iTunes 12.0.1 and Security Update 2014-005 for OS X Released

Oct 17, 2014 - 14 Comments

Security Update and iTunes 12.0.1 available

Apple has released iTunes 12.0.1 for all Mac users, as well as Security Update 2014-005 Mavericks for those running OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and Security Update 2014-005 Mountain Lion for those running 10.8.

Mac users whom have already updated to OS X Yosemite will not find a Security Update available to them, indicating whatever patch is included in the updates for prior versions of OS X has been baked into the OS X 10.10 release.

The Security Update can be found and downloaded through the Mac App Store, or directly from the Apple website here. Security Updates require a system restart, thus making it recommended to back up the Mac before completing the update, despite being quite small. Updating to iTunes 12 does not require a reboot.

The iTunes 12.0.1 update also includes some security fixes, but what will be much more noticeable to end users are the interface changes that arrive with the newest version of iTunes.

These seemingly minor updates were largely overlooked in the availability of OS X Yosemite, but nonetheless, all Security Updates remain important for users who are running OS X Mountain Lion or OS X Mavericks to install. It would be recommended to install the updates even if you plan on updating to Yosemite sometime in the distant future.

Finally, for advanced Mac users who have the Command Line Tools installed, a separate update versioned as Command Line Tools 6.1 is also available to them through the App Store.


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  1. Bob foss says:

    Lucky you folks have Mac. For Windows, it is not good at all. I used to be able to enlarge my artwork up to 15″ if I want. On iTunes 12, it only works half the time, so I’m stuck with the small 4″ artwork pictures. Plus it is not DEP compatible, which is something you probably don’t have in Mac. It is tough going back. You can upgrade to a 10 or 11 series iTunes, but your library files (songs) can’t be put in as they were linked to iTunes 12. Short of re-doing your whole library, a month-long undertaking for many, we’ll just sit tight until Apple fixes iTunes 12.

  2. Andrew says:

    as raven says above you can get back to the old look and feel, inclusive of “ticked/unticked”. if you are talking about selecting songs for sync to your iphone, select the iphone icon in the menu bar, then select “music” from the familiar settings menu on the left. Your music library can then be selected.

  3. Will says:

    Where is Ticked and unticked songs??? i rely on this for my large music library so i can only tick the songs i want in my ipod ipad iphone…

  4. sduck says:

    I hope they will bring back the sidebar as it used to be in future versions. The current context based sidebar is confusing and overly complicated – the old version worked well, why change it? At least if they could make it an available option, that would be nice.

    • PH says:

      Unfortunately, iTunes 12 does not offer a normal sidebar like that which users have become accustomed to use since the very first release of iTunes. This does make iTunes 12 seem confusing.

      Users who are unhappy about the lack of a sidebar in iTunes 12 can voice their thoughts directly to Apple at the following URL:

      With enough feedback, it’s possible that a usable sidebar would be reinstated in iTunes 12.1

      • sduck says:

        Yes, that was the very first thing I did. And I encourage others that feel as I do to do the same.

        One thing I noticed quickly is that in the Itunes menu there is a direct link to Provide Itunes Feedback – no need to hunt around for it, it’s right there!

        I also used that link to report the upgrade apps bug – when you click on any of the app icons that have upgrades available, it no longer provides you with any info at all – it used to at least tell you what changes there were.

      • vdiv says:

        And even though they changed the icon color to red (dislike) they still don’t have iTunes 12 as an option in the pull-down menu on the feedback page.

    • Raven says:

      What are you talking about? There’s still a sidebar.

      Here’s how to make iTunes 12 look like 11 or even 10; First, click on the Music icon in the tray. Then select “Playlists” from the middle of the window over the Library. Then in the views on the right, select “Artists.”

      This gives you your sidebar with your playlists, and the next column with the artist list, and then the lbrary in artist list view, 98% as it was in iTunes 10.

      It looks a little different, but they just moved stuff around, for instance, Podcasts and other items are now in the tray, instead of in the sidebar.

      • djwilly says:

        While you can get playlists in a sidebar it negates other functions that were there. And if, like me, you have a lot of playlists transferring one to an iPod means scrolling through those hundred before you can plop it into the iPod. It’s actually quicker to recreate a playlist from scratch on the iPod itself (which means double work).

  5. Jeff says:

    Be forewarned, iTunes 12 is not a match for Mavericks, its bright white background, fonts are really different. I don’t like the controls at all and it’s really difficult to go back if you don’t like it.

    • Jeff says:

      PS and sync over WiFi is just as unreliable as always.

      • Rick says:

        iTunes 12 is terrible.

        If you haven’t updated yet, don’t! You will gain nothing and lose iTunes that you know it.

        What a terrible terrible update, Apple has dropped the ball on iOS, iTunes, and OS X.

        • Kevin says:

          That’s your opinion. Apple haven’t dropped anything, so just get over it. If you don’t like it find another system that integrates better than this.

          • vdiv says:

            He did find another one, Mavericks, iOS7 and iTunes 11. Apple had to screw it up, that was a very Microsoft-like move.

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