iPad 2 Specs

Mar 2, 2011 - 69 Comments


iPad 2 ships on March 11, so what exactly will you get? Here are the tech specs from Apple for us geeks that like this kind of stuff:

  • 1GHz dual-core A5 CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 16GB, 32GB, 64GB storage options
  • Front & Rear Cameras, front is VGA, rear is 720p
  • 9.7″ LED display with 1024×768 screen resolution at 132ppi
  • GPU said to be 9x faster
  • Video output supports up to 1080p
  • Runs iOS 4.3
  • 10 hour battery life
  • White & Black color options
  • 3G models are AT&T and Verizon compatible
  • 1.3 lbs
  • Thinner build

Pricing is the same as previous models and starts at $499. I’ve already covered the big stuff, but you can see the full tech spec list from Apple.

Most of the features are what iPad 2 rumors expected, the only things I am surprised by are the addition of direct video output and no storage capacity increases.

Overwhelming? Underwhelming? I think it looks great, I look forward to getting my hands on one.


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  1. lyn says:

    i worked on a pawnshop,and i would like to know if how would i store an ipad? whats the nicest way to keep it safe on the vault for a long period of time without getting any damage? whats the nicest procedure?

  2. lyn says:

    how long does the battery of an ipad will last if i did not used it? plss send me your reply, as soon as possible, thanks….

  3. ipad is slow says:

    this is the slowest thing that i have ever seen 1ghz dual core is still very slow and for this price here i though it was chock full of processors at least eight well instead of getting this huge ipod im going to get a laptop twice as good as this “amazing ipad” im just going to get a laptop for $500 with three times the processing power don’t buy this

  4. […] version is 1024X600pixels that is fair better clarity now, though this new 1024X768 resolution is similar resolution of iPad 2 but the only difference is iPad 2 has 9.7 inches LED […]

  5. Bob says:

    I have an ipad1, and most of my time is spent trying to make it function like a Linux computer. I overcame the USB problem, for example, and even use rsync to automatically back up my pc document files to the ipad. I regret sinking so much time and money into a deliberately crippled device. I may simply give it to my girl and buy a real tablet computer so I can actually be productive, and do things like run programs and type documents and surf the web without stupid restrictions.

  6. rich s says:

    The very best option for the price and “expandability” is the BN nook color……rooted from an sd card (no internal flashing, ie still stays under warranty) android 2.3 gingerbread works fantastic. What’s more it opens the floodgate for netflix, adobe flash, dolphin browser and thousands of apps. What’s more its only $249 retail!!!!

  7. Arham says:

    Ipad 2 is really nice! better thn ipad

  8. Christine says:

    Ok for all you complainer’s if you have all these companies making different products and feature’s in which you are seeking why would you buy something that didn’t live up to to what you wanted. If you wanted the pad 2 because of what it did then buy it, If you wanted or expecting something different then you wouldn’t you just use com’in sense. When normal people look for something they either wait tell they come out with it,or just buy the one that fits you best.

  9. […] Obviously this test is nonscientific and there’s nothing too groundbreaking here, but it’s interesting to watch anyway. Sure there are improvements in general speed and functionality, but I think we have yet to really see apps that really take advantage of the improved iPad 2 hardware specs. […]

  10. Syked says:

    When you buy any apple product you’re really paying for the user experience. the only reason why apple has held it’s ground so long in this market with their outdated os is because even though it’s features are limited, the majority of people want a device that can do what they need and do it in an aesthetically pleasing way. The iOS environment is clean, user friendly, and productive with seamless integration with other apple products. I will never buy an android tablet and here’s why:

    1. I can do everything on my iPad that android tablet user can do… and do it smoother too

    2. Apps… need I say more?

    3. As you all know, apple tends to kee a tight grip over their iOS products. This has resulted in a beautiful and seamless user interface but has forced apple to cut back on basic features. Jailbreaking gives you those features apple missed (and more!)

    4. Honeycomb… google spent so much time stuffing features into their os that they forgot a very important factor, user experience. I mean come on… why does my 1ghz iPad with 256 mb of ram run a lot smoother than my buddy’s 2ghz xoom with 1 gb of ram?

  11. Xenographic says:

    It’s the apps… game over, game over Xoom :P

    I will be getting a IPAD 2 as soon as I can just walk into a store and get one.

  12. Rm says:

    Why I like the iPad-

    I can sit in the living room in front of the tv and I’m on the net too- amazing eh!

    I can download any book, film, tv show, music,comic etc – ‘over the air’ at any time day or night

    I can access anything on my storage attached to my router

    I can acess games produtivy apps virtually anything anytime

    Therefore , don’t get me wrong the zoom etc are good machines but the iPad is polished and I don’t really care about having to get stuff from iTunes ‘cas ‘ive got the money’

    Who needs an sd slot or USB I couldn’t care less,

  13. Eileen says:

    Seems like the company that prides themselves as being a leader is slipping big time. Not supporting flash and now Adobe is going to play hardball and not support Apple in the new version of Photoshop CS6 when it comes out! Who is the looser….all of the consumers who have purchased Mac and use Adobe. Artists designers, Photographers are stuck while these two companies fight it out! Come on Mac I don’t want to switch!

