Mac Setup: a Vintage Inspired Workstation

Feb 15, 2015 - 8 Comments

Vintage inspired Mac Setup

We’re sharing the fun vintage inspired Mac setup of Ryan N., who has everything from Macs of days gone by to other assorted components of yesteryear like a rotary phone and a rusty old Route 66 sign. Let’s jump in to learn a bit more about this great workstation:

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By OSXDaily - Mac Setups - 8 Comments

Get Awkward with Siri for Valentines Day

Feb 14, 2015 - Leave a Comment

Siri love

Looking for a date this Valentines Day of the artificial intelligence variety? Maybe hoping for that “Her” experience? Well your iPhone may provide you some form of company, but don’t turn to Siri, for much more than a laugh at least. Unless you want to get rejected, of course. Yup, among the many amusing things you can inquire about, you can also ask Siri to be your Valentine, but she (or he, you can choose the Siri gender) is really not interested in us lowly humans.

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By Paul Horowitz - Fun, iPhone - Leave a Comment

Apple Said to be Creating an Electric Car

Feb 13, 2015 - 12 Comments

Apple Car mockup with a Magna Steyr concept

Apple is reportedly working on building an electric car, according to a wild new report from The Wall Street journal. And it may even be a self-driving vehicle, according to a separate report from Reuters.

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By Paul Horowitz - News, Rumor - 12 Comments

Turn iPhone or iPad Screen Into Black & White with Grayscale Mode

Feb 13, 2015 - 4 Comments

iOS Grayscale Mode vs Color Mode

The latest versions of iOS support an optional display mode that turns everything shown on the screen of an iPhone or iPad to black and white. Called Grayscale mode, the setting is mostly intended as an accessibility option, but it has other uses beyond that as well.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPad, iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 4 Comments

Why You May See a “This Cable is Not Certified and May Not Work Reliably” Error on iPhone & iPad

Feb 12, 2015 - 16 Comments

Cable Not Certified May Not Work Reliably Error on IPhone

Rarely, when you plug an iPhone or iPad into a particular Lightning charger cable you’ll see a pop-up or lock screen message on the device that says something to the effect of “This cable is not certified and may not work reliably”. This usually prevents the lightning cable from charging the device as well. Though most users will never see this error, if you do see that message, there’s almost always a reason why.

We’ll cover the three most common reasons you’ll see the “not certified” message on an iOS device, and also what you can do about it.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPad, iPhone, Troubleshooting - 16 Comments

How to Show Battery Percentage Remaining Indicator on iPhone

Feb 12, 2015 - 2 Comments

Show the Battery Charge Percentage in iOS

A simple trick that can help manage iPhone battery life is to set the battery percentage remaining to be visible. This battery percentage indicator is off by default, and while that adds an element of simplicity to the status bar, the lonely battery icon isn’t particularly informative – to me, anyway. We’re going to change this so the percentage of battery charge is always visible both on the lock screen and home screen of iOS, right alongside the battery icon. This will give you a much better idea of how much of a charge is remaining on the iPhone, and also how charged up the phone is before you head out the door.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPad, iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 2 Comments

Flatten a Nested Directory & File Hierarchy from Command Line of OS X

Feb 11, 2015 - 8 Comments

Terminal in OS X Have you ever needed to flatten a directory structure, moving all file contents from a directories child folders into a single folder? While you can do this manually by moving around files and folders from the file system of OS X or Linux, a faster option is to turn to the command line. Maybe at one point you created a nested hierarchy of directories that you now need to undo by moving all files out of those nested folders and back into a single directory, or maybe you’re looking to simplify a directory structure, whatever the reason, this trick works quite well.

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By Paul Horowitz - Command Line, Tips & Tricks - 8 Comments

Change the Mac Ringtone Sound for Incoming iPhone & FaceTime Calls

Feb 10, 2015 - 9 Comments

FaceTime Now that the Continuity feature allows the Mac to receive incoming calls from your associated iPhone, in addition to standard FaceTime video and audio chat, you may want to take a moment to customize the ringtone that sounds when a call is coming to a particular Mac. This is particularly helpful with multiple-Mac environments with different users, or even with multiple Macs and iOS devices using the same ID that may ring at the same time, since it will differentiate each machine.

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By Paul Horowitz - Mac OS X, Tips & Tricks - 9 Comments

iOS 8.3 Beta 1 Released to Developers

Feb 9, 2015 - 2 Comments

iOS 8.3 beta 1

Apple has released the first beta of iOS 8.3 to those registered with the iOS Developer program, arriving as build 12F5027d. This is somewhat unusual given that iOS 8.2 is also currently still in beta release as version 8.2b5, but it may suggest a different focus for each point version of the operating system.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPad, iPhone, News - 2 Comments

iOS 9 Said to Emphasize Performance, Stability, & Bug Fixes

Feb 9, 2015 - 25 Comments

iOS 9 logo mockup from 9to5mac

iOS 9 will primarily aim for system performance and stability improvements, according to a new report from the well-sourced 9to5mac. Furthermore, iOS 9 will have a ‘”huge” focus’ on fixing bugs and bringing under the hood improvements to the mobile experience, while the new iOS version will have less of an emphasis on bringing new features to compatible iPhones and iPads.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPad, iPhone, News, Rumor - 25 Comments

Apple Runs New “Make Music with iPad” Commercial [Video]

Feb 8, 2015 - 7 Comments

Making Noise with iPad commercial

Apple has started to run a new iPad ad focused on creating noise with the device, called ‘Make Music with iPad’. The commercial follows an artist known as “Elliphant” and shows how a song is composed using various apps on the iPad to write lyrics and make a beat.

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By Paul Horowitz - News - 7 Comments

How to Check What Cellular Carrier Network an iPhone Uses (or Used)

Feb 8, 2015 - 1 Comment

What cell network an iPhone uses

Knowing what network an iPhone uses can be important for trying to repurpose an old device, buying a used iPhone, or simply to determine if a particular iPhone will work on a network of choice. While the iPhones top status bar will show the carrier name of an active cellular network, if the device isn’t activated or doesn’t have a SIM card, it won’t display anything other than “No Service” in the status bar. That doesn’t mean you can’t find out what network the device is locked to or last used though.

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By Paul Horowitz - iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 1 Comment

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