How to Buy Ringtones on iPhone

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How to Buy Ringtones on iPhone

Are you bored of using the ringtones that came preinstalled on your iPhone? Or perhaps, you want to use one of your favorite songs as your default ringtone? In that case, you might want to take a look at all the available offerings on Apple’s Tone Store.

The default iPhone ringtone is used by several people and you might easily get confused when you’re in public and you start hearing it. Sure, there are other ringtones you can choose from, but they’re nothing extraordinary. If you want a ringtone that stands out when you receive a phone call, purchasing ringtones from the store might be the easiest option.

Interested in learning how you can access the vast library of ringtones available on the Tone Store? We’re glad that you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing exactly how you can buy ringtones on your iPhone.

How to Buy Ringtones on iPhone

Purchasing ringtones for your iPhone from the store is a pretty simple and straightforward procedure. Just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Open “iTunes Store” from the home screen of your iPhone.

    iTunes Store icon
  2. Launching iTunes Store will take you to the music section where you can purchase songs. Head over to the Tone Store by tapping on the “Tones” icon in the bottom menu.

    How to Buy Ringtones on iPhone
  3. Here, you’ll be able to view some of the featured ringtones and alert tones. If you’re looking for a specific ringtone, you can tap on the “Search” option. To preview any ringtone that’s listed, simply tap on the thumbnail. When you’re ready to purchase a ringtone, tap on the price as shown below.

    How to Buy Ringtones on iPhone
  4. Now, you’ll get a pop-up with options to set it as the default ringtone, text tone, or assign it to a specific contact. Choose according to your preference.

    How to Buy Ringtones on iPhone
  5. Next, you’ll be asked to make the payment. Tap on “Purchase” and enter your password, or use Face ID/Touch ID to buy the ringtone.

    How to Buy Ringtones on iPhone

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Now you know how easy it is to buy ringtones on your iPhone.

There are plenty of ringtones that are available on the Tone Store. Although you can set any of these ringtones as your alert tone, most ringtones aren’t really suited for that. Instead, you can use the search bar and use the Alert Tones category to filter out all the available text tones.

We get that some of you wouldn’t be interested in paying for ringtones and alert tones. Fortunately, if you’re willing to spend some of your time, you can use the free GarageBand app to create custom ringtones for your iPhone that are completely unique or to your liking. You can also set any song as your ringtone. Or, you can get creative in a different way and turn a voice memo into a ringtone on your iPhone, which can be a really fun way to customize a ringtone per contact.

While purchasing a ringtone, the ability to assign the ringtone to a contact might have grabbed your attention. In that case, check this out to learn how to assign custom ringtones to your iPhone contacts. By doing this, you’ll know who exactly is calling you without having to check your phone, since the audio will be unique to that person. You can even make a silent ringtone if you’d rather not hear someone, but you don’t want to block them completely.

What do you think of buying ringtones from iTunes Store? Do you buy ringtones or make your own? Do you have a favorite ringtone or text tone? Share your perspective, opinions, and thoughts in the comments.


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