    • JakesRun says:

      You know that was an april fools joke right?

      Adobe would have to he a full I’m idiot to do that.

      People invest more money in there computer than Photoshop. A logical person wouldn’t get a new computer. They’d either stay with cs5 or find an alternative. Therefore adobe would lose tons of customers and money. That’s bad business and was a joke.

  14. […] how the iPad 2 specs make a difference in gaming? Check out this picture of Real Racing 2 HD taken by Andy Ihnatko […]

  15. Sammie says:

    No Flash Support Still!!!!!! I m A big Fan of the Macbooks but I ll never but the Iphone or the Ipad

  16. don says:

    pretty much sounds like a bigger i pod touch, or a bigger i phone.

  17. Trevor says:

    Recently released Apple ipad….

    Apple ipad 2 32gb at $400
    Apple ipad 2 63gb at $500

    Brand new, original, Factory unlocked, sealed in the box with complete accessories, 1 year international warranty inclusive.

    Apple iPad 2 specs:

    * 1GHz dual-core A5 CPU
    * 512MB RAM
    * 16GB, 32GB, 64GB storage options
    * Front & Rear Cameras, front is VGA, rear is 720p
    * 9.7″ LED display with 1024×768 screen resolution at 132ppi
    * GPU said to be 9x faster
    * Video output supports up to 1080p
    * Runs iOS 4.3
    * 10 hour battery life
    * White & Black color options
    * 3G models are AT&T and Verizon compatible
    * 1.3 lbs
    * Thinner build

    send all inquiries to : prizonmarket@gmail.com

  18. Ricky says:

    I thought it would be better then that considering the time they had to work on it. I mean the dual-core is nice, but almost a requirement at this point. 512MB of RAM is rather inferior considering majority of tablets, like the Xoom, have 1GB of RAM. The resolution is 1024×768, compared to the Xoom’s 1280×800. Overall, I see it as a very minor step up from the original iPad. I would of liked to see something more impressive from the company that started the tablet movement.

  19. Jesse says:

    Apple’s marketing is just as deceiving as ever: “full” tech specs on their website, but they still don’t tell you about all of their less than okay specs, such as 512MB RAM which will definitely annoy people and will bottleneck that dual core processor in many cases.

  20. RodtheFierce says:

    What a good way to waste your money. There is still no point whats-so-ever to have one of these. If it came close to having the power of a PC I’d be interested. All this can do really is surf the internet and they’ve even restricted how you do that. I’m starting to think Microsoft aren’t all that bad, at least they don’t take advantage of people who have more money than sense and squeeze every last drop out of them! Steve Jobs is pure Evil!!! Boo! Hiss!!!

    • D.J. says:

      Rod is right. I’m always glad to see there are some sane people left who use their brain.

    • Stevie loves you... says:

      You guys are probably gaming addicts who only care about specs, not usability. Why do you think this device is so popular? Why would a tablet with a COMPLETLY DIFFERENT type of OS than a computer have the speed of one? That’s just wasted power.

  21. […] a summary, the specs are released on the osxdaily […]

  22. […] this with the iPad 2 specs: dual core 1GHz, 512MB RAM, 10″ touch screen, 1.2lbs, for $499… what a difference two […]

  23. gabriel says:

    xoom= better than apple! apple=too much money no product therefore apple blows!

  24. […] Aside from lavishing praise on the new model, several of the reviewers also confirm one of the iPad 2 specs that every geek was wondering about; iPad 2 has 512MB of […]

  25. psoasmajor says:

    The new internet features is fantastic but only for people were there is AT&T or Verison!
    Apple didn’t put into consideration the business exc travelling around the world! Broaden your scope of possible clients!
    Otherwise am counting down to the 11th!36hrs 24mins and 12secs to go!

  26. Gladiator_Posse says:

    Here’s my beef with apple…Not only is the RAM laughable, the ipad2 doesn’t even have a standardized USB port. I have to pay extra if I want more than 16gb? Android gives you SD slots so you have as much memory as you want. Go ahead and throw your money at the feet of Jobs so he can give you weak capability.

    • Deep says:

      ..yeah and make ur watever a dungeon for viruses?go to china,u r definitely looking for some cheap local made stuffs with huge displays USB support lol…let ipad2 belong to the classy people like us.I have been using an ipad2 and I am absolutely satisfied,,just can’t complain about anything..its too good

  27. mike says:

    Wow, how disappointing.. I was expecting at least 720p resolution but hoped for more. We don’t even get that. I was also expecting even a slight increase in processor speed. Why on earth did they put such a fast gpu in there with a 1ghz processor, even if it is dual core? This isn’t much different than the first iPad.
    Weak device, high price. That’s Apple for ya.

  28. Brittany says:

    Xoom is way better! Just looking at small things like camera capabilities, built in hdmi, and ad card slot.

    • Deags says:

      Oooo that tree is nice I’ll take a picture of it with my 1 foot long XOOM that I just happen to carry around with me in my back pocket.


