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Teenager Sells His Kidney to Buy an iPad 2

Jun 2, 2011 - 15 Comments
Kidney iPad 2

Some stories are so outrageous they are hard to believe, and this is a big WTF: a 17 year old boy in China sold his kidney to an organ broker so that he could buy an iPad 2. As if this story didn’t sound bad enough, now comes the extra bad part; the hospital that … Read More

iPad 2 “If You Asked” Commercial

May 3, 2011 - 8 Comments

Apple has released a new iPad 2 commercial titled “If You Asked” and it follows well in the footsteps of the “We Believe” TV ad that first launched with the device. The audio of the commercial says: If you ask a parent, they might call it intuitive… if you ask a musician, they might call … Read More

iPad vs iPad 2 Speed Comparison Video

Apr 24, 2011 - 5 Comments

Wondering how fast the iPad 2 is compared to an iPad in real world tests? This video of side-by-side speed tests shows typical iPad usage, things like booting, launching various apps, and shutting down. You’ll see the iPad 2 excels in most areas but lags, oddly, in shutting down. If you don’t want to watch … Read More

iPad 2 Shipping Time Now 1-2 Weeks

Apr 20, 2011 - 2 Comments
iPad 2 shipping times down to 1-2 weeks

If you’re still waiting around to find an iPad 2 in stock, you might want to consider ordering online through the Apple Store. Online shipping estimates for iPad 2 have now dropped down to 1-2 weeks for all models, including both colors and all sizes in Wi-Fi only, 3G, and CDMA. This is a significant … Read More

Make Your White iPad 2 Glow

Apr 17, 2011 - 2 Comments
glowing white iPad 2 frame

The white iPad 2 just got even cooler; if you shine a light on the edge of the iPad 2, the white frame lights up in a snazzy glow. The image above was pulled from a YouTube video which is circulating around Twitter that shows off the effect. In the video, an iPhone 4’s camera … Read More

iOS 4.3.2 Download is Available Now

Apr 14, 2011 - 32 Comments

Apple has released iOS 4.3.2 update for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 GSM, iPad, iPad 2, and iPod touch 3rd gen and 4th gen models. The 4.3.2 update includes several security updates and bug fixes, noticeably to resolve freezing FaceTime calls, and the update also resolves a 3G connectivity issue that some iPad users discovered in … Read More

iPad 2 Inventory Scanner Tool Makes Finding an iPad 2 from Target Stores Easier

Apr 13, 2011 - 2 Comments

Just about every morning I call several Apple Stores and ask about their current inventory and availability of iPad 2 models. Up until this week, stores generally had nothing in stock by the time they opened, and the store reps continue to tell me they have lines in the mornings. This has eased up slightly … Read More

3D Graphics on the iPad 2, No Glasses Required

Apr 11, 2011 - 11 Comments

This video may provide a good look at how 3D graphics will first make an appearance on the iPad and iPhone. The best part? No funky glasses are required. When first watching the video, I assumed it was based on the accelerometer like some 3d jailbreak UI tweaks, but instead it’s tracking movement with the … Read More

iPad 2 Finder for Target Stores

Apr 7, 2011 - Leave a Comment

So you’re still looking for an iPad 2? You’re not alone. The good news is availability of iPad 2 is easing up just a tad, the bad news is you still have to move quick if you want one. In addition to checking iPad 2 stock and inventory at your local resellers and Apple Stores, … Read More

iPad 2 Commercial: We Believe

Apr 3, 2011 - 4 Comments

Apple has started to air the first iPad 2 commercial, it’s a bit different than their past TV ads but it’s still undeniably Apple. The commercial declares “This is what we believe; technology alone is not enough” it then goes on to describe the iPad 2 a bit, but it’s real message is that while … Read More

Use an iPad with an old Apple Extended Keyboard

Apr 2, 2011 - 3 Comments

If you’ve been a Mac user for a while, you’ll remember the Apple Extended Keyboards. They were very responsive and made a wonderfully crisp clicking sound as you typed. If you’re still in love with the old ADB powered Apple Extended Keyboard I don’t blame you, and you can reignite that old flame by using … Read More

Using iPad as a Grocery List… Stuck on a Refrigerator!

Apr 1, 2011 - Leave a Comment

You’ve seen the iPad 2 show off a childs fridge art, now the iPad is acting as a $500 grocery list, stuck magnetically on a refrigerator. Amazing use of this piece of technology. What’s next in the realm of innovation? Is there any other amazingly great things you can do with an iPad and it’s … Read More

How many iPad 2’s have been sold? Lines still forming, analysts predict huge sales

Mar 30, 2011 - 5 Comments

Believe it or not, lines are still forming for iPad 2. Nearly anytime a store gets a shipment, they sell out within an hour or two (if you’re still looking, check iPad 2 stock at stores in your area) . Amazingly enough, this is going on around the world, as demand is far exceeding supply. … Read More

iPad 2 is Unlocked – Swap in a New Micro SIM Card and Go

Mar 26, 2011 - 26 Comments

We’ve received a few questions from those outside of the USA asking if the iPad 2 3G model from the USA will work in their home country. The answer is generally yes, assuming your local cell provider is a GSM compatible network and that you have a micro-SIM card that will fit into the iPad … Read More

iOS 4.3.1 Download is Available Now

Mar 25, 2011 - 36 Comments

Apple has released iOS 4.3.1 update for users of iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 GSM, iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch 3rd gen and 4th gen. The update consists mostly of bug fixes, here are the release notes and changelog: iOS 4.3.1 Software Update This update contains improvements and other bug fixes including: • Fixes an occasional … Read More

iPad vs iPad 2 Graphics Performance

Mar 25, 2011 - 9 Comments

Wondering how the iPad 2 specs make a difference in gaming? Check out this picture of Real Racing 2 HD taken by Andy Ihnatko during his iPad 2 review (image via Flickr), the difference is pretty remarkable for an existing game: less jaggies, better anti-aliasing, better framerates, just better graphics all around. That image doesn’t … Read More

Beautiful Wooden iPad 2 Cover

Mar 24, 2011 - 3 Comments

Are you looking for a gorgeous wood cover for your iPad 2? Check out Miniot‘s offering, it has all the features of Apple’s magnetic smart cover except that it’s made from beautiful wood. If the appearance wasn’t enough to grab you, it’s priced at €50, which is actually cheaper than the official Apple leather smart … Read More

iPad 2 + Video Mirroring = Game Console

Mar 17, 2011 - 5 Comments

If you plan on getting the iPad 2 (if you can find one in stock) and you’re a gamer, don’t forget to grab the video mirroring cable. But don’t take my word for it, check out this video that shows the huge potential of the iPad 2 to be a game console. Combining the Digital … Read More

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