Convert WMV to MOV for free

Nov 23, 2009 - 11 Comments

You can easily convert WMV movie files to MOV format for free by using the FlipForMac Quicktime component plugin and QuickTime itself. Here’s what you will need to do:

Convert WMV file to MOV format in Mac OS X

First download FlipForMac, it is a WMV component plugin for Quicktime, the free version is all you will need to download and install. After you have installed the free FlipForMac plugin, launch QuickTime Player.

Now within QuickTime:
* Open the WMV movie file you want converted to .MOV format
* From the File menu select “Save As”
* Select the file type as ‘Movie’ and you will notice the filetype changes .mov
* Click “Save” and wait, the processing time depends on the length and size of the movie file.

All done! You just converted a WMV file to MOV format for free!

convert wmv to mov


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  1. J.F.O. says:

    I’ve used Flipformac and even bought the pro version, waste of money! stay away guys.

  2. komrad says:

    watermark? no thank you! who would want a watermark on their converted movie?

  3. Chris says:

    It is NOT free. You have to upgrade to pro for $29 bucks to convert wmv to mov. This is either BS or outdated.

    • Dave says:

      The free plugin is just to get it to be viewable on OS X. The conversion takes place through QuickTime itself. However a Watermark does appear.

  4. kaz says:

    Hi I have just installed this and i cant even open the file in QuickTime – it just says is cannot open file as it is not a movie ?? Any suggestions ??

  5. Tracy says:

    The link for the FlipForMac plugin leads to nothing.
    Is there another

  6. jason Lewis says:

    I tried this, but it didn’t create a file that I can import into iMovie. I don’t think it’s really creating a .mov. I followed the directions exactly. Anyone know what could be creating the problem?

  7. Paula says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I am a mac user, too. This Mac Toolkit has always been a good helper for me

    It works great in DVD Ripper for Mac, Video Converter for Mac, DVD Copy for Mac and DVD Creator for Mac.

  8. Grudedeng says:

    Very useful post!

    If you want to convert between popular video formats such as AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc, you may also try this all-in-one Video Converter for Mac:

    It can also convert HD videos such as TS, MTS, M2TS files.

  9. Ranger 9 says:

    Well, I hate .avi! But it doesn’t make sense to say one is better than another, because the file format is just a “wrapper.”

    What makes this situation a mess is that the file-type extensions don’t actually tell you what’s IN the video file. It’s not a PC-vs-Mac thing, it’s all about the codec that was used on the video… for example, there is no guarantee that two .avi files used the same codec even though they have different file extensions, so one may work fine while the next one causes problems.

    Nobody is going to be able to force that to be standardized because the different codecs and compression formats are good for different things. (For example, H.264 is great for playback but lousy for editing; AIC is great for editing but the files are huge; etc.)

    If all you’re doing is playing back vids your buddies pirated for you, then yeah, you probably can use whatever you want. But as soon as you get into originating and editing your own content, it’s a huge can o’ worms… but I don’t see a solution.

  10. Salvador says:

    i hate mov and wmv, everything should be avi

    there is no reason to have all these choices, just make it one format and everyone read it. enough with the microsoft wmv and the apple mov you two are done fighting each other for a movie format they both suck just go with everyone love avi or mpg

    i tire of the pc vs mac battle i think this is just another format of it.

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