find My work internationally if a person or device is abroad

The “Find My” feature is a location tracking service available from Apple for most Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, AirTags, and more. Find My is unique in that it can be used to share your location, keep track of your people’s locations like your friends, family, and loved ones who share their location, but also as a way to locate lost or stolen devices.

With the Find My service, you can quickly see where a person, AirTag, or a device is on a map, and if its your own device, you can lock it down, make it play a sound, or even erase it.

But what if your or your loved one is traveling internationally? What if you’re using an Apple device abroad? Does Find My still work abroad, in other countries? What if the person or device is on a boat in the ocean, or on a cruise, in another country?

These are all reasonable questions to ask, and that’s what we’re here to discuss.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPad, iPhone, Mac OS, Tips & Tricks - 4 Comments

Grab This Beautiful Flower Petal Apple Logo Wallpaper

Mar 19, 2024 - 1 Comment

Apple Jing-an Flower Petal Wallpaper

Apple is opening a new store in the Jing’an district of Shanghai, China, this spring, and to celebrate they’ve released a really beautiful wallpaper of unfolding white and yellow flower petals in the shape of an Apple logo.

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By Ali Khan - Customize - 1 Comment

Why Did My iPhone Alarm Stop Automatically & Turn Itself Off?

Mar 18, 2024 - 2 Comments

Learn why the iPhone alarm turns itself off

If you use your iPhone as an alarm clock, as many iPhone owners do, you may have discovered that if the iPhone alarm is sounding and ringing continuously on it’s own, eventually the iPhone alarm turns itself off automatically.

While this may be confusing if you’re used to old analog alarm clocks that will ring endlessly until directly turned off, the iPhone alarm stopping on its own is actually intentional behavior.

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