Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard 9a377a Screenshots

Mar 5, 2007 - 8 Comments

Despite the recent news that Mac OS X 10.5 will be released a bit later than hoped for, development of Leopard is still chugging along just fine. Thanks to the Mac rumor site ThinkSecret, we are presented with a gallery of screenshots to show us more of what to expect. New features and improvements are showing up in each new release, with 9a377 bringing us a new airport utility, a new screensaver, improvements to preference panes, Spotlight modifications, and more. Check out ThinkSecret’s latest screenshot gallery for more:

Update: ThinkSecret’s servers seem to be getting pounded. We managed to pull a few screenshots out of cache and reproduced them below.

All of the above screenshots are property of ThinkSecret and are simply reproduced here for mirroring. When ThinkSecret’s servers recover, check out their full Leopard 9a377 gallery below:

ThinkSecret: Gallery of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard 9a377a Screenshots

Mirror of ThinkSecret’s 10.5 9a377 gallery


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  1. kloki says:

    good i think about change my pc to mac

  2. Buster says:

    Do you think Apple would release the new GUI at this stage? GUIs are really easy to implement. my bet is they’re just releasing the betas with the old skin, keeping the new stuff under the hat. I also think it is too soon to say that leopard’s got nothing new, apple has said time and time again that they’ve got a couple of surprises coming.

  3. Chasmoe Brown says:

    I’m afraid that nothing I’ve seen of Leopard has given me that “must have” attitude.

    Time Machine is a nice GUI frontend, but isn’t it functionality that exists in Tiger? Spaces can be added for free now. (Forget the name – check I do code so the improvements to Xcode would be nice but not enough to warrant a purchase.

    Guess I should thank Apple for saving me the money I won’t be spending on Leopard.

    Weird thing is – I’d rather be spending the money. I find myself hoping that we’re not seeing the “real” 10.5 – that it’s being wrapped up in Area 51 as I type – and it will wow everyone.

  4. archimedes says:

    I agree with Howard, sure there are a few quirks with Aqua interface but it works just fine.

    It would be COOL to have a new interface but it’s not necessary. Just like it would be COOL and unnecessary to have a Ferrari.

    I am surprised they are toying with Spotlight at all, because for me it is perfectly already. I don’t want to see that giant popup as in the screenshot everytime I do my searches.

  5. Howard Brazee says:

    I’m not concerned with fadish style. If aqua works, why should I care that it’s 7 years old?

    It’s the functionality that makes an OS.

  6. Vladimir says:

    Great, some mediocre new features, the voicemail looks vaguely useful, but I am still completely disappointed in the lack of a new interface and GUI.

    Apple’s Mac Aqua is like 7 years old now, time for something new! Windows Vista looks really sharp and modern compared to Aqua, that UNO app you posted a few weeks back makes it slightly better, but still all in all it is a boring and dated looking interface. Flat grays with light stripes, it feels like I’m in hospital counting rows of tracklighting on the ceiling.

    Apple has the talent to spit out an awesome new GUI, and with all the rumors about it, when are we going to see something? They need to send a couple of their designers from the hardware devision to the software area and shake things up. I want an eye popping experience when I use my Mac.

    Don’t tell me to get ShapeShifter or those other crappy theming apps either, they slow everything down and look like crud anyway…

    OK enough with my rant, thanks for listening

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