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Mar 25, 2011 - 9 Comments


Wondering how the iPad 2 specs make a difference in gaming? Check out this picture of Real Racing 2 HD taken by Andy Ihnatko during his iPad 2 review (image via Flickr), the difference is pretty remarkable for an existing game: less jaggies, better anti-aliasing, better framerates, just better graphics all around.

That image doesn’t surprise me too much when you start looking at the iPad 2 graphics benchmarks, here’s an impressive chart from Anadntech which really shows off the iPad 2’s enhanced GPU:


If you want some more data on the iPad 2’s graphics performance, read Anandtechs GPU review which compares the iPad 2 vs iPad 1 and Xoom (spoiler alert: iPad 2 blows everything away). If you’re looking for more screenshots of game comparisons, Anandtech has those too:


This stuff is impressive, but I think what we’re seeing right now is just the beginning. Now that developers have iPad 2 in their hands, you can bet new apps with new crazy graphics are being worked on, and we’ll see some releases over the next year that are simply going to blow us away. And don’t forget that using iPad 2 video mirroring with a TV makes it a game console, and you can even use your iPhone or iPod touch as a controller for some games.

Exciting times for gamers right? This is just a tease unless you can actually get your hands on an iPad 2, check stock at your local stores by calling first thing in the morning. Every store seems to sell out quickly, so you have to move fast. Once you get one, grab a couple games and enjoy the GPU boost, but remember the really exciting stuff is coming soon.

Update: Apparently Real Racing 2 HD (the game in the screenshot above) is going to look even better soon as it’s being updated to include 1080p output support, it looks pretty awesome. Here’s a video of this in action from an iPad 2:

[ Video via TheLoop ]


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  1. jeronimo says:

    it would be sooo cool, if the ipad can transmit the video wirelessly to a tv set, while using the ipad as a control unit.

    also i can envision a whole new world of board games.
    where the tv shows the full game, and each players individual apple device (iphone, ipod touch, ipad) have the players individual details.

    boardgames that can be played this way:

    monopoly (each players device will show his money, properties, mortgages etc.. while the tv shows the full board, animated)

    scrabble, this is kinda obvious and can already be done with 2 iphones and an ipad, but using a tv is much better

    i think this will revolutionise gaming as we know it.

    almost everyone has an i-device, whether its an iphone, ipod touch or ipad, and many have more than 1, they can all be used as controllers .
    imagine a wii-mote with a touchscreen!!

    apple should definitely release a cheap console that connects to i-devices and uses them as controllers and mini displays. i wish they would allow android devices too, but apple is a real arsehole when it comes to that.

    if that happens, RIP sony and nintendo.

  2. CJ says:

    THese are different screen shots. The VW shot has flags in the upper left int he Ipad 1 and none in the Ipad 2..WTF…

    • cappy says:

      the flags are there on both shots. but the camera position varies a bit on each picture, it’s not registered perfectly. so in the first shot, the camera angle or time is a little different, so the flags appear to be vanished, but in reality they are being clipped by the building. i bet they are behind the wall.

  3. Ian says:

    Apple is continuing to chip away at Nintendo and Sony in the handheld gaming market. In a way this is sad, because both Sony and Nintendo are great game makers too.

    • Evan says:

      The Ipad 2 is expensive compared to a game console however, the Ipad apps are so much cheaper than game console software.

      • karf says:

        Agree. Have you seen how much a game cost on the Playstation store? RIPOFF! And here, on the app store, I can get Infinity Blade, which has better graphics than any PSP game(maybe not resistance: retribution, or god of war, but yeah…), for 5 bucks… While there they are running for, what, 40 dollarrs?

  4. Simon says:

    Would love to think that the iPad will become the next big thing in video console’s, but I think that it will never replace the video console for the 2 simple facts. Price, no one is going to want to pay £500 for a “console”, and also the update cycles. It would mean having to “update” your console every year to get the most from your games.
    I think its a great side-line that Apple have included games when you consider Mac’s are famous for having little gaming support, but it will never be the device’s main task.

    • Ryan says:

      But it isn’t JUST a console, it’s far more than that and this is reflected in the price.

      • Simon Williams says:

        No, I understand that. The point I was trying to make was that a lot of people are comparing the iPad to consoles, and it just can’t compete. Like you say, it’s not just a games machine, therefore comparing it to a xbox or a NDS, is pointless. And if it were to compete, the yearly updates would make it an unsustainable platform.

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