Want a Free Mac Mini? It Pays for Itself in 2 Years with Energy Savings

Oct 27, 2009 - 2 Comments

free mac mini Did you read that correctly? Your purchase of a Mac Mini becomes free after 2 years due to it’s energy efficiency. Yea, it sounds ridiculous I know, I didn’t believe it either, but recent Mini owner CJ Gill compared his months of electricity bills with a Mac Mini to the months before one when he had an HP Pavilion desktop PC, and the monthly electricity savings of roughly $20 are going to pay for his Mac Mini in about 2 years. Check out the power bills in this chart:

mac electricity bill

When someone first sent me the link to this blog post titled “Free Mac Mini! No Strings Attached!” I figured it was yet another one of those pyramid scams where you sign up for 50 offers and you get your friends to sign up for 20 more and then you get a free burrito that eventually morphs into a Mac Mini after you sell 300 more offers. How awesome is it that Apple’s claim of having the worlds most energy efficient desktop translates into significant cost savings, enough so that after a few years depending on the Mini model you buy, it becomes free! Simply amazing. I know what my next Mac purchase is going to be!

You can buy the latest Mac Mini for $579 at Amazon and it includes free shipping.


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  1. ehh says:

    really bad comparison, my bill sways a lot more that $20 between months depending on weather, sunny days etc….

    $20 / 10c (cost of kwh) = 200 kwh / month

    200 kwh / 30 days = 6.666 kwh /day

    6.666 kwh / 24 h = .277 kw = 277 watt

    SO the mac mini would have to use 277 watt LESS of power to make a difference like that, and that’s if it was running full steam 7/24

    My UPS tells me that my quad core AMD home fileserver with 3 hd’s and 4 gig ram uses 120 watt when it is on and under heavy load gets close to 200 watt

    so you can see that this guys electric bill is not affected by just the mac mini, unless he switched a cray for mac mini.

    surprised that you guys are spreading such bull !!!

  2. Movaration says:

    I was looking for an excuse to order a mac mini and you just gave me one. My wife is going to kill me, or maybe not when the lower bill comes!

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