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iTunes 11 Released, Download Now!

Nov 29, 2012 - 12 Comments
iTunes 11

iTunes 11 has been released by Apple, offering a fairly significant update to the music player and iOS device syncing app. A variety of new features have been added, the user interface has been redesigned and modernized, a new mini-player has been included, and there’s even a redesigned icon to go with it. This is … Read More

Improve Listening to Music in iTunes with 3 Quick Preference Adjustments

Nov 26, 2012 - 13 Comments
Improve listening to music with iTunes

Listening to music in iTunes can be improved significantly by taking a moment to make three quick adjustments to preferences. Enabling these options takes a few seconds and will be valid for both Mac OS X and Windows: Open iTunes preferences from the iTunes menu Choose the “Playback” tab and check the box to enable … Read More

iTunes 10.7 Available for Download to Prepare for iOS 6 & iPhone 5

Sep 12, 2012 - 10 Comments
iTunes 10.7

Apple released a minor update to iTunes today for both Mac OS X and Windows. Versioned as iTunes 10.7, the update is intended as a compatibility release for the upcoming iOS 6, and devices that will run iOS 6 such as the new iPhone 5 and iPod touches. Download iTunes 10.7 directly from Apple Unchecking … Read More

Always Play Movie Trailers in 1080p HD Video on iPad & iTunes

Sep 10, 2012 - 2 Comments
Always play HD Video in Trailers for iPad

If you frequently watch movie trailers with the Trailers app for iPad or from the desktop with iTunes in OS X or Windows, you can force any of them to always load high quality 1080p HD video rather than automatically choosing based on bandwidth: Always Play 1080p HD Video in iTunes From the OS X … Read More

Disable the iTunes Store to Prevent Unwanted Purchases

Aug 29, 2012 - 3 Comments
Disable iTunes Store access and prevent purchases of apps and content

One of the best ways to kid-proof (and generally fool proof) an iPhone or iPad is to turn off in-app purchases. That’s great for the iOS world, but for the desktop you can do something similar by disabling access to the iTunes Store completely, this will prevent unintended purchases of apps, music, movies, books, or … Read More

Use a Silent Ringtone to Ignore Specific Callers to Your iPhone

Aug 23, 2012 - 8 Comments
Use a Silent Ringtone on iPhone to ignore specific callers

Though you can send calls directly to voicemail and mute incoming calls, you can’t really block a specific caller on the iPhone. Rather than keeping your phone on silent all the time, you can selectively mute only specific callers by using a special silent ringtone and assigning it to a Contact you want to ignore. … Read More

Convert Any Audio or Video File to an iPhone Ringtone Easily with QuickTime

Aug 18, 2012 - 6 Comments
Trim the clip to a ringtone size portion in QuickTime

Most people use QuickTime Player as a way to watch movies, but using it’s Export function you can also turn any audio or video file into an iPhone ringtone very quickly. Here is how to convert just about anything into an m4r ringtone: Launch QuickTime Player and use it to open the desired audio or … Read More

Show a “Now Playing” Song Notification from iTunes in OS X Notification Center

Aug 13, 2012 - 17 Comments
Show a "Now Playing" song alert from iTunes in Notification Center

Previous versions of Mac OS X allowed you to see a “Now Playing” notification pop up over the iTunes Dock icon, the alert showed the song and artist name anytime a track switched and is a really popular tweak. It turns out that hidden feature is missing from OS X Mountain Lion, but with the … Read More

Transfer a Playlist from iPhone, iPod, or iPad to iTunes

Jul 2, 2012 - 29 Comments
Export a playlist from an iPod or iPhone to copy to iTunes

Do you have a music playlist on an iPod, iPhone, or iPad that you want to move to iTunes on your computer? It’s fairly easy: Connect the iPod, iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes Under the “Devices” menu locate the playlist you want to copy to the computer and right-click on the playlist name, … Read More

Change the Font Size of the Track List in iTunes

Jul 1, 2012 - 3 Comments
Change the Font Size in iTunes

The iTunes track list has a fairly small default font size, it works fine on displays with lower resolutions but if you’re using a higher resolution screen the text of song and artist names can be annoyingly small. Fortunately it’s easy to change and make larger: Open Preferences from the iTunes menu Under “General” look … Read More

iTunes 10.6.3 Released

Jun 11, 2012 - Leave a Comment
iTunes 10.6.3

Apple has released iTunes 10.6.3 for all to enjoy. Though it’s a minor point release, it includes a variety of important bug fixes for behavior both within iTunes and for when syncing iOS devices to iTunes. iTunes 10.6.3 is also a necessary update for any developer wanting to install iOS 6 beta 1. You have … Read More

Enable Closed Captioning on iPhone, iPad, and in iTunes

Jun 6, 2012 - 4 Comments
Enable Closed Captioning of videos in iOS

Closed Captioning places written text at the bottom of video content, allowing for anyone to read along with the video rather than listen to the audio. This is an essential feature for certain accessibility purposes and for individuals who are hard of hearing, but it’s also just a useful feature to enable if you want … Read More

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