How to Change iPhone 7 Home Button Click Feedback

Oct 9, 2016 - 9 Comments

Change the iPhone Home button click strength feedback

The new iPhone models don’t have a physical clicking Home button, and instead it senses pressure and gives haptic feedback instead, similar to how 3D Touch works on the screen and on Mac trackpads. If you decide you want to change how that Home button click feels, you can adjust the Home button click strength and feedback in a settings option of iOS.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 9 Comments

Clear Mac App Store Temp Cache to Fix Some Download Issues

Oct 8, 2016 - 3 Comments

Accessing Mac App Store temporary cache

Rarely, the Mac App Store may report erroneous app download statuses or even offer a malformed file leading to an app that doesn’t launch or is partially downloaded. These situations are almost always the result of an interrupted or corrupted download, but can occur in some other scenarios as well.

Sometimes simply deleting the app in question can resolve any surrounding difficultly, but on some occasions that isn’t possible or isn’t effective. These type of unusual errors can typically be resolved by manually clearing out the Mac App Store cache, and then re-downloading the app, or re-visiting the Mac App Store. This tutorial will walk through completing that process.

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How to Disable Location Based Suggestions in Mac OS

Oct 7, 2016 - 2 Comments

Toggle Location Suggestions on Mac

Spotlight, Safari, Siri, Maps, and other apps on the Mac use your location during searches to help suggest particular activity. For example, if you’re searching in Spotlight for “coffee” on the Mac, you may find that nearby coffee shops are displayed, allowing you to search local listings directly from Spotlight search in Mac OS. These are known as location-based suggestions.

Using location for search suggestions is obviously useful for many reasons, but some users may rather not have their location accessed for suggesting various search items and activities, thus we’ll show you how to disable location-based suggestions on the Mac (or turn the feature on if you do want access to this ability).

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By Paul Horowitz - Mac OS X, Tips & Tricks - 2 Comments

How to Clear All Notifications on iPhone with a 3D Touch Trick

Oct 7, 2016 - Leave a Comment

Clear all notifications from iPhone with a simple trick

Having an iPhone screen full of notifications from messages, calls, and apps can be a little obnoxious. Fortunately the latest versions of iOS on the newest iPhone models support a great little hidden feature which allows you to immediately clear all notifications from an iPhone.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPhone, Tips & Tricks - Leave a Comment

How to Unlock an iPhone 7 from AT&T

Oct 6, 2016 - 28 Comments

Unlocked iPhone 7

If you have bought an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 for AT&T, you’ll find the device does not come unlocked. Fortunately, if you paid in full for the iPhone 7 you can easily unlock it with AT&T by using a simple iTunes process.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 28 Comments

How to Share Notes with iOS 10 for Collaborative Editing

Oct 6, 2016 - 2 Comments

Share Notes in iOS

The Notes app in iOS now allows you to share notes with other iPhone, iPad, and Mac users over iCloud. This Note sharing feature is extremely useful, enabling other invited people to view and edit the same shared note that you are using in a collaborative fashion, and of course other people can invite you to view and change their notes as well. The use cases for this are vast and cooperative notes are easily one of the more useful features added to the Notes app in quite some time, so let’s review how to share Notes with other people using the latest versions of iOS.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPad, iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 2 Comments

How to Stop macOS Sierra Automatically Downloading to a Mac

Oct 5, 2016 - 29 Comments

macOS Sierra will automatically download to Macs

Apple is now automatically downloading macOS Sierra to Macs that are running a prior version of Mac OS X and which are compatible with Sierra. While this may be convenient to some users, not everyone may want to have macOS Sierra show up unexpectedly, or use their bandwidth to download a large file without explicit approval, thus we’ll show you how to stop macOS Sierra from automatically downloading to a Mac.

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By Paul Horowitz - Mac OS X, Tips & Tricks - 29 Comments

How to Get & Use iMessage Stickers & Apps in iOS 10

Oct 5, 2016 - 13 Comments

iOS Messages Stickers and Apps

The all new Messages app in iOS 10 is quite busy and full of new features and abilities, and a major new component is the wild world of Message stickers and apps. Stickers are basically little images and icons you can slap all over a message thread, and iMessage apps can be everything from simple photo manipulations to full fledged games, all embedded in the Messages app of an iPhone or iPad. They can be chaotic or a lot of fun, maybe even a bit of both, so let’s review how to download, install, and use Messages stickers and Messages apps in iOS 10.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPad, iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 13 Comments

macOS Sierra Slow? Here’s Why & How to Speed Sierra Up

Oct 4, 2016 - 43 Comments

Speed up slow macOS Sierra

Some Mac users who have updated to macOS Sierra have felt their computer is running slower than it should be. If you have noticed a performance hit after upgrading to macOS Sierra, there is likely a good reason for it, and it’s even more likely to have a simple solution.

Read on to learn why macOS Sierra may be running slow (some MacBook users notice their Mac is hot and fans are blasting away too), and what you can do about it.

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Beta 2 of iOS 10.1, WatchOS 3.1, tvOS 10.0.1 Released

Oct 4, 2016 - 4 Comments

iOS 10.1 beta 2

Apple has released the second beta versions of iOS 10.1, watchOS 3.1, and tvOS 10.0.1.

Additionally, the public beta version of the earlier released macOS Sierra 10.12.1 beta 3 is available.

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By Paul Horowitz - News - 4 Comments

iOS 10: Finding Music Controls at Control Center

Oct 3, 2016 - 6 Comments

Music in Control Center for iOS 10

Apple redesigned some fundamental features with iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad, including where the music controls are found in Control Center, slide-to-unlock, and the newly hidden Shuffle and Repeat controls in Music app itself.

If you’re new to iOS 10 and thought that Control Center removed the music controls, it’s likely because the new way to access play, pause, skip, and adjust volume is easily overlooked. Not to worry, accessing Music from Control Center is really easy once you learn where to look!

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By Paul Horowitz - iPad, iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 6 Comments

macOS Sierra 10.12.1 Beta 3 Released by Apple

Oct 3, 2016 - 14 Comments

A clean install of macOS Sierra has nothing on it

Apple has released macOS Sierra 10.12.1 beta 3, the new build arrives as 16B2338c.

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By Paul Horowitz - Mac OS X, News - 14 Comments

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