Listen to Pandora Music Without a Web Browser with PandoraBoy

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Have you ever wanted to listen to Pandora from a Mac, but without opening a web browser like Safari? Some of us just use Pandora on our iPhone or iPad as we work on a Mac, but what if you could stay on the computer entirely? While there is always and there are a few tools out there that allow you to stream Pandora on a Mac, if you want a simple approach to accomplishing this, you may be interested in a tool called PandoraBoy.

Available as a free download, and totally open source, PandoraBoy offers “ on your mac … without a web browser.”. If this sounds good to you, then check out the Github project below:

The PandoraBoy project is available as source code, so you’ll want to build the project yourself in Xcode.

For many, listening to Pandora is as routine as brushing their teeth in the morning, so it’s always nice having additional ways to stream your music.

PandoraBoy vs PandoraMan

PandoraBoy offers a newer solution to another app that has ceased development called “PandoraMan”, which likely doesn’t work on the latest Mac OS X releases. PandoraMan is another option you may have come across by browsing through the the various Mac application downloads related to Pandora.

According to the developer, PandoraMan is “a small Cocoa app to run the Pandora mini player using WebKit. Created so you can quit Safari, Camino, etc. without killing your music stream.

Excellent! No longer do you need to spawn an entire web browser just to hear your favorite Pandora stations. Place this app in your dock, launch, and you are one click away from listening to Pandora radio!

You can still grab the PandoraMan download by heading over to the IntraArts development studios website for a closer look if you’re interested, just note that that’s a bit more limited in compatibility.

Of course you can always just listen to Pandora on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or other phone or device too, but that’s obviously not going to be on your Mac.

Pandora music app on iPhone

As always, feel free to chime into the comments below with recommendations for your own solutions for alternative methods of listening to Pandora on a Mac or computer!


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  1. fingers says:

    Pitiful interface.
    Suddenly I’m asked to enter personal information, HOWEVER the last three fields DO NOT APPEAR on the window WHICH CANNOT BE RESIZED. (Safari, OS X 10.6)
    I tried increasing the resolution. No luck.

    Come on People.

  2. calcium says:

    I need to spawn an entire web browser just to hear my favorite stations. Place this app in your dock and you are one click away from Pandora radio!

  3. Actually PandoraMan still serves Pandora’s ads and tries to support the service the best it can. The only way you can disable the ad’s in PandoraMan is if you have a paid Pandora account, just like on the real site.

  4. kumar says:

    Excellent! No longer do I need to spawn an entire web browser just to hear my favorite stations. Place this app in your dock and you are one click away from Pandora radio! Download now or head over to the IntraArts development studios for a closer look.

  5. developing purposes says:

    I’d think “awesome” – but don’t all these apps defeat the purpose of Pandora’s ads? then how long is Pandora gonna last? you’d think Pandora would work on some other way to output there music.

  6. Lee says:

    You can also just use to create a pandora app and it is free.

  7. BrianCanFxiIT says:

    PandoraJam – It does everything, records to itunes & creates custom playlists, Scrobbs to, fully customizable, growl, free (purchase it to have it record without it bugging you).

  8. pixxan says:

    There is also a Google Code app called pandoraboy with similar functionality. Pandoraboy uses Growl and can be controlled with the Apple remote.

  9. joe says:

    Gruhlke: If you wont listen Pandora from EU used it is free.

  10. […] Small Bites wrote an interesting post today on PandoraMan – Music without going on a SafariHere’s a quick excerptTonight I was browsing the application downloads over at and came across “PandoraMan”. PandoraMan is “A small Cocoa app to run… […]

  11. gruhlke says:

    ;-) (…) We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S. (…) —>

    Gruß Gruhlke

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