  29. Marco says:

    yea the stuff is cool but why cant they make it get internet like a phone would? By doing that u would have a boat load of people buying. I know i would, but then again thats just me.

  30. Mike says:

    All the cool stuff and no flash for the camera. It’s almost like they do that so you’ll have to buy the next one. My iphone 4 has a flash for the camera. I guess it was just to much to put one on the IPad2. Must be a technical issue…

  31. Moi says:

    White iPad is for sissies.

  32. thomas says:

    if mobile me becomes free, which it is rumoured to, then there is no need for USB and memory cards because all your files can potentially be accessed by all devices “up in the clouds”.

    • Robert Kent says:

      Mobile Me only helps if you’re online (3g or WiFi). What about those who don’t have 3g and are nowhere near a WiFi hots spot?

  33. Hasan says:

    OMG it still can’t display “720p” (HD) videos !!

    (less than 1280 pixel width) WTH !

  34. Ben says:

    Wow… They put GarageBand to make a studio!! YAY! WTF? aaaaawww, no usb? no firewire? How do you want us to record stuff on that crap Steve??

  35. Barry says:

    Crap!!! The Motorola Xoom is still a million times better!

  36. pagdayig says:

    i still wonder they still didn’t put an sd card slot?

  37. […] already drooled over iPad 2 specs and decided you want one, right? Great, but it might not be that easy. Considering there are no […]

  38. Andy says:

    My question is now that they have added the expected camera to the iPad 2 are they going to come up with a external add on camera that can be used by the original iPad for those who may bought that model now that the OS is capable of supporting the camera. I know the issue was the port didn’t have enough power to support the camera.

  39. jambo says:

    Not much different to the 1st i-pad i was expecting more

  40. […] so how does the newly released iPad 2 stand against the tablet competition? This chart compares the new iPad 2 specs with the Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad, and BlackBerry […]

  41. Simon says:

    Are you surprised there is no USB? Apple doesn’t actually want you to access files you already own. Just like other products, it’s about buying through iTunes.

    • Carol says:

      Don’t they make mini to regular usb adaptors? Belkin maybe? I was looking for usb as well.

    • Deep says:

      It has an advantage too,the same tech makes it virus free….the rest available in the Market are prone to viruses…do u know that countless cool applets are free?join the igang and see the world of opportunities,,

  42. Mary Hughes says:

    No USB ports?

    • tom says:

      That was my question too.

    • Anthony R says:

      And that is why I’m getting a motorola xoom
      Better cameras, graphics, UI is more advanced bigger screen same battery life and of course USB ports. I can connect my iPhone 4 to a motorola xoom but not an iPad.. What a joke

      April 3 $540 motorola xoom 32 gig cheaper then this joke iPad 2

  43. Ksizzle says:

    Seems nice, should compliment my slew of portable electronic well

  44. Jani says:

    Nice! The Dual core processor is sweeeet!

  45. dufo says:

    kind of underwhelmed really, but ill probably get one anwyay

  46. Greg says:

    Will the original iPad support iOS 4.3?

    • don says:

      do you not read? look at the specs

    • Lindsay says:

      Galaxy has a USB

      Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Specifications & Features: (Expected)
      * 7-inch display screen with 2048×1200 pixel resolution
      * Super AMOLED Plus Display
      * Gorilla Glass technology
      * 3D support
      * Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS
      * 1 Ghz NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core processor
      * 1 GB RAM
      * 64 GB internel memory
      * Memory expansion support
      * 8 MP camera at rear, supports HD recording
      * 3 MP camera at front, supports video chat
      * Bluetooth 3.0
      * WiFi b/g/n
      * DLN
      * USB

      • percyF says:

        AND it has native flash support so ALL web pages will render.
        If apple wants to impress me then drop the anti-adobe b.s. and start dealing flash to its customers. Otherwise it’s iStuff will remain cripple-ware.

        • Deep says:

          Galaxy tab might look tempting but when u compare the two (iPad 2 and the tab) you will know the difference.ipad2 just swings ,tab is sluggish..the same company which built the galaxy S.So if you want a hassle free smooth state of the art performance it’s iPad 2,the rest r just bogus

      • Robert says:

        This insane move to widescreen, especially for tablets, is enough reason not to get the Galaxy. At least Apple got that right. 4:3 is useful in both directions. 16:9 is useless in both directions. You’ll either scroll constantly up & down, or left & right.

        I’d rather have a tablet than a plank.

        That being said, Apple really did screw up by leaving off USB, a browsable-copyable file structure, integrated HDMI, printing and Flash.

      • Tyler says:

        Do you have a model number for this? I have been googling galaxy tabs and haven’t found one with these specs. I haven’t been able to find any with a usb port either.

  47. Jay says:

    This is about what I expected, although the white model seems out of place to me.

    Isn’t it funny they are shipping a white iPad 2 and still no white iPhone 4?? I don’t care for the white color option, I just think it’s funny.

    • EVula says:

      At this point, it’s probably safe to assume that they’re going to roll out a white iPhone 5, and have given up on the white iPhone 4.

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