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Mar 3, 2011 - 15 Comments


You’ve already drooled over iPad 2 specs and decided you want one, right? Great, but it might not be that easy. Considering there are no pre-orders this time around, there could be long lines and you’ll probably be competing against campers and early birds. What to do? Know where to shop and increase your odds!

Where to Buy iPad 2

iPad 2 becomes available for sale on March 11 at 5pm, here’s where you’ll be able to buy it:

  • Apple Store – expect long lines and waits, maybe even campers
  • Apple Store Online – if you’re patient enough to wait for shipping to begin on March 11, buying online will be the easiest way to get hands on the new iPad
  • Best Buy – iPad 2 will be available for sale in all Best Buy stores, no word on quantity in stock, so don’t be surprised if these sell out too
  • Walmart – if you don’t live near an Apple Store, you probably live near a Walmart, and they’re expected to have iPad 2 in stock starting on March 11
  • Sams Club – Walmart’s sister membership store will also carry iPad 2
  • Target – Target has also confirmed they will be carrying iPad 2 starting on launch day

If you don’t want to endure the potential launch mania, I’d highly recommend buying online directly from Apple. Sure you’ll have to wait a few days while it’s shipped to you, but you won’t have to deal with the hectic stores or the high possibility of them selling out of stock on hand.

Launch Locations for 3G iPad 2 Models
If you want a 3G model, you may be able to get them at:

  • AT&T Stores
  • Verizon Stores – Verizon has confirmed iPad 2 models with 3G access will be available on March 11 in stores

Neither company has confirmed availability on launch day, but we assume they’ll have 3G models in stock right away.

Worst Case Scenario: Paying Inflated Rates
I’d say this is an absolute worst case scenario, but if you’re absolutely determined to get an iPad 2 you’ll be able to pay inflated rates by getting them on the second market through sites like Ebay and Craigslist. Going through a site like Craigslist almost guarantees you’ll get your hands on one on launch day, but they typically come at highly inflated prices. Chances are you’ll pay at least a $200 premium if not more, I would say this is really the worst way to go.

[ Updated on March 7, 2011 ]


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  1. GotIt says:

    I got an iPad 2 at MicroCenter computer store in Cincinnati on 3-29-2011 around 12 Noon. I called and they said they had 4 black 16G units, and when I got there 20 minutes later, I got the last one. They sell them as they come in, not only in the wee AM hours like the Apple stores. My wife told one of her co-workers yesterday that I got one at the MicroCenter store and she went after work and got one also, so they must have got more in. Happy hunting.

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  4. Bcav999 says:

    What time on Mar 11 will online orders be accepted?

    • ivaaa says:

      i think a 12:01 am on march 11 tho… ima camp in my house next to my compu to preorder online rather than waiting in line for hours freezen my a s s off here in chicago lol

      • Pablo says:

        I’m thinking about doing that since I’m from Chicago too. But I do wanna get my hands on the device before I actually buy it. Any word whether best buy will have these on display launch day?

  5. Hollywoodmaxx says:

    Just wait a few weeks,months, or years then purchase your ipad 2 its not going anywhere anytime soon. Tablets do the same thing computers do but less and most people just surf the net anyways. They are nothing to be so hyped about. Beautiful marketing by Apple that’s why they have 9 Billion in sales. So please don’t camp out to buy this or spend your rent money. The future of tablets will be better in years to come. Oh btw, I pre ordered mine at the apple store already:) Cant wait!

  6. Macaroni says:

    AT&T and Verizon will have the 3G models in stock on launch day.

    3G access is great but if you won’t be mobile frequently enough, just get the WiFi model. I have a few friends who were ambitious and got 3G models last time around and they just use them on their couch all the time, hehe.

  7. icebreaker says:

    In The Netherlands they will be on stock March the 25th, just go to your local retailer and most of the time you can just pre-order it.

  8. Richard says:

    I feel the iPad are over price. I been a Apple person since 1984 for the other half you buy a Macbook Pro and do lots more with it.

    • icebreaker says:

      Agreed, but all the other tablets are more expensive (considering the baseline iPad) so the price is not to high unlike other Apple products. But it should be 300 euros (350 dollars), then I would buy one immediately.

  9. ben says:

    i have already paid for my daughters ipad2.the local apple dealer (not apple store) is taking preorders and has guaranteed me a white 32 g 3 g ipad2.i hope to have it either 16th or 17th. good enough for me.

  10. Peter says:

    No pre-orders suggests they don’t have the inventory to handle pre-order demand and still offer in store. This will sell out, meaning if you don’t get the first batch it will be a few weeks before you get a chance at the next.

    • Elle says:

      Do you think it will get sold out on the first day? I don’t think I’ll be able to get out to town until 14th… Probably sold out by then right? :(

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