Secrets of the Command-Tab Mac Application Switcher

Nov 17, 2009 - 12 Comments

command tab

Command-Tab in Mac OS X works really well as a quick application switcher and I use it all the time, but there’s more features available within the Command-Tab application switcher than just hitting Command+Tab itself. Once you’re in the application switcher you can try some of these other commands.

Command+Tab launches the Application Switcher. Continue holding down the Command key and then try the following buttons:

  • tab – move selection to the right in the app list
  • ` – move selection to the left
  • h – hide the selected application
  • q – quit the selected application
  • mouse scrollwheel – move the selection back and forth
  • left arrow – move selection to the left
  • right arrow – move selection to the right
  • up arrow – enter expose within the selected application
  • down arrow – enter expose within the selected application

Memorize these tips to master the Mac application switcher and speed up your workflow! (Note: the expose features appear to be Snow Leopard only)

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  1. FroZnShiva says:

    If you tab in exposé you can quickly choose between applications with previewing them.

  2. Zack says:

    Actually, pressing ‘H’ toggles visibility. It can be used to unhide as well as hide.

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  4. Klaus says:

    great resource as alwasy. thx

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  6. Johannes says:

    Another way to move the selection to the left is “shitft + tab”. Its more common (imho) because many Tab actions can be reversed by holding down shift. Thanks for the tip, great page!

  7. Lzygenius says:

    If you select 1 it will do the same thing as selecting up or down, which is great for one-handed operation.

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