How to File a Bug Report with Apple Directly

Sep 18, 2009 - 6 Comments

appnamebuglogin Though the Mac is fairly error free and tends to run much more stable than some of the competitors out there, many of us will find a bug or two in day to day usage anyway.

Sometimes the bugs are minor, sometimes they’re fairly major and can dramatically impact how Mac OS X or iOS works or behaves.

Bugs are just a reality of software development, but that doesn’t mean we as end users can’t do or say anything about it.

If you’re like me and have run into some unusual quirks and bugs in iOS and Mac OS X lately, and based on conversation with other Mac users I know I’m not the only one here, it’s fairly easy to let Apple know what’s going on.

Instead of just complaining about it (or writing a post about it, like this!), it’s much more helpful to Apple and the Mac community to file a bug report directly with Apple.

How to File a Bug Report Directly to Apple

To file a bug report with Apple, you can easily fill out an online form here:

You’ll want to fill out the entire form, describe how to reproduce the bug and what it does, attach a few files to support the bug case if possible, and offer any other additional bug details that may be necessary or helpful.

File a bug report with Apple

You’ll need an ADC (Apple Developer) login to use the bug reporting tool, I imagine this is a requirement to insure that bug reports are filed by relatively qualified technical people. But guess what? Anyone can make a Apple Developer login, you don’t have to be a paying developing in the iOS or Mac developer programs to file bug reports. So if you stumble upon something which is definitely a bug, do everyone a favor and file a bug report with Apple!

Don’t want to file a bug report but just want to voice your opinion on an Apple product or service? You can do that too, through the official Apple feedback channels here.


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  1. carla says:

    I have “lost” safari on my Apple computer. It shows I have updated Safari software installed – but we cannot locate Safari anywhere! Help!

  2. Colin havens says:

    I’ve never hacked anything before. I was just messing around with different movements on the iPhone and I got carried away. I found a bug on old software on at&t network. Then it worked on the iSo 5.1 as well. I remember how to do it. I have documented pictures of most of it. I think my phone is untraceable. My voicemail is 31761060023173786220 and I changed my dads number to a 18 digit number and it’s listed as unknown. It’s interfering with other phone systems and I’m reporting this to help you understand what I just did. I believe I just hacked the at&t network and possibly the iPhone. I’m 19, it was an accident. I’m also reporting this for a possible job with apple. I can send pictures. My cell number still works at 3176106228 it might work as with the first number I listed, but I believe it’s only outgoing calls.
    Please respond with your opinion on the situation – thanks
    Colin Havens

  3. David Coombs says:

    My MacBook (3 years old) has been having problems which include the following:
    computer freezes, curser goes wild, While working in pages curser lights up portions of an article in blue without warning, I click on the side of article and the blued out portion is deleted. I turn off computer, give it a rest, and come back to it and everything is fine for hours before problems occur again.

  4. Roger Schlemmer says:

    I logged into the bug report site and this is the result that popped up.
    How do you report that the Bug Reporter has a bug?

    You do not have access to the Apple Bug Reporter (aka RadarWeb).
    Please contact the IS&T HelpLine.
    Dial 4-7777 from any Cupertino campus phone.
    Dial 7777 from any Sacramento campus phone.
    Dial 4-HELP (4357) from any Austin campus phone.
    Dial 1-800-800-6272 from anywhere in the U.S.
    Dial 1-408-974-7777 from SCV or outside the U.S.


    For more details on the error, click this link
    Error Detail

  5. johnny lyon says:

    10 times a day or more my Safari crashes and I send in a Bug report.

    I never hear back from Apple. What is going on and why is this happening?
    Please reply.

  6. CB says:

    I tried to login to the bugreport page (2x), but got an error that said the following (there was no error detail). I did email this to them.

    An error has occurred. Please report the error to Apple Inc. by emailing the error detail to

    For more details on the error, click this link
    Error Detail

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