Top 30 mistakes made by new Mac users

Mar 3, 2007 - 4 Comments

Computing is all too often a serious thing, so it’s good to laugh every now and then about the subject. I stumbled upon a humorous read today regarding the troubles that new Mac users often run into. Personally I’ve been using Mac’s since the 80’s but I know there are many that are new to Apple hardware out there so these may ring true to yourself or someone you know. You’ll be sure to find some things in this list entertaining, like #14. Thinking it’ll be easy to get a stuck CD out and #16. Where’s “the internet”?

1. Closing an application window, thinking it has quit.

2. Downloading an app and running it from the disk image.

3. Creating endless untitled folders

4. Using Safari’s Google search to get to a website

5. Confusing the concept of wallpaper with screensaver

6. Double-clicking a window thinking it will maximise it, but instead sending it to the dock

7. Not understanding the usefulness of column view and leaving everything in icon view

8. Not using any keyboard shortcuts

9. Thinking that now they’ve got rid of Windows they won’t have problems of _any_ sort on their Mac

10. Renaming desktop icons to random characters because they don’t understand the difference between the enter and the return key on Mac. (Enter puts an icon into rename mode).

Read the rest at Dan Warne’s site: Top 30 mistakes made by new Mac users


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  1. Google Adsense aber allm?hlich als der Verkehr zunimmt,

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  3. Vladimir says:

    Sort of funny, but it seems an awful lot like an Apple hit piece doesn’t it?

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